Rishi Sunak – generous to a fault up to a point

Rishi Sunak, the UK Chancellor, is the man of the moment, making himself popular (pro tem) by throwing money out of his chopper and spreading largesse far and wide though not always hitting the right targets.  But in the mare’s nest of clashing egos that is Westminster getting more positive coverage than the boss and other rivals for the top seat isn’t always career-friendly.

Sunak, born 12 May 1980, has an Oxford University, Stanford, Goldman Sachs background, and is a stalwart Sun Mercury in Taurus opposition Uranus squaring onto a leadership North Node in Leo; with his Sun in a sensible trine to Saturn in hard-working Virgo. His Saturn is further emphasised being on the point of a T Square to Neptune opposition Venus which can be good for meticulous work but tends to be scattered. He’s also got Jupiter Mars in Virgo – so he fits the Boris Cabinet pattern of multi-Mutable types.

He’s not as confident as he looks at the moment with a panicky, uncertain tr Neptune opposition his Saturn exactly now, and that runs on and off till late 2021. With more confusion and some dithering now and again late year; with failed plans through 2021/22. Not brilliant. Nothing that looks like a move into No 10 (without a birth time).

Both the Tory and left-wing press are sceptical about whether what he’s doing is productive – and the debt will have to be paid somewhere down the line.

His relationship chart with Boris is riddled with suspicion and doubt at the best of times and prone to tensions erupting.  The Eclipses, Solar and Lunar, are triggering various composite planets this year, especially the December Sagittarius one.

Sunak’s relationship with Michael Gove, who might fancy his chances were Boris to depart the scene, is hostile, argumentative and due for a series of upsets before the year is out.

Though his chemistry with Andrew Bailey, head of the Bank of England, is worse with more than a few red lights flashing later this month and late November, as well as stressed in 2021.

He’ll be ploughing through heavy seas with Dominic Cummings from late this August and on for two years – if both are still in situ.

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  1. Thanks Maggy (I’m going to reply here at the top as it gets a bit hard to read on a phone).

    Interesting about the Neptune opposite Venus. I was a teenager, I think still taking my GCSEs, so wasn’t paying a vast amount of attention to politics during Lamont’s time, but I think some later thought that he was a bit of a fall guy for the government of the time.

    It’s not to say that Rishi Sunak will necessarily share the same fate, but it’s just weird that they have these similar astrological factors and both key periods in the UKs relationship with Europe and a looming recession. They both have their Venus close to 0 degrees cardinal too.

    Sunak’s Venus is much more out of bounds than Lamonts Mars, though. Sunak’s Venus is over 27n – quite literally maxed out, it doesn’t go much further than that. If it’s a coincidence it’s a very ironic one

    Jess, you’re right George Osbourne, although not a solar Taurean, did have abundance of that sign…..and yes, not too popular either. Nothing out of bounds, though

    • Yes, all my (astrological ) life I’ve concentrated on aspects, combinations etc but I thought the shape of theirs (on top of other commonalities) was one I rarely see….vocational astrology is my thing but perhaps we could broaden our scope by getting out of stuck ‘norms'( couldn’t resist) because the Ve/Nep thing with the huge gap could be SO peculiar to….chancellors? I don’t know, but whatever it says to us, astrology keeps on proving itself as full of clues and pointers it begs us to follow for illumination…..we just keep learning.

      • Yes, I’m all about unsticking norms 🙂 Astrodatabank still has Lamont’s chart (but not George Osbourne’s) with an AA rated time of 5.55pm, which would leave the first quadrant empty. Doing the same for Rishi Sunak would roughly put his Neptune in Sag on the ascendant and his super maxed out 29 degree Venus on the descendant, hmm. Hopefully a birth time will show up soon

    • Tara, can you recommend a book on óut of bounds’planets…I have to say they’re new to me, although I think I learned that as being óut of sign’planets at the tail end…. I was taught (in Neanderthal times) that the first 10 degrees of a sign were mainly experienced as physical (i.e. lots of athletes have that first decan prominent), the 2nd relates to mental qualities and the third, to spiritual. So an emphasis on one of those decans kind of defines a person, which I realise I have been using for most of the time…. 9 is the highest degree for sporters, etc (whatever sign), 19 for the thinkers, and 29 for the most spiritual……I never questioned it (perhaps stupidly) as it seems mostly apt, but there are always methods we live by which could be improved. Does anyone have a special method of analysing a chart? I used Tracy Marks analysis form (excellent) for many years but then you sort of develop a fancy/instinct for some obscure indication you come across….the process of interpretation, however we start probably, always has a twist of One Thing that speaks more to the interpreter than anything else. Poor old Marjorie with the teeth thing……ugh, how does she keep up the huge amount of work on here I cry???!

      • Yes there are all sorts of meanings within signs depending on degree, but not so with declinations – according to the late Kt Boehrer a planet is “out of bounds” which is beyond the ecliptic or maximum declination of the Sun, or it isn’t.

        Kt Boehrer was the expert in this area and I think her book is available again. There isn’t much work in this area sadly. Basically though, a planet going higher than the sun is a little bit maverick or different in its expression.

  2. All this talk of a Tory chancellor being generous (and handsome?! Yall need a trip to spec savers) is making me want to gag. Richie Sunak (owner of many multi million properties and drinking from a 180 quid coffee mug hahaha) was forced into the furlough scheme after intense pressure from John McDonell ex Labour shadow chancellor and after many EU countries did similar, Sunak buggered that up by ignoring 3million self employed folks.

