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  1. isabelle Huppert won the Golden Globe Sunday for Best Actress in a Dramatic Role. Will she also win the Best Actress Oscar on February 26?

  2. What is the effect when two charts have the same angles?I ask because the NM chart of January 27th set for Washington,DC shares Donald Trump’s ASC/MC.

  3. The free floating, chaotic, ecstatic, hysterical nature of Neptune in a chart was likened By Liz Greene to Euripides story of The Bacchae. Dionysus and his followers were not welcome in King Penteus Saturnine kingdom of law and order and tight restrictions. Cant help feeling all the recent political correctness has become so dogmatic that free speech and differing, maybe unwelcome, opinions have not been allowed expression. Has this prompted the uprising of madness and hysteria which now seems to abound in those who are prone to it? Apparently hospitals are overflowing here in the UK with mentally ill people. I always tend to associate madness with Pisces and Neptune. I am myself a Sun Pisces and have a Uranus/Saturn Neptune Mars Grand trine. My father spent 5 years in a mental asylum and I studied psychotherapy from my teens, wrote poetry and studied astrology. Maybe this helped me from following this path too?

    • Loretta, I don’t suppose Neptune in Pisces (2011 till 2026) helps and 2016’s Saturn square Neptune certainly didn’t. But I’m not sure it explains the rampant fanaticism we’ve seen – Scottish referendum in 2014, Brexit, Trump etc. Or the widespread mental illness around. Maybe it’s just being recognised so is more visible. Certainly periods of uncertainty which the Uranus square Pluto four/five years have brought won’t have helped. The transiting North Node was in Virgo in 2016 as it was over Princess Diana’s death when the UK went mad. So maybe a slide back into the south node’s line of least resistance in dissolving Pisces was also a part of last year.
      The mentally fragile signs – generalising wildly – aren’t just Pisces, also Libra which tends to wobble. Plus an overweighting of Mutable planets which a good many bi-polar sufferers seem to have. But there’s never just one factor astrologically.

      • Thanks Marjorie, you are right, various factors in a chart show mental instability. And indeed the air signs generally can be fragile. My father was a Sun Gemini, Moon Pisces. And I have found Sagittarius to be amongst the most depressed and suicidal when things go wrong. Where normally they tend to be more optimistic or even a tad manic. EAch sign seems to have its own peculiar form of madness! I never considered the overweighting of Mutable planets as a factor. Thanks for that insight.

    • Fox News launched on 7 October 1996, no start time but probably evening sometime. It has a relationship-oriented Libra Sun but also the North Node in Libra, suggesting that co-equal partnerships are a challenge. There’s an angry Moon Mars in Leo; and a tough-minded Pluto trine Saturn in hard-edged Aries, sextile Jupiter in Capricorn. Quite a masculine chart; with a seductive Venus square Pluto. It’s not inherently anti-women apart from the Moon Mars. Just fairly standard for the industry, I’d imagine, though it’ll be changing nowadays.

  4. The latest shooter, Estaban Santiago, was born March 16, 1990 in New Jersey, although he grew up in Puerto Rico. He came from Alaska to Florida to do what he did. As a veteran, he apparently had been having terrible hallucinations for awhile. What happened in his chart?

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