Joe Biden campaign – hurdles to overcome


Joe Biden’s campaign manager Jennifer O’Malley Dillon is credited with revitalising a flagging and messy operation into a well-funded machine which has achieved a substantial polling lead. Her chart should be a barometer of his progress in the challenging weeks running into November.

Born 28 September 1976, she’s a veteran of two Obama campaigns and a seasoned operator, with a determined Sun Pluto in Libra sextile Neptune (Moon) Sagittarius and trine Jupiter in Gemini. Her Mars in Libra has the frustrating and trapped tr Pluto square Mars at the moment until August 17th, returning November 20th to late December. That may just be the momentous pressures of a gruelling campaign but she also has from late September to late October tr Uranus opposition her Sun/Neptune midpoint which is discouraging, low energy and brings disappointments. What is more unsettling from her and Biden’s point of view is tr Neptune opposition her Mars/Saturn midpoint which runs from 2 October to late January 2021, which tends to be associated with the inability to overcome obstacles, losses and low energy. Although she will get a lift from a more successful/lucky break tr Uranus square her Jupiter/Pluto midpoint from late December into February 2021. Some of the above may be personal or health issues since she is mother to three young children.

But her downhearted influences coincide with fairly similar ones on Biden’s chart – tr Pluto square his Mars/Neptune midpoint from now till late November which tends to bring failed-plans. And a confidence denting tr Neptune opposition his Mars/Jupiter midpoint 2 October to late January 2021.  He will get some mild cheer late November to late December but really does not pick up success influences until late January 2021 onwards. In fact 2021 looks an upbeat vibrant year for him – it’s what precedes it that is mystifying.

Jill Biden looks more optimistic now and across the election with upbeat transits to several of her Jupiter midpoints; though is facing a seriously difficult, worrisome and high risk 2021/22.

To be remembered – what the astrology shows isn’t a clairvoyant vision of winning or losing and it’s easy to misinterpret the influences. Michelle Obama looked devastated over the first Obama Inauguration as the full reality of life in a dangerous, trapped goldfish bowl sank in, which could have been interpreted in advance as an election loss. I’ve seen charts with individuals delirious with joy at losing since they could escape off to peace and quiet. It’s also weeks to the election and there’s many a slip or at least a swampy patch to plough through before the day itself with perhaps a delayed result.

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  1. I just thought of something else: Uranus (which ultimately represents change) is going to be as prominent around this election as it was in 2016. Trump does not represent change this election – Joe Biden…and, surprise, Kamala Harris do represent change (especially Harris who will be the first African-American, first Caribbean-American, first South-Asian, and first woman in general to be Vice President). So, this is another reason why I’m standing by belief that Democrats will have many victories this election.

  2. Marjorie, have you done a Davison relationship chart for Biden/Harris? I don’t know much about it but it’s supposed to reflect their combined fortunes.
    I follow Canadian astrologer Christopher Kevill (mostly neo-Vedic) he posted the following on their Davison chart. I find it especially interesting because of the on-going discussion re: Trump not accepting the results and what may happen. I am curious to hear if you have comments or insight since you, at some point, also mentioned potential foreign conflicts and/or war.

    “The relationship chart for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris is cast for November 5, 1953 at 8.29 a.m. at 39N36 and 98W57. If we look at the transits against this chart, there is an obvious trouble spot coming up: the Mars retrograde station. The Mars Rx station at 4 Aries on September 9 was always going to figure prominently in this election because it fell near the 9th house cusp of Donald Trump’s chart squaring both his Saturn and Venus. This suggests conflict and frustration, possibly involving foreign countries. The Mars station in early September also hits the Biden-Harris relationship head-on as Mars (4 Aries) will exactly oppose the Moon (4 Libra) and square the Lunar Nodes (4 Cancer/Capricorn). Harris is likely to experience a setback around this same time frame in early September since the Mars station would conjoin her Moon at 4 Aries (=sharp conflict). The Biden-Harris relationship chart offers confirming evidence that conflict will predominate around the time of the Mars retrograde station. While the Mars alignment to the Moon will be exact on September 6-10, the influence could have a wider manifestation from Sep 1-15. One possible scenario here is that Trump gets entangled in a foreign conflict which puts Biden at a disadvantage, if only because international conflicts push the president into a leadership role. Trump is more likely to make hay from such an incident because Mercury, his 11th lord of gains will be favorably transiting his 2nd house of wealth & thereby also conjoining Jupiter, a benefic planet. The exact Mercury-Jupiter conjunction takes place on September 18 & could mark a positive development for Trump which may well be reflected in an improved polling result”.
    In addition he suggests “that Biden will finish fairly strong in the campaign, a win on Nov. 3, but after Nov 3 is less clear perhaps given the possibility of massive legal challenges by Trump contesting the results creating a constitutional crisis dragging on into late Jan.”

