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  1. I’m certainly not complacent, JBird That’s not a freight train one can stop. I pick my battles, not look for them and then wring my hands afterwards in despair. The country is totally out of control. Nothing short of a nuclear war or a total economic collapse can trigger the necessary changes.;

    Agree with you that people will die due to this carnival ride. Making myself a target wont change things a whit. What about you?

    Millions protested against Vietnam. Not a damn thing changed. Same situation here.

    • Me? My husband died three weeks ago. We’d been married 42 years. I found out two days ago I am going blind. My income is going down by 45%. Have a good day, larryc.

        • I checked the time stamps, and see you are going backwards through the posts. Which means you wrote your reply to my comment to SteveV before you read this comment. As far as I’m concerned, you have a clean slate with me.

          Not a good time for me astrologically; public dust-ups and misunderstandings would be expected.

  2. Democrats making waves: Jason Kander, May 4, 1981, Overland, Kansas. Almost beat the incumbent Roy Blunt for the Senate. Viral campaign video showed Kander putting an AR-15 together while blindfolded, while making a very impressive pitch for background checks for gun buyers.

    “Iron Stache” Randy Bryce is going against Paul Ryan in 2018. Iron worker Bryce was born on December 9, 1964, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

  3. Anything else about “Trumpcare?” Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan worked on and constructed a “secret bill” (which was just revealed to us Thursday [yesterday]) that is MUCH WORSE than the previous bill that passed through Congress back in May. They’re trying to pass this awful bill before July 4th. They need 51 votes in the Senate – which they’re dangerously close to getting. How do the prospects look?

    Chris Romero
    Jacksonville, Florida

    • According to the latest vote count projections on 6/23, Republicans have the numbers. They even have a cushion of three votes in the House.

      I have to respectfully disagree with larry c about letting life flow to see what happens. Complacently letting lawmakers do what they want is getting us into “Huge” trouble, with three and a half more years to go. People are going to die on this carnival ride.

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