Egypt – another deadly blow

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The EgyptAir plane which crashed off the Egyptian coast today took off from Paris on 18 May 2016 11.09pm local time and is being pointed up as most likely a terrorist attack.

This gives a 10th house Libra Moon opposition a 4th hour Uranus squaring onto Pluto. There’s also a Jupiter opposition Neptune square Saturn in Sagittarius T Square. So Saturn and Pluto highlighted plus the Earth Grand Trine, focussed onto Neptune. It’s not that stark a chart except for Moon and Uranus both being = Mars/Saturn and Mars being semi-square Pluto – both of which suggest accident/brutality.

There are some numerical degree similarities to the Russia crash from Sharm El Sheik airport on 31 October 2015 5.51am – 3 Sagittarius, 25/26 Libra, 13 Earth, 17 Cardinal – but it’s a bit of a stretch.

What is more obvious are the accompanying aspects on the Egypt country chart, 14 March 1922 10.43pm, Cairo, as it faces yet another and perhaps terminal, blow to the tourist economy which is already badly damaged.

Tr Neptune is square the Egypt Mars in Sagittarius exact now which is panicky. Tr Saturn and tr Neptune have both been zig-zagging cross that Egypt Mars square Uranus in Pisces this year and that runs on into early 2017.  Plus a final hit of tr Pluto square the 10th house Moon in Sept/Oct.  The March Pisces Eclipse was conjunct the Egypt Sun. The tricky upcoming September Virgo Eclipse (New Moon opposition Neptune square a Mars Saturn conjunction in Sagittarius) will hit on the Egypt Uranus; and the September Lunar Eclipse in Pisces catches the Sun again.

And it won’t get better into 2017 with a bleak/deprived Arc Saturn opposition Pluto

President Al-Sisi’s term chart, 8 June 2014 11.18am was always going to throw up recurring, persistent and high-risk crises since it started on the Cardinal Grand Cross of Uranus opposition Moon Mars in Libra square Pluto opposition Jupiter. There’s a great deal of strain in this chart with a Yod of Sun sextile Uranus inconjunct Saturn in Scorpio; and Mars inconjunct Venus. And again there’s an Earth Grand Trine, focussing via a Kite onto Neptune – so nothing clear-cut and straightforward. This chart is even more stressed in coming months with tr Pluto square Moon, then square Uranus right through till the New Year and beyond. With even more instability in 2017 as the Pluto square Uranus comes exact by Solar Arc.

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