    • I also wonder how the uncertain time frame in which the election will be decided, rendering election day itself perhaps less important, plays out. Also, there is the added complication that the result will quite likely not be decided by voters but by the courts. In fact, is there even a way to predict if the result will be decided by voters or the courts? I honestly think predicting the next 90 to 180 days feels hopeless just as a practical matter—psychics, tea leaves, astrology, etc. aside. We are in what feels to me like completely uncharted territory and I fear that there will be violence and darker days ahead, no matter who wins. That is why I wonder if there is even a sign of, like, when peace and order will be restored, and does America re-emerge—in 2022 or 2024, or when?—as a democracy or a dictatorship?

    • Do you have a link? Mars will station at 28 Aries and yes, that impacts the Biden/Harris composite too.

      Davison charts are often very similar to the composite. They are based on an actual “real world” time and place, rather than a purely mathematical midpoint of two charts. I sometimes find it useful to look at both to see another angle, particularly any repeat themes, but with lots of different charts and techniques you have to be careful you don’t get lost in the reeds

  3. Thanks for the info, Solaia. I forgot to mention that the Vedic astrologer I referred to says he will not do Joe Biden’s election chart because he doesn’t have an accurate birth time for him.

  4. Desperately trying to be optimistic about the election, I turned to Vedic astrology yesterday to see what it has to say about the outcome. According to a practitioner named Gurmeet Singh, Trump will lose. He says October – December will be really bad for Trump in terms of health and finances as well. Singh says this mostly has to do with negative Rahu and Keto transits. Huh? So it appears that there are indeed many interpretations of what’s to come. I don’t have a clue about Vedic astrology–seems like a strange foreign language–and I don’t intend to educate myself thereof. Still, I’m feeling a bit uplifted.

    • Julie, Rahu and Keto are Lunar Nodes. They roughly corrispond to North and South Nodes, but from what I’ve gathered, are much more materialistic in their manifestation. I think I also read something about DJT’s nodal transits earlier on. The issue with Nodes applied to Trump in Western Astrology is he does not have a spirituaö dimension should mark, at all.

      • Rahu and Ketu are the Lunar Nodes, as mentioned above. But to an extent, they behave like Uranus and Neptune in western astrology. Rahu, the Dragon’s head, is supposed to be unconventional, revolutionary, triggering unconventional change, like Uranus. Ketu, the Dragon’s body, dissolves, confuses, smudges, like Neptune.

        Have a Look at Barbara Pijan’s website. She is a vedic astrologer. Her website does not do predictions, but is like an online encyclopaedia of vedic astrological terms

    • That’s funny because a few years ago, I ran across some Indian astrologer who said that Trump would definitely be re-elected.
      I in no way want Trump to be re-elected, but I guess it is about about whom you want to believe. *sigh*

  5. Unmystic Mom and Marjorie,

    Predicting elections in astrology is risky regardless of what methods are used or what aspects are considered. I haven’t ignored the challenging aspects in Biden and Harris’s charts around election time….but the reason why I still remain bullish on their chances is because there are many other factors to consider: high unemployment, low GDP, the worsening of covid-19, strong opposition from women voters and minorities, and the list goes on. Have there been any astrologers who could have foresaw any such events taking place this year?

