Robert Trump – an understated Virgo


Robert Trump, the youngest of the five children of Fred and Mary Trump and brother of the president, has died, according to reports from bleeding on the brain.

He was born 26 August 1948, worked initially in finance before becoming an executive with the Trump Foundation. Known as the ‘nice’ Trump, he would intervene to solve problems, was supportive of his brother’s White House bid and recently spearheaded the legal attempt to silence their niece Mary’s book about the family.

He was an understated Virgo Sun conjunct Saturn in late Leo with a steady Taurus Moon either square Pluto or Saturn or both – so battened down by both parents. He did have a spark of fire from Jupiter in Sagittarius trine Saturn sextile Mars but his strongly placed Saturn probably kept him squelched down; as did his well-intentioned Venus in Cancer square Neptune.

Donald did admit he bullied his brother as when they were children which comes across loud and clear in the synastry. With Donald’s bombastic Mars in Leo conjunct his brother’s Saturn; and Donald’s Saturn square Robert’s Mars. Mars Saturn interfaces give rise to aggravation and unfair behaviour verging on cruelty.

Their relationship chart has a hint of affection from a composite Sun Venus conjunction, part of which would be superficial with Venus trine Jupiter; with a chained-together by circumstance Saturn, Pluto, Mercury; and an explosive composite Mars square Uranus.  It’s a relationship that would simmer uncomfortably with unspoken resentments.

Robert’s relationship with his father Fred was much worse with a composite Saturn Mars conjunction sextile Sun and trine Pluto – domineering and scary.

7 thoughts on “Robert Trump – an understated Virgo

  1. Marjorie. New President in the Dominican Republic sworn in this morning. Luis Abinader. Please. Astrologically speaking how does the new government look like. Thanks.

  2. I uncovered one source showing birth date of Jan 1, 1948. It’s odd so much online detail seems to be hidden about him. His cause of death is still a mystery. Hmph…

    • I think 1-1-1948 or whatever year is generally put in when they don’t know the actual date. But the Washington Post obviously fished it out. He was on blood thinners evidently and somewhere said he had bleeding into the brain.

  3. According to various accounts, Mary Trump almost died giving birth to Robert. She was hospitilized for long periods after his birth. Mary J. Trump attributes DJT’s NPD partly to this experience. On Robert’s chart, there’s a telling Moon square Saturn, which could be closer with a birthtime later in the day.

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