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  1. Hi Marjorie,

    With the future of the nations of the British Isles in a state of flux, I would be interested if you could return to any of your older points or guesses at the start dates for England, Scotland, Ireland /NI and Wales. I seem to remember that you used the 973 date for England and 842 for Scotland? Would be interested to see if any of these charts are being triggered. Thanks

  2. Michael, You asked about June 2020 and April 2024 Eclipses. Any reason why? They aren’t that stark. The 2020 has a new Moon at 0 degrees Cancer square Mars; and is in a tricky blocked Saros series.
    The 2024 April Eclipse has an unaspected 19 degree Aries New Moon; and is in an inspirational, inventive Saros series.

    The Dec 2020 (next US president) Eclipse carries strong emotional feelings of frustration and situations beyond control. It’s at 23 Sagittarius opposition the USA Mars in Gemini, so it will be an angry mood. The triple conjunction of Saturn Pluto Jupiter in Capricorn is fairly close at that point though not aspecting the New Moon.

  3. Not sure Hitler and Trump have much in common. Hitler took up politics in 1919 and pursued his warped ideology until getting into power in the early 1930s. His chart is ultra-determined, cruel and ruthless. Trump is a flake in comparison, more of a jumped up Del Boy – not sure what the US equivalent is – a street hawker/wheeler dealer. Politics was an incidental fluke which he never expected to come up with a result. He’s a chancer.

  4. Hi Marjorie,

    I’ve been wondering about the Regulus Star I heard was prominent in Trump’s chart, that it crowns one King (of whatever) but all glory is stripped when the person acts on Revenge (with an upper case R) and the result is a complete fall from all graces. Lately, I’m reading that Trump’s only reason for even entering the race for POTUS was for revenge (because he felt slighted during a White House Correspondent’s Dinner by Obama himself a number of years ago) and this led to the whole potty-on-the-bed scene in Russia (a bed that apparently Mr/Mrs Obama slept in during a diplomatic visit) with the Russian prostitutes (which has now been corroborated apparently). But back to the Regulus Star … is this an astrological fact or truth or ???

    Thank you so much for your readings and for making them public for everyone to learn from. So very appreciated.

  5. Dear Marjorie,

    Trump’s success in the US has drawn many parallels with that of Hitler in Germany in 1932 and I was wondering if there was any specific astrological event at that time.

    Some very quick googling highlighted that Uranus has exactly the same return (84 years) as these two events. 84 years before Hitler’s rise in 1932 were the revolutions that swept Europe in 1848.

    It is entirely possible that some other aspect of other planets also repeats itself every 84 years. But that has eluded me. Can I request you to comment on the significance of Uranus, if any, on the rise of Hitler, Brexit and Trump and of the 1848 revolutions.

    • I forgot to mention that the 1848 revolutions and Hitler’s Germany were relatively very short-lived (in terms of years, not months). Would Trump’s revolution and Brexit be equally short-lived?

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