    Given all of the turmoil that’s been playing out this year, I’m not convinced Joe Biden having transiting Neptune opposite his Midheaven will necessarily manifest itself as an election loss.

    My astrology teacher interestingly pointed out that this election appears to be more about Donald Trump versus Kamala Harris (since many believe she will be have greater influence in the administration) rather than Donald Trump versus Joe Biden (whom I believe is only running again out of a sense of responsibility, not because he really wants it at this point in his life).

    This belief has merit because there are many voters who are already assuming that if Biden and Harris win, it will be Kamala Harris who be the “de facto” President while Joe Biden will be more of the figurehead and takes more of the backseat role (due to his age and his occasional challenges with public speaking). For comparison, that is kind of what happened when President Franklin D. Roosevelt and First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt were in office. Eleanor Roosevelt took on the more active role and was even sometimes referred to as the the country’s unofficial first woman President.

    Regarding Kamala Harris’s chart, it might also be worth noting: she has a grand air trine with her ascendant conjuncting her North Node – and it’s trining Saturn…and Saturn is conjuncting her Midheaven. The other point in her grand air trine is the Sun. In other words, wouldn’t this be considered a fairly powerful aspect? Harris also has a grand fire trine too – with the Moon in Aries trine to Mars in Leo trine to the South Node in Sagittarius. And…something else I forgot to mention: she has three kites. All of that looks pretty good for her. So, I’m interested to see how it plays out for her.

  6. Unmystic Mom: Thanks for adding clarity. I confess that I know just the basics of astrology. I knew the birth time of a person’s chart was important but wasn’t sure how or why. Thanks again.

  7. Marjorie: …..”But those are all birth time dependent.” How significant/pivotal is a birth time in predictive astrology? Does it make a huge difference? Small? Can zeroing in on a birth time completely alter a general reading?

    • Birth times define the angles (Ascendant, Descandant, Midheaven-aka MC, Idum Coeli-IC;the opposite of MC).

      The angles and planets impacting the angles can tell a lot about a person. In particular, the MC and impacts on the MC can be used to foresee developments in the person’s work/professional fields.

      So, for instance tr Jupiter conjunct the MC (the pinnacle of the person’s work field) would have a very different impact to tr Jupiter conjunct the IC (the pinnacle of the person’s home life).

    • Birth times set the Ascendant/Descendant, Midheaven and IC, and house cusps. You can work without a birth time but you lose about a third of the relevant info. In Biden’s case those last comments were about his midheaven and house cusps so if his birth time was substantially out then the comments wouldn’t be relevant.

  8. To everyone who keeps predicting Donald Trump is going to win reelection (which I personally, do not believe he will), it is important to remember that the birth times for Donald Trump and even Joe Biden haven’t exactly been verified.

    I mentioned in a previous post about a friend of mine who uses the diurnal chart method for predicting election outcomes. Using the supposed birth times available for Trump and Biden, on Election Day (November 3, 2020), Donald Trump will have 3 South Nodes and the Moon sitting on his diurnal ascendant – those aspects alone do not appear to indicate success at all.

    However, it seems like I remember reading that there’s been a lot of speculation that the birth certificates Trump has released in the past may have been altered or compromised. For example, some have even questioned whether or not he was actually born in Jamaica, Queens. Normally, if we were talking about anyone else, I’d dismiss such speculation as conspiracy. However, given Trump’s notorious track record of habitually lying, he’s forfeited all credibility and what he says or presents should never be accepted at face value.

    The only candidate we have a verified birth time for is Kamala Harris. And despite have a four eclipses coming up over the next two years…and a Pluto Square, most of Kamala Harris’s aspects look very favorable around election time and beyond.

    For example, I did notice that Harris’s progressed Sun will be crossing her Descendant this November. This tends to be a very lucky aspect. Going back and looking at Trump’s chart (using the supposed birth time we have for him) for November 2016, he too had a progressed Sun crossing his Descendant.

    All in all, it’s very unlikely we’ll know the results on Election Day this year. Many journalists believe it might be a whole month before we know. So, it’s premature to astrologically declare Trump the winner of an election…when we don’t even know when the election is going to be called.

