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  1. Hi Marjorie

    I am wondering what the impact of Jeff Session’s testimony yesterday will be given he really only demonstrated his loyalty to Trump is more important? Even I could see he was stonewalling the whole time.

  2. The news is constantly & endlessly bad. Not helped by the TV news channels projecting constant & escalating crises. I’m sick of it, when will we get some respite?

    • I think it’s been grim for a couple of decades and probably has always been to a lesser degree? It’s just getting more sensationalistic. It’s one of the reasons I deliberately tuned out of the mainstream years ago. It’s still difficult to ignore it entirely, but you feel you need to take a shower and rinse your brain out. But, the news stations thrive on it and the sheeple lap it up. I was sick to death of listening about terrorism, murders, rapes, corruption, natural catastrophes, etc. It’s no different than being caught in a vacuum. You start to believe the world is going to hell in a handbasket and we all may as well give up living.

      • Where are the inspirational leaders to bring us positivity and happiness, or the action hero to rescue us all from danger armed only with a sonic screwdriver? This would be a great time for a Gandhi/Martin Luther King/Churchill type to come & inspire us all. I cant take anymore of Trump’s ‘You are all living in hell and its getting worse’ messages (see also Brexit etc.)

        • Assassinations: Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr and his mother Alberta, John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, John Lennon, Anwar Sadat. Attempted assassinations: Pope John Paul II, Ronald Reagan.

          Been here, done that. Been shot.

      • Do you remember the brilliant sarcastic satirical comedian, Bill Hicks? If I recall, he did a sketch, and this is almost 30 years ago, where he threw his lens on the damage the media do to people’s minds and communities. Apparently, they were instilling fear into Americans, even back then, about the influx of Mexicans over the border. And he started doing a terrified, frustrated, and bewildered person, screaming, after having watched the news going, “Oh, my God. Oh, my God! What are we going to do? They are going to take over the entire country. They’ll take our jobs. They’ll be using guns and taking over the streets and robbing our homes. We cannot trust these people. We must defend our homes and our rights. I must go and check outside and lock my windows.” 😀 And the person goes to the window and looks out….and all he/she hears are crickets and the streets are dead. And the person stands there scratching the heads, puzzled by what’s happening. The news doesn’t correlate with real life. But, that is what it does to our minds. It’s a dangerous vacuum to be consumed by.

        Bill Hicks though, my goodness, what material he would have on his hands today! He’s sorely missed after having passed of pancreatic cancer in 1994, just aged 32. I believe he was more well known in the UK than the USA when he lived. I think his humour, at the time (even now, actually) was too close to the knuckle for his fellow Americans. The urban myth these days though is, he faked his death, and became Mr Delusional himself, Alex Jones! 😀 I think Hicks was ten times more smarter than Jones will ever be.

        • Jo, I agree Bill Hicks was one of the greatest comedians and satirists of our time. He would have a field day with the sleazy monsters running the planet now. Maybe shaved in influence by Lenny Bruce? The corporate media don’t encourage scathing satire these days, wonder why?

      • Almost all legislatures have party whips, whose job it is to ensure that party MPs/representatives/deputies vote in line with party policy. Their role becomes very important when the numerical difference between the parties is very small/narrow, such as in the current hung UK Commons.
        The Government Chief Whip in the Commons, the UK equivalent of the US Majority Whip, goes by the rather staid title of the “Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasury” and resides at No 12 Downing Street, with the PM and Chancellor of the Exchequer at No 10 and 11 respectively.
        If you are at all inclined to find out how the Whips office works, I would highly recommend the play “The House”.


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