Britain heading for the door – a sharp reality check

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Fears about a catastrophic hit to the UK economy from Brexit appear to be receding with employment at an all-time high and UK manufacturing, construction and trade data beating expectations; the homebuilding sector is trading back at pre-Brexit levels. Though the real effect will only be felt when negotiations start after this March and the deed is done in 2019.

On the UK chart there is a Solar Arc MC square the 8th house Mars (business finances amongst other things) which is exact in four to five months’ time. This follows on from the Solar Arc Sun square Mars which came exact at the referendum result in mid 2016. So there will be a considerable jolting shock then, or sometime in the run up.

This will coincide with the Bank of England chart, 27 July 1694, going into a spasm of panic with tr Saturn square the Mars in Virgo opposition Neptune in Pisces, exact this June and repeating in late Oct/early November 2017; and the Solar Arc Sun also square Mars opposition Neptune with the same effect, marginally earlier.

There will be a moment of great relief and exuberance in 2018 with tr Uranus square the UK 10th house Jupiter (June, Oct 2018 and April 2019). But the moment of truth will come in 2019 with tr Saturn conjunct the UK Sun and moving into the UK 4th house until 2021 which looks like a domestic depression with tensions and hardship, especially when tr Saturn is conjunct tr Pluto late 2019 and in 2020. Economically it will be roller coaster from 2019 onwards as both tr Uranus and Solar Arc Uranus move into the UK 8th. Tr Uranus stays there till 2027 which will be a time of ups and downs, not necessarily a disaster, just less certain and stable than before. Though the years 2021 to 2025 will be significantly unsettled and jangled as tr Uranus is conjunct first the 8th house Mars and then proceeds to hard aspect Venus, Neptune and Saturn – so forced changes, financial jolts and upsets.

Through 2017/18 and 2019 tr Pluto will oppose the UK 10th house Moon, followed by tr Saturn in opposition in 2019 – this may not be economic per se, more the emotional mood of the country will be intense, conflicted, grieving for a past that is gone. There will be a huge outpouring of feelings, some bitter – that may involve the Royal Family or the country’s leadership.

The Bank of England chart looks to be in some turmoil in 2018 with tr Uranus square Pluto into early 2019; nerve-stretched in 2019 with tr Neptune square Uranus. And has a curious mix of great relief with tr Uranus square Sun Jupiter in 2019/2020 and horrible devastation in 2020 with Solar Arc Pluto square Mars and Neptune. And tr Pluto trine Mars, sextile Neptune in 2020/2021 which looks very tough going and panicked. So it’ll be a rough ride out the exit door.

The stock markets are riding high at the moment, not that they are always an indication of the underlying economy. But for what it’s worth the FTSE 250 (12 Oct 1992) which is a better domestic index than the more international FTSE 100, does look exceptionally stressed in 2019. It won’t be as bad as 2008 and the aftermath but still a fairly teeth-gritting, belt-tightening, stay-calm-and-carry-on phase of a few years. For all that Britain is a highly resourceful country which has always managed to come up trumps one way or another eventually.

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  1. “Through 2017/18 and 2019 tr Pluto will oppose the UK 10th house Moon, followed by tr Saturn in opposition in 2019 – this may not be economic per se, more the emotional mood of the country will be intense, conflicted, grieving for a past that is gone. There will be a huge outpouring of feelings, some bitter – that may involve the Royal Family or the country’s leadership.”

    I think I first noticed this transit looking at Prince William’s and Dutchess Catherine’s charts and their Wedding Chart, back in 2011. I immediately thought this was about Succession to Throne. Although The Queen may well live up to 100 and over, as her mother, she’s already been forced to gradually reduce her duties. This could lead to an abdiction, or more likely, given the fact The Queen never forgave his uncle for forcing her father to take a role he struggled with due to his shyness, some sort of a passing to a regnant situation. Prince of Wales has, despite his Leo Rising, a very “private” chart, and I’ve never felt he wants to become a King. So, he might want to pass the succession in favor of his son. Who would, I think be more comfortable being a King, if it wasn’t for his small children.

    Also, Price of Wales’ popularity has never fully recovered from his divorce, while the people love Will and Kate. So, it could also be a public debate on succession, or even the future of monarchy after The Queen is gone. I still think England at least will remain a monarchy, and even Prince George will eventually reign with Pluto in Pisces.

  2. So we’re in for a turbulent time whatever happens? Whether we Brexit or if, by some miracle, we turned back from the cliff edge? We’ll not be happy either way?

    • Even if we do not Brexit, we have really burnt our bridges with the EU. We would not, in the medium term (10-20 years) atleast , be regarded as faithful partners in the European project. We will not be trusted, in spite of still being nominally in the EU.

      Also, whichever way we go (to Brexit or not to Brexit, that is the question), at least 40% of the population is going to be deeply unhappy. That does not bode well for any state or country.

      Marjorie, there is a common thread of countries (US, US and likely France) being deeply divided almost exactly down the middle (very close to 50%-50%). Is there an astrological explanation for such a deep and very even division?

      • One way of looking at what is happening with the rise of populist political movements and voter support is that it is all part and parcel of tr Pluto moving through Capricorn (2008 to 2024) which is tearing down old attitudes to government. The old tired political elites are under attack in various countries. When it comes to dismantling the status quo there are always people who out of fear or vested interest want to hang onto the past, while the disenfranchised and those with a problem with authority figures push ahead for change. But the problem being in any deconstruction reconstruction transitional phase there is great risk of anarchic chaos – it becomes worse than it was before, especially when the newly elected populist encumbents lack experience and competence. Then the danger is it all reverts back to where it was.

        • I see what you mean about Pluto in Capricorn being transformative of attitudes towards government, and I would say, society in general.
          The last time Pluto was in Capricorn, we had the American and French revolutions. The time before that, it gave us the Protestant Reformation and Columbus’s discovery of America, quite literally a New World.
          Sounds like we are in for a rough ride, Brexit or no Brexit.

    • The conundrum of astrology.
      Is the coming turbulence a constant? Yes. So it would happen without Brexit? Maybe Brexit or similar comes as part of the package. I’m not saying you can’t buck fate, or at least turn it to your advantage, but events have a way of ‘coinciding’ with the influences. I don’t think you can separate the chicken from the egg.

  3. Is there a chance that Theresa May will trigger Article 50 in March and then opt for a snap general election in April-May, so that she can claim a strong mandate?

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