    Chris Romero
    Jacksonville, Florida

    • I’m not at all surprised that Kamal Harris’s birth details is verifiable. Indians (and she is Indian on her mother’s side) place a very high emphasis on (Vedic astrology), which is highly dependent on birth time being accurate, as it is not based on angles as in Western astrology, but on the traditional Lordships of the various houses and how they interact with each other.

      Keep in mind that if she is being very lucky after the elections, it may mean that the Democrats have lost, but that she will be the undisputed presidential candidate going into 2024. As Marjorie said, extrapolating elections from the predicted emotional state of
      a candidate is a risky and dangerous business.

      • “Keep in mind that if she is being very lucky after the elections, it may mean that the Democrats have lost, but that she will be the undisputed presidential candidate going into 2024.”

        MMMMMMM that makes no sense. If what you say were true then Tim Kaine would be the nominee now not Joe Biden since he was on the losing ticket in 2016.

        Mondale tried that in 1984 and got clobbered.

        Kamala will be the nominee in 2024 only if Biden wins because Biden will be 82 in 2024 and will definitely not be seeking a second term IF he wins in 2020 and completes his term which I am not sure he will do either.

        • @Roderick, I’d say unsuccessful VP run is much more a career killer in The US politics than an unsuccessful Presidential Run. Hillary Clinton isn’t even holding an office and still has a say in The US politics. Mitt Romney and late John McCain absolutely have/had gravitas. But yes, VP candidates have vanished. Also from other side of the aisle, just look at Paul Ryan and Sarah Palin. Arguably, Paul Ryan was given a “second chance” as Speaker of The House, but he never had much authority after Joe Biden demolished him at a VP debate.

          • LOL. Sarah Palin was a hail Mary pass and Paul Ryan was always an empty-suit but that’s what Republicans prefer-a pretty package wrapped around nothing of substance.

            I read on Jude Cadwell’s website that Pence has Jupiter in Scorpio but I am not sure into which house it falls but Pence disturbs me tremendously because every time I see him he looks as if he is barely holding onto his sanity under that calm facade.

            I don’t know if he is a downlow gay man or if he slits the throats of puppies in his spare time, but whatever he is hiding it is something deep dark and twisted because I grew up in the church and from that experience I realized that the more pious someone was the more twisted whatever it was they were hiding.

            As a gay black man, what I fear most is that Trump is re-elected and dies and Pence takes over and pulls a Hitler and sends gays and racial minorities and other undesirables to camps.

            I may be over-reacting but Pence has dark, soulless eyes and my skin crawls every time I see that barely-holding-it-together milquetoast face.

    • Chris, It is also important to remember not to clutch at straws when you don’t like the predictions being made. Biden’s Neptunian sinkers have nothing to do with his birth time.

  9. Let me interject a far fetched scenario. Could it be that Trump’s transits indicate a loss but a refusal to leave the White House triggering a constitutional crises?
    Also, there seems to be something significant going on with Buttigieg around the inauguration. I’ve seen a 9pm birth time being stated for him and his transits for 2024 are apparently superb, which may indicate an incumbent being re-elected?! He may be worth more scrutiny in a scenario where Biden falters for whatever reason before the election and is replaced by “Mayor Pete”. What are the party rules in such a scenario I have no idea.

    • @ Troy,
      I believe that what you say about Trump’s transits indicating a refusal to leave the WH isn’t so far-fetched. I don’t think we’ll even know the election results until weeks after Election Day. It will make what happened in 2000 with hanging chads look like a walk in the park. I wonder if any astrologers compared Bush’s and Gore’s charts for the election and inauguration, and if so where I can find this information?

    • Meh. This is an unrivaled election. The clarity an incoming president would have about what needs doing, Biden’s recent role as a key player in the WH, the sheer relief of ousting Trump from the WH, the picture would be far, far less muddy for him than his predecessors. Conversely, the picture would be so bad if Trump wins, it is incredibly difficult to imagine Biden—defeated in what looms as the ultimate mission of his life—feeling “content” by late January. As Marjorie says, astrology cannot predict an election.

