Roy Moore – raising hypocrisy to stunning levels



“I know Roy Moore. He’s always been a con artist” – is a headline in today’s Washington Post as the Republican candidate, Roy Moore, running for the Alabama Senator’s position in December faces multiple allegations of sexual misconduct, some against underage girls. (URL:

He has been widely condemned by many top Republican politicians who say they believe the accusers stories over Moore’s denials and he should drop out of the Senate race. But he appears to have always run his battle-scarred career on Trump’s motto of never apologise and hit back harder. What’s worse he stands on a platform of religious sanctimony. And what’s even worse than that, local Alabama voters in goodly numbers support him, brushing off the stories as fabrications or with even more confabulated excuses.

Born 11 February 1947 he has a Sun Aquarius in an overly confident square to Jupiter in Scorpio; while his Mars in contrary, uncompromising Aquarius is in a thoroughly unpleasant opposition to Pluto Saturn in Leo maybe squaring on to a Scorpio Moon – ruthless, bullying and if tied into his vengeful Scorpio Moon, an eye-curling emotional life. Plus a volatile Air Grand Trine of Uranus North Node in Gemini trine Mars trine Neptune – often fanatical political ideologues have a heavy weighting toward Air in their charts.

His chart is relatively similar to Wes Goodman’s 14 February 1984, an Ohio lawmaker who has resigned having been witnessed having sex with a man inside his office, which is neither illegal or immoral. The problem being that he ran on a “family values” ticket, routinely touted his Christian faith and his anti-LGBT views. It’s the hypocrisy which is staggering.

Goodman is a Sun Aquarius square Saturn Mars in Scorpio, with Pluto in Scorpio square Mercury in Aquarius. So like Moore he has a heavy Mars Saturn Pluto streak in his temperament which does not sit easily with a clean-cut, clean-living, holier-than-thou moralist.

At the election on December 12th Moore has nothing much noteworthy on his chart (with no birth time), apart from tr Jupiter in hard aspect to his Mars opposition Pluto, which might give him a slight lift or let loose a blast of pure rage. His opponent Doug Jones will be on a lucky roll come December with tr Uranus square his Jupiter/Pluto midpoint; and his life is certainly due for a radical change come 2018.

Moore will face one setback after another from Saturn’s entry into Capricorn on December 21 as it hits his Jupiter/Saturn midpoint (often career losses) and then damp his enthusiasm through 2018 hitting on two Jupiter midpoints; and even more punishing tr Pluto square his Sun/Saturn from February 2018 onwards till late 2019 which is immensely discouraging and can accompany illness.

Moore once described as ‘a deranged theocrat’, is virulently anti-gay, fanatically anti-Muslim and was a leading voice in the anti-Obama birther movement. He is supported by an unusually silent Trump, and Steve Bannon

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  1. Marjorie,
    Can you see anything in Moore’s chart about the sexual allegations against him? His supporters say it is a setup by democrats or republicans that wanted Strange in office. I feel all are crooks. I really like Doug Jones, but supporting abortion here, is political suicide. I believe Jones to be an honest man, something that Alabama can’t seem to handle, in a politician.

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