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  1. Marjorie, Elizabeth Warren was silenced in the Senate last night during the hearings for Jeff Sessions appointment as Attorney General. This has stirred support for her and an outcry from women who are tired of being silenced. Could you please look at Senator Warrens’ chart with that of the United States?
    This site is a treasure chest of fascinating information!
    Thank you!

  2. Dear Marjorie, Is Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif Goverment will Survive in 2017 ? Oth PM 5th june 2013 time 17.33 (pakistan standerd time) Now a days Lunar appulse 11 feb on tenth house and Solar annular on 5th house oth horoscope. PM Nawaz Sharif Panama Corruption case hearing supreme court of pakistan. I think PM Nawaz Sharif Effect 5th house (childern ) and 10th house Ruling Power will be lose. What is your anylisis ?

  3. Tia, In answer to your post on Flint, Michigan (Jan 18 2016) – I mentioned the population being two thirds black as a way of emphasising that less would probably be done to rectify the situation as with Katrina. If it had happened in Manhattan, they’d have sorted it out overnight.

  4. Marjorie, Amnesty International blasted Australia re their ‘concentration camp’ at Nauru, ‘Few other countries go to such lengths to deliberately inflict suffering on people seeking safety and freedom’. Would this cruelty show up in Australia’s chart or would you use a government chart?

    • Only for so long. With enough bullets, one will eventually get through.

      Trump’s handwriting analysis was offered by a CNN article –

      …the signature has a “barbed wire fence quality,” adding “there is nothing friendly or open about this signature. The extreme height of the capitals, along with the extreme angular letter design displays one who is impressed by his own power.”

      …graded Trump’s signature overall a C with strong points for “neatness.” He did criticize the current President for letter formation, saying that in Trump’s signature “the alphabet is disregarded in favor of a seismograph.”

      • The CNN article sounds like a hoot! Gotta Google it. His signature does look like a seismograph, dark and unrelenting spikes of doom! America got hit by a 9.6 on January 20, and will have thousands of aftershocks for at least 4 years.

  5. Marjorie, As a horrified and apprehensive liberal in America, I’m very curious about what the charts show for two prominent Republicans (John McCain and Lindsey Graham) who have been sharply critical of Trump look like and their interaction with Trump’s? They are foreign policy and defense-centric and today McCain had to go call the Aussie PM to apologize for Trump being Trump. I thought that was Pence’s job but apparently McCain didn’t think that they were doing enough to make nice so, hence the phone call!

  6. Thank you Marjorie for your wise words, I’m in my late 50’s now(58) and remember the 60’s , and the Falklands especially John Knotts anguished face delivering the daily updates of soldiers death….
    Yes we do live through it and come out I hope wiser at the other end.

  7. Oh and Steve I doubt anybody who follows Marjorie comes back through fear. We come to hone our skills and build on our knowledge of this highly complex subject which takes many years to learn. Most of us are astrologers not addicts.

  8. Thanks for all your work, Marjorie! Let’s hope we learn something with each spin of the fickle wheel of fortune (love your headings!) It’s always just a little bit different but there is the worry about the break up of Europe which reminds one of when The Ottoman Empire began to fall apart and the Balkans became the seat of unrest leading to WW1. There is a surge towards separatism again.

  9. I am a writer who fondly remembers first seeing my horoscope as a kid, but fell away from reading them as I learned just how unlikely—even impossible—it is to think that distant stars and planets exert some influence on our behavior. In more recent years, I started following several astrology blogs to try and better understand the ongoing appeal of astrology in this age. Post-election, I’ve read that many Americans are turning to psychologists, psychics and astrologers to deal with the new, daily tension we’re living under, and consequently, I’ve stepped up my own reading to see precisely what astrologers are predicting and determine what sort of value readers might be deriving. I am just a month or so in to reading astrology blogs with some political bent and I am noticing a particular pattern.
    Predictions are only sort of made and, if anything, the posts here and elsewhere actually seem to ratchet up tension with very little if any content suggesting there will be any kind of end to the current feelings of turmoil. I read, across blogs, about continuing and increasing stress in 2018, ’19 and ’20 with no meaningful sense given of when or how this might resolve. I am coming to the grim conclusion that this might (or even must) be intentional on the part of astrologers, who can use this kind of literary device to keep readers, already taut with suspense, in a perpetual cycle of fear that keeps them coming back and back and back again. No solutions are offered. No real hope. The writing of “possibilities” and “potentials” leaves massive amounts of wiggle room—really, running room—for any astrologer to claim their prediction was true or true enough, at least. I have no particular question now, though I’d be curious if you have any response, and I will continue to read and mull over some sort of article on the subject.

    • Steve, Point one is that no one in their right minds believe the planets exert a ‘pull’ on events on earth. The explanation has to be more complex than that.
      ‘An end to the current feelings of turmoil’? You want stars radiating sunshine? It used to drive me scatty when magazine editors would say for the year ahead horoscopes – ‘make them upbeat’. You want good news or what they actually say?
      We’ve been through a protracted period of turmoil with the Uranus Pluto square, 2011 to 2016, as was the case for five years in the mid 1960s – remember that? Mao’s Red Revolution, anti-war and civil rights demos, Paris students revolting – it just kept rolling. In this recent instance the Uranus Pluto is followed by the Saturn Pluto conjunction which historically isn’t much fun – 9/11, WW1 & WW11, Falklands War, the Great Depression; persecution of the Jews and other minorities. It may not be as devastating this time round as the great wars but it won’t be dancing in the park, until Jupiter catches up in 2020.
      Are astrologers catastropherians? Possibly by temperament, certainly not from any inclination to tempt readers to return. I’d imagine most of the astro-political blogs make zero money so it’s hardly a commercial enterprise.
      Possibilities and potentials? What I really dislike about people who are sceptical is that they simultaneously sneer at astrology for being nonsense and somehow expect it to be absolutely certain at the same time. What astrology taps into is precisely that underlayer of possibilities and potentials that physicist David Bohm talked about – the implicate which unfolds into the explicate. The information that astrology gives is not ‘literal’ like a clairvoyant’s vision. It’s symbolic and is therefore open to interpretation; and the underlying energy will have a variety of ways of living itself out as it channels its way out via individuals of different temperaments and countries.
      I do think astrology has its limits when it comes to predicting elections, Derby winners and such like, but on historical trends it really is pretty spot on. And if there’s one thing astrology teaches us it is that ‘this too will pass’. We’ve all lived through trying times and will survive to sing another day.
      That’s my rant for the day.

  10. Marjorie: Pulitzer Prize winning investigative journalist Carl Bernstein (of Watergate fame) recently did a CNN interview in which he urged the media to “follow the money” re Trump. He strongly suggested that Donnie has “unsavory” financial ties with foreign countries, particularly Russia, and that his tax returns would reveal all. Shortly after the inauguration, Kellyanne Conway stated that Trump would never release his tax returns. After a fierce backlash, she walked it back and said he’d release his returns when the ongoing audit was completed. How long is this audit going to take? Ten years? Twenty years? He’s stonewalling, of course. Trump knows damn well that there are no IRS/ legal restraints preventing him from releasing his returns mid-audit. If indeed there is an ongoing audit. Those tax returns are surely a goldmine of info re Trump’s shady wheeling and dealing. My questions:
    Does it look like those returns might see the light of in the next four years? Any financial bombshells on the horizon? What are the chances of his returns being leaked? Could his dark financial history be his undoing? For that matter, how about his current financial dealings? Bernstein maintains that Trump is still profiting from his far-flung business interests, despite his lies to the contrary.

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