      • Hm I didn’t say astrology cannot – merely that it is a good deal more difficult than it might appear. Trump was pretty blindingly obvious from his astrology as a winner last time – except that most couldn’t believe what the chart said.

        • “Trump was pretty blindingly obvious from his astrology as a winner last time”
          Not really. Most people interpreted Trump’s Saturn transit right at the time of the election as a loss after all of the Jupiter leading up to his election, but what it meant was that Trump was going to be finally held accountable for his past dealings or at the very least his past crimes have seen the light of day.

          I have read that Trump has some Jupiter transits on election day and a few days afterwards which could be interpreted as Trump losing but being relieved that he doesn’t have the burdens of being president any more.

          IIRC shortly after the election Trump said that living in the White House felt like being in prison and Jupiter transits have been associated with people who have had long illnesses dying or being ‘released’ from their suffering.

          • What Trump had at the 2016 election was a Solar Arc Pluto conjunct his natal Jupiter which is a once-in-a-lifetime major major confidence boost and success. With tr Pluto moving to square his Jupiter as well, exact over the Inauguration. Those influences would far outweigh any Saturn or Jupiter transits.

          • @ Marjorie, what you say is true, but Trump still lost the popular vote by 3 million while amassing a nice electoral college total but only by narrowly winning three states plus a little help from Putin.
            Now he is trying to sabotage the USPS because voting by mail is going to skyrocket this election; however, some of his constituents may not survive to vote for him if they don’t receive their meds on time.

    • DJT’s aspects on Election Day are frankly quite favorable. tr. Moon will be in Gemini during that day, forming positive aspects to his natal Jupiter and conjuncting his Sun and Uranus. That point to receiving public support or a mandate. Tr. Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto will be trining his MC, positive for career matters. He will also be experiencing his lunar node return by then. Tr. Saturn opposing his Venus, a problematic transit that has lowered his popularity this year, will be separating by late-October, which will help his cause somewhat.

      The tr. Moon in Gemini on Election Day for me is the big tell with Trump winning. Boris Johnson (another Gemini) also had the same aspect on the day of the UK general elections last year. Conservatives went on to win a solid majority in Parliament.

      Personally I’m not with Trump. He’s ignorant, empty, utterly corrupt, a pathological liar. He has brought out the worst in millions of people, and is fueling extremism for short-term personal gain. But I also recognize that he has a level of support in this country, and it’s borne out in his natal chart, as impacted by the current transits, which reflects the current zeitgeist of the times.

      • I would be stunned if election day matters even near as much as it usually does. Millions are set to vote on advance, by mail, and I expect the election to be settled in the days and even weeks afterward, in courtrooms, potentially, all over the country, before it reaches the Supreme Court. Trump’s chart sounds as frenetic and blocked, going forward, into next year, as ever. The thing he really has going for him is that I’ve read the inauguration itself looks fraught and “authoritarian,” which certainly suggests Trump. Then again, if the MAGA hats react the way I’d expect them to, the violence and chaos would lead any government to crack down in the most control freaky way, not to mention that the pandemic might scuttle anything like a usual inauguration. In other words, this all strikes me as interpretation. I remember, years ago, reading that Seattle would beat Pittsburgh in the Super Bowl, with the “evidence” being that the Steelers quarterback looked “despondent” that night and for days afterward. And indeed, he was. He played badly. The Steelers won. I believe I read Kamala’s chart looks upbeat on inauguration day. Maybe she eats a really great sandwich? Or her favorite song comes on the radio at just the right time?

  10. Muddled influences followed by upbeat transits next year might suggest that Biden does not become the POTUS. Usually presidents have difficult transits when in office. The burdens of the job, along with the intractable political conflicts that he’ll have to deal with, especially in times like this, would show up in Biden’s chart very clearly. He might very well lose and go on to a quiet, contented retirement. Neptune on his IC this year, along with Saturn moving through the lower half of his chart on the downswing suggests that he’s entering a low-key phase in his life.

