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  1. Good morning Marjorie,
    Any thoughts on the Italian series showing on Sky Atlantic again since 10 May – Gomorrah?
    (Based on the book by Roberto Saviano).
    It is absolutely magnificent television (best I’ve seen since the Sopranos/Breaking Bad),
    it differs as based on Camorra Mafia in Naples.
    The 1st show commenced on 6 May 2014 on Sky Italia then it
    was taken up by Sky Atlantic and shown in October 2014.
    Thank you if you look into and have a great week!

  2. Please Marjorie, can you have a look at Roger Federer’s chart.It’s very sad that the former world number 1 (and now number 3) has been injured,operated on for his miniscus,has an injured back,and recently has had to pull out of several big tournaments.He’s the most loved and brilliant of all the players and during his career has never been injured until recently. Do you see if he can make a comeback to being number 1 again this year.His next big one will be Wimbledon where he’s happy and has won several times. Will his injuries be out of the way and his aspects positive? Tennis for many millions of his fans will never be the same without him.

  3. Hey Marjorie
    Jordan Spieth destroyed himself at the Masters open! He was up by over 4 points and crashed into Willet the new Masters holder. One minute he’s up the next minute he’s down. He plays golf well but can’t seem to find the glory he craves, he only has himself to blame. With athletes like him no wonder no one like to watch golf anymore. His girlfriend Anne didn’t even show up on the day he lost the Masters, and then did not even show with him on the day he passed his jacket to somebody else. Can’t find love with Anne, can’t win the Masters and he gaining weight all the time. Is this the end of Jordan Spieth……hahaahhahahaaa

  4. Hey Marjorie
    Paul Ryan: A Nasty Piece of Work
    Has Paul Ryan Lost it, he keeps attacking trump for no good reason. Trump is a Republican doesn’t Paul Ryan want a republican president or is he jealous of trump? The new articles are so negative between these two men. Meetings after meetings yet still there is no hope for them. With republicans like Paul Ryan no wonder there is no Republican candidate in the Executive branch he fights them all away because he wants the presidency. Paul Ryan is a man who dated in college an ex criminal before marrying Janna Ryan, supported Ayn Rand a known atheist lunatic philosopher, and asked for 200 million dollars (U.S) federal supplement for his district while at the same time publically denouncing federal spending on any district. Is there nothing that can slow Paul Ryan down with this hypocrisy in government. Is there no sentence, or public speech he says that he does not use the word “I” or “me” in . Will his hypocrisy never end?

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