Kevin Neal – an off-balance Mercury exploded *updated



Kevin Neal, the California gunmen, who killed five people including his wife was according to his sister ‘irrational, irate and uncontrollable’ as his mental health deteriorated. He had no business having guns, she said after he went on a revenge shooting spree which also wounded at least a dozen adults and children before authorities shot him dead on Tuesday.

Born 28 March 1973 in Los Angeles, he had Sun Venus in Aries opposition Pluto which was sextile/trine Mars Jupiter in Aquarius – pro-active, impulsive, determined, stubborn – though all of that could have been put to good use. The problems probably came from his Saturn in Gemini opposition Neptune square Mercury in Pisces, which would make him neurotic, highly-strung, prone to mental strain with a tendency to paranoia.

His emphasised Solar Arc Mars was conjunct that focal point Mercury as the two central configurations in his chart collided and he went off the rails. He was at maximum danger point for a meltdown and should have been in a facility.

His 18th Harmonic, often marked with serial killers, has a Sun square Pluto as well as Sun trine Mars Uranus, sextile Venus – emotionally volatile, angry, overly sensitive to being pushed around (or imagining he was).

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