Republican nomination – heading for a high noon?

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Although there are murmurings about the Republicans finding a replacement candidate after Trump’s day of disasters with one gaffe tripping up the next, there’s no mechanism unless he first withdraws.

He accepted the nomination at 12.13am on 22 July 2016 in Cleveland, Ohio which put an aggravated Mars in Scorpio in the 8th trine a Cancer Sun; with maverick Uranus conjunct the Aries Ascendant; a hidden 12th house Neptune opposition a 6th house North Node square Saturn in the 8th – that might suggest health issues and cash shortages, with much behind-the-scenes goings-on. With a dictatorial Pluto in the 10th (which can backfire) in a confident trine to Jupiter, square Ascendant; and a showy Venus Mercury in Leo in the grandstanding 5th.

What will be interesting to watch is when Mars moves to conjunct Saturn by August 24th, with the Sun in square a week later. At the moment the Moon is square Mars and moving to square that Saturn today.

There are two charts for the Republican Party, 20 March 1854 6.30pm Ripon, Wisconsin; and 6 July 1854 Jackson, MI. But I’m not convinced either works especially well on election prediction, tracking back over past wins and losses.

Trump’s relationship with both charts looks inherently negative. With the March chart, there’s a chained-together and resenting-it Saturn Pluto in a panicky opposition to Neptune; and an explosive Uranus square Mars. The July chart is cold, suspicious, again explosive. It looks very agitated at the moment with tr Uranus square the composite Mercury; and in general undermined this year with tr Saturn square tr Neptune hitting on the composite Mars, though nothing exact again till October. There’s nothing that looks like a parting of the ways. Which doesn’t mean it won’t happen.

The March GOP chart looks panicky up to the election though also relieved with tr Uranus square the Jupiter in early November – though that could mean blessed relief they aren’t saddled with him or a win. The July GOP chart is sagging badly at the moment with tr Neptune square the Saturn (returning across the Inauguration); and in a state of upheaval with tr Pluto trine Uranus; with immense pressure through September with tr Pluto opposition the Sun.

12 thoughts on “Republican nomination – heading for a high noon?

  1. Whatever happens I don’t really care but I believe it’s going to be astrology that will rule the results. I just care about lies when they are serious and H.C was caught the other day. A good astrologer like you Marjorie will no doubt see exactly how and what will transpire.

    • Hello, Joss. I’m an American – I trust none of them, for what it’s worth. The Clinton Chronicles date from the 1980’s and 1990’s. Have you forgotten the Bush legacies? Weapons of mass destruction…which didn’t exist? Halliburton, and all that. The flawed aurgument that Iranian terrorists caused the 9/11 crisis…but let’s not forget most of the attackers were Saudi. Yet…”there’s no Saudi connection…!”

      Don’t butter your bread on both sides – no matter how it falls , it’ll land butter-side down.

      “Whatever happens I don’t really care but I believe it’s going to be astrology that will rule the results” – so why is there sand in your bedsheets ?

  2. I’m on nobody’s side asI’m a U.K citizen BUT don’t any of you fools see what a criminal That very unappealing Hillary Is? It’s already been proven that she lied and lied on national Tv about those emails,about Bengahzi and about so many other things. Why don’t you get hold of the Hillary and Bill documentary that goes way back to when Bill first married her.All the sex scandals in the white house,the young girls,the pay offs, the money from wall street( who owns her), Hillary’s boy friend who supposedly commited suicide( which many wonder about),etc.etc.etc..Which fool would want that power hungry so called ‘woman’ ruling their country?!!!!

    • Joss, And Donald Trump would be better than this, how exactly?
      Friends were over from California last week and I asked them why the US hated Hillary so much. He said she’d been subjected to a 30 year campaign of vilification (which the Republicans do seem rather good at). So how much is true and how much outright smear and mistakes blown out of all proportion? He also said he was appalled at the contempt which went Barack Obama’s way which in his view was racism pure and simple.
      No politician is perfect but some are a good deal more flawed than others – and in this case by several leagues.

  3. My artist friend with MS called me here this evening – beside herself with excitement. Normally, I don’t get all worked up over gossip…but this seems too good to be true. Serendipidous?

    Mrs Donald Trump worked illegally n the US as a model. Did not have the correct work visa…and continues to avoid discussing certain immigration topics.

    Apparently the GOP deemed today that he has gone too far – wants him out. They’re trying to find a blatant – or subtle – reason for him to “go”.

    It could be! “You’re Fired!”

  4. Could the same comparisons be made of Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party as well, please?

    The relief in November must suggest that Trump loses, otherwise they would be jubiliant. So, my (political, not astrological) prediction for Republican relief in November would be Hillary as president with both Houses remaining Republican. That would be ideal for the Republicans.

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