Rafael Nadal – competing against the grain of Neptune & Saturn

Rafael Nadal



Rafael Nadal is a Spanish pro tennis player currently ranked No 5 with an impressive array of Grand Slam wins behind him.

Born 3 June 1986 6.20pm Manacor, Spain, he has tr Saturn now well into his lower profile first quadrant when it becomes more difficult to summon up the energy to train/play with the kind of drive he had in former years.

He’s having an up and down year with tr Neptune undermining some of his Mars and Sun midpoints as well as his Gemini Sun; and an uncertain Solar Arc Saturn conjunct his Neptune exact in 6 months. But tr Pluto is trine his Solar Arc MC all year so he’ll get some lift from that. He’ll be bullish through 2017; but 2018 is when he hits some really major roadblocks with Solar Arc Pluto conjunct his Saturn and an accident prone Solar Arc Uranus conjunct his Mars.

He’s been plagued with injuries in recent years and it is tough at the top, when even the fittest bodies start to object to years of punishment.

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