Rishi Sunak – keeper of the money tree

Rishi Sunak, the UK Chancellor, despite all media rumours that he and Boris did not see eye to eye has indulged in a lavish budget. It has alarmed ‘small government’ Tories and stirred up criticism for those affected by tax rises, with gloomy prognostications about financial pain to come with inflation, rising mortgage rates and the Brexit effect.

  In fact he never looked overly out of sorts with Boris on the astrology, though there’s a degree of suspicion and doubt written into their relationship chart. There’ll be some discouraging moments between them over the next fifteen months but it looks as if 2023 is when the cracks begin to show.

   Sunak, 12 May 1980, is a stalwart Sun Mercury in Taurus trine Saturn; though with his Sun on the focal point of a Yod to Neptune sextile Pluto – mega-ambitious but not always sure of himself. Though he’s had a golden run of Winchester, Oxford, Stanford University as a Fulbright scholar, Goldman Sachs and marrying a billionaire’s daughter before moving into politics. He’ll be bullish this December though behind the smiles he will have sinking moments of uncertainty with tr Neptune opposition his Saturn until mid January; followed by a run of dashed-hopes/failed-plans and confidence-undermining Neptune transits to two Pluto midpoints through 2022. He’ll have a high late in 2022 – or at least will be making a determined push to speed ahead with his Solar Arc Pluto square his Jupiter. 2023 will be disruptive and a year of sudden change with tr Uranus starting to conjunct his Sun.

  His Chancellor’s chart, 13 February 2020, is blocked and frustrated till the New Year, under discouraging stars in 2022; but it is 2023 which will see his applecart being tipped up.   

3 thoughts on “Rishi Sunak – keeper of the money tree

  1. Thanks Marjorie. Interesting to see that earthy trine in Sunak’s natal chart. It’s very “financial”, but it also made me think about how symbolic it might be of the land, agriculture, farming and housing. All of which are very sensitive areas for the UK economy, environmental concerns, and so on.
    Also interesting to see the opposition of Sun/Mercury and Uranus, squaring the Moon’s Nodes – he has been innovative so far, and certainly not a traditional Tory. But then he does have working experience in the world of money, and so thinks in a more commercial way, and is perhaps more prepared to take Sagittarian-style risks. That side of his personality must surely resonate with Boris Johnson. The steady Sun/Saturn aspect not so much!

  2. Interesting that Johnson’s and Sunak’s composite chart has Venus/Mars midpoint on Jupiter in the 10th – other people’s money? Both have had charmed lives with little experience of failure. Maybe next April, when the bills hit home for many , with be a learning curve?

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