Johnny Depp & Amber Heard – the gloves are off


Tearing the scab off a bad marriage to Amber Heard, Johnny Depp went into graphic and sordid detail on the first day of his libel suit against The Sun newspaper, who had labelled him a ‘wife beater’ and branded those accusations ‘sick and completely untrue’. He called his former wife  a ‘calculating, narcissistic sociopath’ who married him to further her career, denies ever hitting her and his defence listed a string of incidents in which she had allegedly attacked him throughout their marriage.

He was born 9 June 1963 8.44am Owensboro, KY and she 22 April 1986 in Texas. Both have their Venus in late Taurus conjunct the destructive Fixed star Algol which kinda fits.  He’s a Sun Gemini square Pluto (Mars Uranus) in Virgo so fairly volatile.  His Capricorn Moon is in the line of fire of this week’s Capricorn Lunar Eclipse shaking up his domestic life and history.

She is a stubborn, controlling Taurus Sun opposition Pluto so not one to give way easily. That Sun Pluto is trine/sextile an ambitious Mars Neptune in Capricorn, so she’ll be fiery and like attracting attention.  The Lunar Eclipse this week is conjunct her Mars which her Solar Arc Saturn is also conjunct – so quite a car crash.

Her Pluto is closely conjunct his IC making her want to control his domestic life; and her Saturn in Sagittarius squares his Pluto, Mars, Uranus so it was hardly an ideal match. Plus her Mars is conjunct his Moon which would make for an argumentative interface.

Their relationship chart has an affectionate composite Sun Venus but there’s also a volcanic composite Mercury opposition Uranus and Mars and a power-struggling Jupiter opposition Pluto.

The wedding took place in 2015 with a neurotic/paranoid Saturn square Neptune in place as well as a turbulent Uranus square Pluto.

He’s not looking too chipper ahead with an undermining tr Neptune square his Gemini Sun from this October to early 2021, with hitches and glitches after middle of this month through this autumn from tr Saturn to various midpoints; with aggravations and frustrations in 2021 though he’ll be making a confident push all the same.

She’s equally looking agitated at the moment, in a disruptive phase with tr Uranus opposition her Pluto till early 2021; and then facing a string of losses through 2021/22.

Neither will emerge from this feeling better.  He may have felt it essential if he had been lied about but it’s all an unholy mess.

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  1. Can you give a update in the appeal case Johnny Depp against the Sun? How will 2021 will be for them because there is also a court case in Virginia.

  2. Oh my goodness Virgoflake! I’d imagine BML acting as a super-conductor of all that Algol/Venus energy. Thanks for pointing it out. I’m always curious about the BML point, plus what – if anything- happens during transits to the natal chart. It does seem to add another layer, I feel I have a lot to learn about it really.

    As for Mr Depp’s choice of marriage partner…..yes, terrible judgement. However, he is a Gemini with mutable Mars conjunct Uranus and Pluto. That alone suggests a wild, unfocused streak (!) which would add to his screen charisma but prompt some unlikely, eccentric actions. Pluto might make for a very self willed, possibly self destructive person too. There’s quite a bit of his character in “Edward Scissorhands” somehow, the eternally “unfinished” yet hugely creative figure – always an outsider.

    • I have a personal story about the transits to BML. My mother’s natal BML is 0.42 degrees of Capricorn and when my brother died, transiting Chiron was at 0.41 degrees of Capricorn and on the cusp of her 5th house of children too. Further, her natal BML conjuncts Saturn. So I’ve come to think that there is something about female grief and loss associated with the combination of that lunar point, Saturn and Chiron.

      With BML conjunct Venus in Taurus I’m trying to see how it would operate in the case of Amber Heard and her relationship history. There’s rage and possibly grief there projected onto the partner. It seems both people involved in this relationship are quite psychologically damaged. It also reveals something about the illusory and ephemeral nature of glamour and surface beauty which ties into the public’s increasing weariness with Celebrity culture during the Covid pandemic.

      • Thank you for sharing such a very personal story. When Saturn connects with the Moon it can be depressing, or challenging – so maybe the same applies with the BML lunar apogee. I’ve seen Saturn to the Moon also as a time of committment sometimes. Chiron is often said to be about the wounded healer, however I do think a wider interpretation is helpful. I tend to favour the idea of a catalyst or maverick too. I think this fits the nature of this strange space body – comet or asteroid, somewhat eccentric.

        Perhaps BML with Venus in Taurus would suggest a conflict between a Venus in Taurus need for security and comfort, and a BML push for independence or even sensual adventures? Alternatively, including Algol as well, Venus in Taurus is manifesting much more like a Venus in Scorpio?

  3. I agree the wisest course would have been to avoid this. Neither of these people are exactly calm or rational though. It seems like a folie a deux in some ways. Amber Heard publicly admitted having violent tantrums some years ago, and there was a minor domestic violence incident with her former partner which seems to have come to nothing. She also has Mercury square Neptune, probably very helpful for her acting career but possibly a bit slippery in other contexts. Transiting Mars and Mercury are aspecting that now. Johnny Depp has the square between tr Sun in Cancer and BML in Aries aspecting his Nodes, with BML transiting his 9th house of the law – quite descriptive of this current situation I think.

    • Jane, Heard also has that slippery Mars conjunct Neptune in Capricorn (I always think of the slithy Gove when it comes to Mars/Neptune conjunct, as he has it in Scorpio) and it comes as no surprise that Black Moon Lilith is conjunct her Algol/Venus.

      Why on Earth he agreed to marriage is more evidence of his atrocious judgement. Jupiter is interesting in his chart. Not only is it square his Capricorn Moon but it is in quincunx to Neptune in Scorpio, both Aries and Scorpio being Mars-ruled signs. Moon-Jupiter is given to indulgence and excess and when Moon conjuncts the South Node, habitual indulgence and excess.

  4. My father (a solicitor) said you should always try to avoid lawsuits such as this because, A) you could lose and end up paying a vast amount of money and B) tabloid headlines are usually forgotten as time rolls on and bringing a suit will simply dredge up the gory details for public consumption all over again.

    • Probably good advice re: the law, but people have feelings and if someone has lied about you, in public, on purpose to harm you, then I can understand why you would go through such an ordeal to fight for your good name, even if it means losing money and takes it’s toll on your health. Terence Rattigan’s brilliant play ‘The Winslow Boy’ springs to mind.

      • Trouble is, the trial is set to last weeks and revelations about Depp’s private life, (many of these are less than flattering, such as supplying his 13 year old daughter with drugs) will do further damage to his reputation. A good lawyer would have advised that taking a certain amount of damage to one’s standing would be preferable to losing a suit against a newspaper plus even more potentially damaging detail emerging in court,;The Sun is hardly perceived as a reliable and truthful source by the public.

        That Mars/Uranus/Pluto conjunction is familiar to me, having had acquaintances with that astrological marker and it does manifest as a somewhat volatile and impulsive tendency for self-sabotage. Couple that with a square to the Sun and that self-undoing and refusal to take professional advice is even more ego-based.

        • Right. Even if The Sun loses, The Sun will win. They will have gained tons of gossip, headlines & readers/page clicks. The same for Meghan Markle suing the Daily Mail. The Daily Mail is going to use the revelations from the case to the max & double down on anti-Meghan articles.

          Didn’t David Bowie say something about tabloid gossip & lies being the tax that celebrities have to pay, for when they want to use the media to promote themselves… (I may totally have made that up, but you get the gist!)

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