    The 2021 inaugural chart looks very autocratic, militaristic and bleak, with Saturn square Uranus taking center stage early next year through the end of 2022. That certainly fits the bill for another Trump presidency — sorry to say. Although with tr. Neptune squaring Trump’s Sun and Moon through next year and much of his second term, he might be marred by scandal, or low-energy and declining health during that period. Then Saturn moves into Pisces later in his 2nd term, squaring his Sun/Uranus in Gemini and Moon in Sagittarius, pointing to more difficulties, low energy and things not going according to plan. The economy will struggle along during the early part of this decade, with some uplift in 2023 (Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Taurus, conjunct Trump’s MC), but some problems in 2024 with Jupiter in Gemini squaring Neptune in Pisces, and 2025-early 2026 Saturn conjunct Neptune in Aries. I do think that the next administration will be far more progressive, especially with favorable outer planet aspects in the air and fire signs forming mid-decade through the early 2030s. So something to look forward to after we get past this difficult period.

    • There’s merit in what you say – tr Saturn heading through the first quadrant (birth time being accurate) is never great. And not just Neptune but also his Progressed Moon is heading for his 4th which doesn’t sound like the gruelling life of a WH inmate. But those are all birth time dependent.

  11. Why did AOC nominate Bernie Sanders instead of Biden? I thought she’d put differences like that behind her to unite the Dems. (face palm moment)

    • @ larryc,

      AOC did endorse Joe Biden…but I believe her endorsement for Bernie Sanders (her original candidate) at the Convention was more of a ceremonial one.

    • I was confused at first, too. But it’s how things work at conventions. Sanders’ delegate count required a nomination. It’s considered an honor to be given a nominating slot. AOC explained in a tweet: “If you were confused, no worries! Convention rules require roll call & nominations for every candidate that passes the delegate threshold. I was asked to 2nd the nom for Sen. Sanders for roll call. I extend my deepest congratulations to [Joe Biden] – let’s go win in November.”

  12. Mercury going direct in the sign of Libra indicates a decision made swiftly (Mercury’s winged feet) about seeking justice (Libra, the scales of justice).

    What Marjorie described about the election, followed by a vibrant year for Biden in 2021, sounds like impeachment papers being served on Trump after his second theft of an election. To be followed by a full impeachment since the blue wave will bring more Democrats into the senate, along with the votes of Republicans rowing away from the Trump Titanic. McConnell won’t be able to obstruct it, since he won’t be the senate majority leader.

    As for Pence becoming president, he will go the way of Nixon’s VP Spiro Agnew. As for Biden becoming President, there are ways for a fraudulent election to be overturned, but in any case, he will be a happy man in 2021, President or not.

    • Trump can be impeached as many times as you want, but he will remain President, with all the concomitant powers of the Presidency, unless the Senate decides to remove him by a *two-thirds* majority (and that is in the Constitution, so it is not a rule that can be removed easily).

      It is worth remembering that Andrew Johnson, the first president of the US to be impeached survived his impeachment by one vote under the 2/3rd threshold, even though the majority voted to remove him.

    • There’s the retro-shade period following motion going direct. Things don;t improve instantaneously, I call it a retro-hangover. The planet moving from retro to forward motion needs time to “get up to speed” in the cosmos. Astrologers I’ve worked with over the decades urge caution during these 2-week motion changes.

    • @Julie, we all know that the Mars retrograde is reference to the USPS being dismantled to interfere with the voting-by-mail which Trump believes threatens his re-election bid.
      The dismantling and removal of mail sorting machines (Mars), eliminating overtime which means that there is a backlog of mail and the removal of outside post office boxes is all part of Trump’s plan to undermine confidence in the election.
      But I can’t wait to see what happens when Pluto opposes Trump’s natal Saturn.

  13. Surprised that no-one here has mentioned Mercury in Libra turning direct on the day of the election – surely this has to indicate something. Would love to hear what you all think.

