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  1. Hello Marjorie

    A couple of astrologers have declared that the Queen may meet her demise March 4th/5th. I’ve followed their charts and can see why it might be but it’s a brave move to be so open and sure about it. They hedge their bets and say, well if not then then definitely around the time of the solar eclipse in August. I would appreciate your thoughts on it please if you have time. Thank you

    • It is not considered professional or ethical for astrologers or psychics for that matter to predict death. And none of the studies indicate that astrology is a good predictor for death anyway. Just sensationalists , or driven by their own darker fears. Ignore.

    • Michelle Obama seems to have a naturally amiable personality. She even put her arms around the Queen, which could be met with quite a frosty reception at times, but the feeling of friendship seemed reciprocated.

  2. Hi Marj, I think you are Greaat! Read you all the time..
    Can you do a reading on Oprah, today it came out on Bloomberg that she may consider running after seeing the “orangeones” victory. She is probably kidding but let’s see her connection to the US.

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