Rod Stewart – ‘I Don’t Want to Talk About It’

Rod Stewart, one of the top selling musical artists of all time has been charged with battery after punching a security guard at a hotel in Palm Beach, Florida, on New Year’s Eve. His son Sean, appears to be a co-defendant and the affidavit says cctv footage indicated that they were the “primary aggressors” after the guard confronted them about crashing a private party. They could face a year in jail, the same time on probation or a £760 fine if found guilty at a hearing in February.

Rod born 10 January 1945 9.45pm London (time unverified) has a Capricorn Sun in the performing 5th house in a confident trine to Jupiter in Virgo, with a maverick Uranus on his midheaven. More significantly he has a short-fuse Mars in Capricorn opposition Saturn in Cancer square Neptune. His Mars had the recent Solar Eclipse in Capricorn conjunct Jupiter firing it up, which has a tendency to produce arguments with Jupiter amplifying the effect. And he had tr Saturn in a frustrating square to his Mars/Pluto midpoint exactly which would also not improve his temper. Plus his Sun is going to catch the mid January Lunar Eclipse in Cancer/Capricorn which is always an indicator of critical events.

Sean, born 1 September 1980, from Rod’s first marriage to Alana spent 90 days in jail in 2002 after attacking a man outside a restaurant and in 2010 was arrested for driving with a suspended license. He’s a Sun Virgo with Mercury Jupiter and Saturn in Virgo all square Neptune in Sagittarius with a Gemini Moon – so a scattered and quite highly-strung temperament with so many mutable planets. And more pointedly he has Mars in Scorpio which doesn’t back down easy from confrontations which has tr Uranus in opposition at the moment which tends to provoke rash responses.

No doubt celebrity-obsessed Palm Beach will find a way of smoothing over the cracks.

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