    • Cassandra, the problem is that most of the actual voting ( voting by mail and early voting) will take place during the Mercury retrograde period which means that the minds of voters will be muddled and with Trump attempting to sabotage the USPS leading up to the election by removing outside mail boxes, removing mail sorting machines from mail processing centers, preventing mail deliverers from working overtime which has created backlogs of mail, and of course Trump’s undermining the integrity of the election by claiming that it is being rigged against him.

  14. Tx, Marjorie, After 4 years of the demolition man DJT I was hoping for someone who would be a builder and I am not sure if Joe is the rebirth that Pluto should bring towards the end of Capricorn. One article I read states that Pluto sends us hurtling down further into what seems like a bottomless pit. Pluto transits take out the light at the end of the tunnel. Only then does the rebirth happen when we have reached rock bottom? Let’s hope things start getting better it’s feeling pretty rocky !

    • Remember, gods have clay feet. If you place Biden – or whomever – onto the pedestal, you’ll be quickly be disappointed when the carpets become dirty. It may be that this election doesn’t work out for the Dems…But how long can Orange Man live? Look to the future bright stars who can reclaim America. Pluto returns aren;t defined by your life time, or anyone else’s. It happens when it happens. Don;t blame astrology if the election outcome isn;t what we’ve envisioned.

  15. Following long lists of polls and chasing charts won;t really show us until after it’s all done and over. This election thre’s wisdon to keep a finger on the pulse…but Trump is not one to be trusted. None of the Trumps can be trusted. If he wins, the Dems get sucked into the black hole from the aftermath, and America is faced with a completely unknown and unimaginable scenario.

    One colleague told me, “One group will be very happy with the results, the other group will be very unhappy.” I’ll be limiting my exposure and collateral damage by remaining off-radar in either case.

  16. Could it be a outcome of a Biden/Harris win with the GOP holding on to its majority in the Senate therefore the new Biden administration can’t get anything done, (I recall your 2019 write up of Mitch McConnell’s chart looking not particularly upset around the election) or vice versa, a Trump win & Dems taking the Senate resulting in a non-stop battle between the Trump WH and congress. Either scenario could lead to the frustration & anger that shows up in the 2021/22 US Chart.

    • @ Anita,

      That is interesting observation…and it is plausible. As of right now, polling and forecast models predict Democrats to take back the U.S. Senate….but it won’t be a cakewalk given that the only seats really in play for Democrats are: Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, Maine, Montana, and North Carolina. Democrats are expected to lose Alabama…but highly favored to pick up Arizona and Colorado. Iowa, Maine, and Montana are major “tossup” races. In other words, Democrats will need to win at least 5 of these races to offset the expected loss in Alabama. This can be done…but it won’t be easy.

      I was going to take a look at Mitch McConnell’s chart…but I couldn’t a birth time for him. Looking at the charts for the Democratic and Republican Parties would be too complicated for me (since I’m not an expert yet).

      • I was referring to Majorie’s post of August 9, 2019 for McConnell which I thought was interesting.
        She wrote that he was looking at a “highly stressed December; and badly sagging morale and plans collapsing late January 2021 just after the Inauguration and running off and on till late 2022”. However he is also up for election so it could mean a myriad of things. We’ll have to wait & see as Marjorie continues to stress astrological predictions for elections are extremely difficult. Once thing is for sure, everything that is going on is very stressful for many.

    • Interestingly, if you look at what political commentators and strategists wrote back in 2017-18, Senate flipping didn’t even seem like a likely thing to happen in 2020. Conventional wisdom seemed to be Democrats can flip two or three seats. Now, there are four to five “potential” races, with even South Carolina being close. But, since Doug Jones in Alabama now has a MAGA opponent who isn’t a suspected pedophile, his seat will probably be lost. So, best case realistic scenario is net three seats in 2020. That would leave Senate at 50-50, with VP as deal breaker. And somehow, this does reflect the reality. Mike Pence and Kamala Harris BOTH have good transits around Inauguration, make what you will of it.

