London fire – beyond description


A horrific fire has destroyed a London tower block of 120 apartments with many fatalities feared as residents were trapped. Details are sketchy but there is a talk of ‘Third World’ safety failures with no fire alarm or sprinklers, and previous advice to tenants of ‘stay inside’ being proved catastrophically wrong as newly installed plastic insulation cladding on the outside turned the building into an inferno which is likely to collapse.

First alarm calls came through at 00.54 am local time, which puts Saturn on the MC opposition Sun IC, which is the driving rod of a Fire Grand Trine of Node trine Uranus trine Saturn MC.

When it started Mars was closely square the Sun/Pluto midpoint and opposition Saturn/Pluto – physical breakdown, fighting for one’s life, violence. Expansive (not always a good thing) Jupiter was opposition the brutal Mars/Pluto midpoint. And Pluto was square the Sun/Moon midpoint, which latter often appears at disasters with relationships and families being ripped apart.

The UK chart has Solar Arc MC approaching the square to the 8th house Mars, within weeks. That UK Mars in the 8th when triggered has always accompanied major loss of life catastrophes in the UK. When tr Pluto was opposition the UK Mars in the late 1980s: on the run up there was the Zebrugge Ferry sinking and King’s Cross Fire in 1987, followed in 1988 by the Marchioness sinking, the Piper Alpha explosion, the Hillsborough football fatalities, Lockerbie plane crash. It just went on and on, all of them involving multiple deaths.

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  1. They have been doing this to blocks for years, a lot of it looks worse than the original 60’s and 70’s in my opinion. Many years ago I lived on the 11th floor of one, it didn’t feel like it needed insulation, hardly ever had the heating on. That block was cleared of tenants a few years ago and turned into luxury apartments, it’s the same shell with cladding over the top and new kitchens installed. They probably got the fire resistant stuff, as they are probably deemed worthy of an extra £4k 🙁 Many of them sit empty as investments. Investments with fire protection.

    I knew London had become grotesque, but this is far too much.

  2. Wonder what will happen with the other buildings right there? IMO, should be razed to the ground. Housing would have to be found for several thousand people first. Could be done, should be done.

    • Have to change my opinion. Just read on imgur that there are thousands of these buildings. Anywhere there was a bomb crater from WWII, they stuck one.
      Hope things are done to make them safer.

    • The Solar Arc MC square Mars disappears within a few months. So nothing like as horrible as the late 1980s which went on relentlessly for two years.

  3. As an admirer of the area and its people, every-time I think about the victims leaving the earth in those reported circumstances my stomach groans. Absolute nightmare stuff. Must have been ***terrifying*** for those stricken souls. Anyway, I digress. RIP.

    • I can’t help thinking the same thing, S 🙁 What an awful, panic-stricken way to go for the men, women, children, and even the animals that would have been in there. I’m hoping the smoke inhalation would have got to them first and put them in an unconscious state before the fire did its worst. RIP.

  4. I wonder with Neptune strong in the first whether gas, fuel, petrol or other such accelerant may be involved? Or carelessness, dodgy building practices, avoidance of the building code or other neptunian keywords will emerge? I gather plastic ( Neptune) cladding played a part in furthering the conflagration, to be confirmed.

    • I’d think the last of these – shoddy building practices. No gap between floors for external covering. Gaps hopefully contain the fire to one level. And flammable material – all green and sustainable and known to be a fire risk from elsewhere in the world. What was Health & Safety doing?? Those poor residents knew it was a fire trap for years so their lives before must have been a constant worry.

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