Mike Pompeo – lighting the fuse

Mike Pompeo appears to have taken ownership of the Soleimani killing alongside Trump and all matters of defence, as he dominates the airwaves, talking about troop deployments, deterrence and the likelihood of American bombs raining down on Iranian soil. He’s definitely pumped up by the upcoming January 10th Lunar Eclipse at 20 degrees Cancer/Capricorn as it collides with his Mars in Capricorn opposition Cancer Moon, which will make him more combative and aggressive than usual. His Capricorn Sun would also get an over- confidence surge from the late December Capricorn Solar Eclipse conjunct Jupiter.

Moving ahead, March looks like an accident or disaster-prone month for him from 9th to 28 with tr Uranus square his Mars/Saturn midpoint. Which is when there’s high alert on the Israel and Hezbollah charts as well as up in the celestial sphere (see post below – ME sandstorms January 5th.)

On his Secretary of State chart, 26 April 2018 2pm, the ruthless Mars Pluto in Capricorn is catching this upcoming Lunar Eclipse almost exactly. He will be set back on his heels in April and then on a downhill slide of morale, confidence and popularity from late April to late August with tr Neptune hitting on two Jupiter midpoints, one Mars and one Uranus midpoint.

His relationship chart with Trump is far from being as cosy as it looks with a composite Saturn Venus opposition Mars – suited maybe to joint military activity, but with an underlying strand of resentment and aggravation which will erupt into the open in May and June as tr Uranus throws in a firecracker or two into the mix, with rumblings before then.

If the Iranian escapade backfires badly, Trump will toss him overboard without a second thought. And Trump is looking hemmed in every which way from late January onwards with risk attached. Pompeo’s chart relocated to Teheran has Mars on the IC which is not a propitious sign.

Mike Pence has also been scuttling around doing his bit to cheerlead the Trump wagon train along. He has an undermining tr Neptune square his Gemini Sun until late this month and is more confused than he sounds with tr Pluto square his Neptune/Node till later this month as well. Then he’s got jolts, jangles and risk of violence mid February to early March from tr Uranus opposition his Saturn/Pluto midpoint and square his Mars; and more disruption with threat of violence or at least excessive stress late February till early July with tr Pluto square his Saturn/Uranus midpoint. His relationship with Trump will be chilly early March and starting a major slide into disappointment from late March to late April with tr Neptune square the composite Sun and that repeats on and off till early 2021. Tr Saturn is square his Mars across the Inauguration which usually brings a considerable setback.

For Eclipse watchers: Jared Kushner with a 20 degree Capricorn Sun, Eric Trump with a 15 degree Capricorn Sun; and Don Jnr with his Sun Venus in Capricorn square Pluto – are all in for a challenging year.

It’s not that the world isn’t a better place without Soleimani, to which many Iranians would agree, but doing it in such a flagrant, provocative way was narcissistic lunacy. Typical. Better to have used proxies with deniability which would have solved the S problem without giving rise to the inevitable explosive response.

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  1. “His relationship chart with Trump is far from being as cosy as it looks with a composite Saturn Venus opposition Mars – suited maybe to joint military activity, but with an underlying strand of resentment and aggravation which will erupt into the open in May and June as tr Uranus throws in a firecracker or two into the mix, with rumblings before then”

    This certainly falls in line with Marjorie’s reading of his chart. It’s not exactly an outwardly joint military activity (thankfully no military action, though there have been lots of aggressive comments fired back and forth between Pompeo and his counterpart in Beijing), but it certainly fits the bill as far as appearing to be a calculated political strike against their perceived enemies in Washington, who are merely doing what they were hired to do. To make the investigations stop, they might simply start playing by the rules, and behave like any other reasonable human being bestowed with their positions of power would. But when you’re a president who’s stuck in the mindset of reality TV star, when you’re surrounded by lackeys and minions, and your sole concerns are ratings and re-election, that’s perhaps asking too much.



  2. We’ve gotten first polls on Trump’s handling of Iran, and it seems only 37 per cent of interviewed approve. This may seem a high number, but approval rate for Bush 43 handling of Iraq was well above 60 per cent before the actual attack. But this supports my observation. In 2003, internet was different, but it was here, and the amount of trolling I received for stating there was no evidence on Saddam having weapons of mass destruction was so atrocious I had to cancel some of my accounts on services attended by Americans. Now, I can’t get even Twitter trolls attack me for saying Trump is out of his league. Makes me think this all is not going to help Trump or Pompeo, who now seems to be the “main hawk” even in the eyes of Iranians.

  3. Mike Pompeo is rumored to not seek the rumored Senatorship in Kansas. Instead, he has been even more visible than required on Iranian affair. He went “Full Ginsberg”, meaning visiting all Sunday morning news shows, last Sunday. And he gave a presser at WH, something The Press Secretary hasn’t done in almost a year now. This, in the past, has been a kiss of death for Trump Administration Officials. Since Pompeo has one of the most ruthlessly ambitious charts one could expect to come across, and at least thinks himself smart, there’s definitely something going on here. He would not expose himself to DJT’s fury if he didn’t know DJT is seriously weakened and he didn’t have a backup plan. I think it could be a Pence-Pompeo, or even Pompeo-Haley bid for Presidency already in 2020.

    Obviously, he could still be “played” by DJT, but I somehow get the same feeling I did watching a documentary on power struggle triggered by visibly deteriorating health of Finnish President Urho Kekkonen in the 1980’s. As I type, DJT seems to be babbling something about knowing all Greek-Americans. I think Mitch McConnell only has to snap his fingers and some sort of a GOP Succession Plan will be in a full swing.

    • Solaia, I think you could be right there. The preliminary chess pieces seem to be moving across the board at least. Every time I see DJT on tv he seems a little more fragmented. But if he does have dementia of some kind, he will likely cling on in an incredibly stubborn way. Yet it is hard to see how he could manage another four years if he did get re-elected. It will be interesting to see what seeds the Saturn Pluto conjunction will plant for the year to come.

    • Still too early to speculate, IMHO. We’ll hv to wait it out on the sidelines with Jiffy Pop. Even so, what power do mere mortals have against the “very stable genius” of Drompf?

      • His Tax Returns. ‍♀️ Well, maybe not those, but I don’t for a moment believe powerful GOP Operatives do not have dirt on him they can use to force him to resign when he isn’t useful anymore. They might be reaching the point now.

        All I’m wondering is whether Russians get there first. My feeling overall was Putin isn’t happy about this escalation, and then I heard Rand Paul condemn it. Rand Paul can be trusted in citophoning Kremlin line on any US foreign policy issue.

  4. Yes, Carol, they do indeed. Or, more cynically, some may embrace these ideas to appeal to voters.

    “Mr. Pompeo talks about the rapture. “We will continue to fight these battles,” he said at a “God and Country Rally” in 2015, because there is a “never-ending struggle” until “the rapture.” In the article (below) there’s also a mention of Pompeo talking about Queen Esther and the Persians. Does he imagine he is re-enacting a biblical tale? Really very alarming.


    There’s also a fascinating documentary on Suleimani that explores the incredibly tangled history of this man. His influence, and his charisma, is far greater than I realised before seeing it. His own religious faith also appeared to be very deep. We don’t seem to have moved on very far from the time of the Crusades…..I haven’t yet looked at the astrology for that period in history, but it covers a long time so not sure about what it might tell us.


  5. What troubles me is that these people believe in this “Rapture”/end of days rubbish. It’s like they’re intent on bringing on Armageddon to fulfil their deluded belief in this supposed prophecy, where they’ll all get spirited up to heaven as divine beings. Turns my stomach.

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