Jason Day – Water Fire, ultra-determined and lucky

Jason Day

Jason Day is an Australian pro golfer, presently ranked as No 1. He was born 12 Nov 1987 2pm Beaudesert, Australia and has been golfing since he was a young child. He’s got a very intense chart with Sun Pluto Mercury spread out through Scorpio, all in his 8th.  But he’s also got a surfeit of Fire from Jupiter in Aries, a Leo Moon and Uranus Saturn Venus in Sagittarius, so he’ll be energised by that. His 2nd house Jupiter is in an adventurous opposition to Mars and trine Uranus MC Saturn so he’ll be lucky in attracting money and was clearly destined for a different kind of career. His Moon in flamboyant Leo is in the performing 5th – so he’s a curious mix of showy and very private.

He’s got a mixed year with exuberant patches and some muddled downers; is getting a grip of his destiny with tr Pluto sextile his Sun in 2017/18; and with tr Saturn in his upper quadrant until the mid 2020s there’s a lot of mileage ahead for him. Late 2017/`18 could be sticky when his Solar Arc Sun is conjunct his Saturn though that may just stiffen his resolve to work even harder.

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  1. Thanks, Marjorie for your insights. Yes, Day has already demonstrated a lot of intensity and resolve to get where he is. After his father died when he was a child and he began acting out, Day’s mother stretched to get him into a high school with a golf program. The showy/private mix comes across as well in his interviews and lifestyle choices.

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