Reynhard Sinaga – worst ever rapist


A churchgoing PhD student has been named as the world’s worst serial rapist. Reynhard Sinaga, 36, preyed on at least 195 young men and incapacitated his mainly heterosexual victims with the date rape drug GHB before filming his attacks. He was convicted of 159 attacks, including 136 rapes, eight attempted rapes and 15 indecent assaults against 48 victims in Manchester after four trials were held over 18 months.

He was born on 19 February 1983 in Indonesia where homosexuality is either illegal or frowned on to a rich family. Their money allowed him to play the eternal student in the UK for the past 12 years.

He was a final degree Sun Aquarius or Pisces trine Pluto in Libra and Saturn in early Scorpio and sextile Neptune – so a hard, unyielding temperament with a delusional, tinged-with-megalomania Neptunian bent.

He doesn’t have the brutal Mars Pluto or cruel Mars Saturn you might expect. What he does have is an exact Venus conjunct Mars in Pisces – a placing he shares with Jeffrey Epstein. There was an odd grouping around Epstein who also shared Venus Mars conjunctions – Prince Andrew in Capricorn, Bill Clinton in Libra, Ghislaine Maxwell in Sagittarius/Capricorn. Venus Mars is usually described as ‘passionate enthusiasm’ but Ebertin also adds onto that – ‘a strongly emotional and sexual life with disharmonious tendencies’; ‘in some cases inclination to polygamy.’

In Sinaga’s case his Venus Mars are square Neptune which Ebertin further describes as: ‘pathological or abnormal craving in sex relationship, inclination to perversity.’    Plus he has a Taurus Moon which can be overly indulgent in matters of the flesh. Bill Clinton has a Venus Mars Neptune conjunction and a Taurus Moon though clearly houses will make a difference as well as other factors.

When Sinaga was first arrested in June 2017 after a victim became conscious, fled and reported him – tr Saturn was exactly square his Venus Mars and tr Uranus was moving to upset his applecart by opposing his Pluto.

His two strongest Harmonics are the 9th (what gives him pleasure) and the 7th (can-be-unhinged-mentally and attracted to drugs). Both have strong controlling Pluto connections to Mars Venus and his 7th adds in a Mars Saturn link as well.

What an utterly depressing saga. Makes one despair about the state of the world – though it’s probably never been any different.

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  1. “The face of evil looks like yours and mine.” – Charles Beaumont 1929 – 1967

    A cruel and evil man with no redeeming qualities.

  2. “He doesn’t have the brutal Mars Pluto or cruel Mars Saturn you might expect.”

    Judging from what I’ve read, this could mean Sinaga wasn’t as driven by power aspect of his act as most of the predators you hear about. Harvey Weinstein, with his Pluto square Mars, for instance, truly seemed to get his kicks from yielding power over his victims. He purposely targeted women in his line of business he could tell how “they’d never work again” if they didn’t do what he wanted. With Sinaga, it seems much more straight (no pun intended) forward. He probably wasn’t as interested on dominating his victims psychologically, just was into straight guys (many gay men are) and saw this as a way “to have” them, relying on them being too ashamed of what happened. Also, that Mars/Venus square Neptune could indicate somnophilia – I’ve actually encountered that once, with a native who had Neptune trine Venus and square Mars. The difference was he only would have had this happen with a consensual partner.

    • Solaia, you wrote:
      “that Mars/Venus square Neptune could indicate somnophilia ”

      From what I read – he probably did had it. From an article, his defense was:
      “As part of his defense, Sinaga said the men had agreed to pretend to be asleep as part of his sexual fantasies, MEN said.”

      I was curious about his psyche and Eros placements in the natal chart (and also his draconic chart).
      Natal Psyche (asteroid number 16) is at 22º Scorpio: it opposes his natal Chiron at 22º Taurus, and squares his natal Eros (asteroid number 433) at 25º Aquarius (and also squares natal Sun). Psyche – one of the meanings is Immortality. It can indicate how we will became immortal – or, in other words, for what we will be notorious in our life. Opposing Chiron – he will be notorious/famous/immortal for all the pain he caused.
      In his draconic chart, Eros changes to 22º Scorpio – so, there’s a conjunction between natal Psyche and Draco Eros.
      He will be famous for being a rapist. (That’s how I read it – giving the circumstances, of course. Others with a similar signature could have channeled this energy in a much more positive way.)

      According to Linda Hill, the sabian symbol for Scorpio 22 is:

      He did indeed was a hunter, a predator.

      • ‘From what I read – he probably did had it. From an article, his defense was:
        “As part of his defense, Sinaga said the men had agreed to pretend to be asleep as part of his sexual fantasies, MEN said.'”

        So, this seems spot on, although I don’t, for a moment, believe this was consensual. Sinega is a predator and a rapist, just different kind to Weinstein.

        This also prompted me to look at Bill Cosby’s, who famously drugged his victims too, chart. He has the kind of “all over the place” chart people born in the late 1930’s tend to have, due to position of outer planets. His 6th house Neptune in Virgo is wildly aspected, but doesn’t seem that bad, at first sight. But his Moon is conjunct that Neptune, and I kind of feel this isn’t a good combination in Virgo, because this might lead to all kind of distorted feelings about service. No wonder he wanted his most famous character, the one he practically morphed into, to be a MD. And I think Cosby still sees himself as a humanitarian.

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