      I think, however, that Democrats will take Senate in 2022. 2022 and 2023 Solar Returns of “2021 Administration Chart” are incredibly work oriented with 6th house emphases. Again, this would be the same for any Administration, but there’s a sense of focus moving from initial Inaugural chart, which has almost every aspect within 30 degrees of Capricorn/Aquarius in 9th and 10th houses and only 15 degrees in Aries/Taurus. And I think this is telling anyway, since with Trump Admin having given up Federal Response to Covid-19, this will continue to affect parts of the country for months with local outbreaks still happening.

      • @ Solaia

        Do we have a birth time for Mike Pence? I was thinking that if we do, I could ask my friend to compare his chart to Kamala Harris’s.

        • There is a Pence chart Marjorie did in Feb of this year. He doesn’t look particularly upset on Inauguration day, which again could mean a myriad of things. If it ends up being a Trump loss he might just be happy to be freed. Trying to run the pandemic task force can’t be much fun under this president who is constantly undermining it’s message.

    • I think it would be more devastating if Democrats didn’t win back the Senate than if Biden lost.
      The Democrats only need to flip five seats to win an outright majority and the polls in six races have Democratic U.S. Senate candidates either winning or tied so I would be unpleasantly surprised if Democrats don’t win a majority in the U.S. Senate next year.

  17. We’re all scared and concerned about an election where the Kremlin is supporting its candidate Trump full-out, and the president’s stooges are literally removing neighborhood mailboxes so citizens can’t easily mail in ballots. And Trump’s stated intention to starve and trash our major cities is beyond belief, truly dystopian. For all the years of my long life, we’ve believed we had a president of “all the people.” Glad my parents and grandparents are not alive to witness this horror show. Thanks as always, Marjorie, for your analyses.

    • Good news here is, I doubt Russia has the will or means to intervene to an extend they did in 2016. Their efford then was an “all in” to assure a POTUS who’d lift Post-Crimea Occupation Sanctions. But Trump is ineffective, and more traditional “Russia Hawk” Senators have silently sided with Democrats in many occasions Therefore, if anything, Trump should look at what’s happening in Belarus, with Putin ready to throw his most trusted ally Lukashenko under the bus

      Bad news is, there’s a long internal history of voter supression in The US, and GOP knows those tricks. They can do a lot of damage around The US.

  18. The latest poll shows the gap between Trump and Biden narrowing. Scary. Can you look at Mike Pence re the upcoming months? Or have you already done that? I know you’ve looked at Trump’s mood/status over the election. Can you direct me to that post? Would like to read it again.

    • @ Julie,

      The latest poll you’re referring to was conducted by the SSRS polling firm and released by CNN. The poll did show Biden with a 4 point lead. However, most data analysts concluded this to be an outlier poll. The polling average for Biden is still an 8 point lead – all sources have confirmed this. So, it’s much to early to determine whether or not the race has actually tightened or not.

      Something to keep in mind: Jupiter is semi-squaring Biden’s Ascendant right now and I personally would interpret this to indicate more appeal for him and more success in his campaigning. For example, another poll showed Biden now has 90% African-American support (since choosing Kamala Harris) and his support among younger voters has risen as well.

      Also, Saturn will be opposing Trump’s Venus pretty soon – I would assume this could indicate loss of popularity for Trump.

    • WaPo / ABC that just came out today has Biden/Harris at 53 and Trump/Pence at 41.

      If one must, it’s probably a good idea to follow sites that track various polls.

      • That’s practically my chart on the top of the page, since Jennifer O’Malley Dillon apparently was born just a couple of days apart from me. We have a couple of famous “near astrotwins”, most notably Francesco Totti and Andriy Shevchenko, who were both born just a day apart from O’Malley Dillon. Totti on September 27th, Shevchenko 29th.

        What I can tell here is that my Mars feels very isolated, and I barely notice the transits at all, if not on physical level. My Mars is in the 2nd house, so it makes sense. I may be more tired than usual. I have a couple of chronic conditions that might “flare” on difficult Mars transit. But mostly, while I do not feel in any way supported by my Mars, it doesn’t bother me, either. It would help a lot to know houses for O’Malley Dillon, though.

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