    Tories are never generous due to the goodness of their heart or wanting to do the right thing, but they need us small people to retain jobs and keep their billionaire bosses happy. Check their voting records to see how much they truly care about us. Happy to throw poor, disabled, Immigrants, older people under the bus . Cruel, callous and corrupt. He might look and sound good but a leap off never changes its spots

  3. Thanks for this, Marjorie…surprising man! He looks very mutable Gem/Virgo ish, but Jane’s post is very good sleuthing, yes something bigger on the way…… he has half the chart in mutable signs, only Uranus in water but Mercury opposite that and squaring the nodes…..a bit of a clash.

    What I did notice is prog Sun conjuncts Venus (let’s hope it’s only the nation who adores him!) with the progressed Moon about to oppose Pluto…there is something fairly priestly (something of a crusader) with his Moon trine Jupiter and Neptune in fire – many ‘believers’ have this aspect in their charts, it is sort of hellfire and brimstone with Moon trine Neptune, Jupiter, nodes and Mars? Perhaps it signals great faith in his methods, and thank God Mercury trines Saturn which means he realises there are boundaries, as he does seem to be a born optimist. The five earth planets ground him yet he does seem to be in turmoil shortly emotionally …..its a sackload of ashes he has to deliver one way or the other, though the film star looks belie his fundamental stability. I admire him, especially having to explain to his flakey boss who won’t even listen, and waves his wand over his mad hair to say “disappear!”…..it is very painful these days to read any news about the UK government, but Rishi is up to it, though coping with the co-workers (who shall remain anonymous!) is going to be….quite hellish. We’ll see….

    • Yes the prog Sun and Mercury on his natal Venus that just received the 0 Can eclipse. I think you’re right Maggy as his Venus is also wildly out of bounds at over 27N, not afraid to break with convention. What I think is also significant is that his natal Venus and Mars are in the retrograde shadow zone, just like the period we’re in now.

      So yes, definitely in regards to the hallmarks of the current people in power, he is very much one of them – all the mutable signs, the OOB natal planet, the Rx/Shadow zone natal planets, fixed star Regulus conjunct something in the natal.

      • Tara, yes! But I do think he’s the only one with any sort of plan, the rest seem to go about getting rid of Experienced, committed professionals, shutting them up with payoffs and then the Alice in Wonderland thing where they truly believe they can steer destiny. It is truly frightening, there IS no plan, no strategy, just impulses to shut up the silent, sane majority…. Orwellian in every way…..

        • Oh I hope so Maggy. We did have one previous Taurean Chancellor of the Exchequer, he had an out of bounds Mars (which ruled his Venus). His name was Norman Lamont and he ended up not too popular, had a few troubles with Europe and a recession.

          • I remember Norman….looked like a textbook Taurus- no times on either but oddly, both have Venus opp Neptune which in both cases face onto an empty quadrant in the chart? No idea what it means..Both of them are very earthy, R5, N4… one planet each in water, strong Merc/Saturn … Rishi trine, Norm conjunct . bith had 2 cardinal planets. Norman’s Mercury is quite exceptionally aspected with sextiles, trines. I used a 20.45 am time no idea why but those aspects will remain valid… Rishi’s Moon is most favourable so its more about personality, accentuated by Mars/Jup sextile Venus….Norman looks vety like Harold Wilson but maybe it was the suit and face shape…,any guesses on what that gap after Neptune signifies?

          • ….hmm I used a 10.45 birth time not the one mentioned below for RS. Note to self – don’t reply on mobile phone……

          • We also had smarmy (…sorry) George Osborne with Venus, Mercury, Moon and Saturn in Taurus terrorizing low income communities with rehashed Thatcherite austerity. No idea if he has out of bound planets? He is still banging on about how a new stage of austerity targeted at the less well off, local councils and other services is inevitable for the wellbeing of the wealthy business community. Of course he does not know that Pluto in Capricorn no longer appears to be interested in consolidating the establishment…more like tearing down, I think Pri above raises some very valid points indeed about the Tories which includes Sunak.

            As an aside, interesting to see Rishi Sunak has Jupiter conjunct Regulus in Virgo – hope that is correct – is Regulus now at 0 degree of Virgo? He has Sun conjunct Mercury quincunx Pluto – I would say that is pretty ruthless. Sun Mercury opposes Uranus in Scorpio, trines Saturn, quincunx Neptune in Sag. All the outer planets tying into his Sun Mercury may mean powerful external forces, that he has no control over, reveal themselves over the next few years, especially when tr Uranus catches up with Sunak’s Sun Mercury conjunction in Taurus.

  4. Thanks Marjorie, very interesting. He’ll be criticised whatever he does though, won’t he? There is no perfect way out of this mess.

    I noticed that Rishi’s Saturn in Virgo is close to the 1066 UK chart’s Saturn in Virgo, and exactly conjunct the 1066 node in Virgo. That looked quite sensible and small “c” conservative, perhaps even karmic. Then I realised that the 1066 Neptune in Taurus is conjunct Rishi’s Sun and Mercury. His own Neptune, 22 Sagittarius, squares the UK Chiron in Pisces, and it’s Virgo/Pisces nodes (the people?) – which seems to describe the confusion of this pandemic quite well, plus healing, healthcare, and sacrifice. Those nodes are having their own Neptune transit at the moment. The 1066 Uranus in Sagittarius opposes his financial Venus in Gemini. There are other links between the two charts, and some with the 1801 chart too.

    Somewhere or other, possibly, the bigger picture is unfolding….

  5. Mary Heart:-
    You took the words out of my mouth over his age!! He is wearing very well considering and he’s five years older than me but he is married to the daughter who’s parents are billionaire’s.. apparently the 6th richest in India so perhaps that helps.

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