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  1. Reuters today: “Netanyahu seeks to rally Israelis against Obama

    JERUSALEM – After a stinging defeat on the international stage, Benjamin Netanyahu is maneuvering to mine deep-seated feelings among many Israelis that their country’s policies toward the Palestinians are disproportionately criticized.”

    I re-read your review of Trump/Netanyahu from November – two jokers with their fingers on the button. This isn’t going to be pretty.

    “Disproportionately criticized”? What would be accepted as “proportionately criticized”?

    • Larry, It’s always reassuring to read Haaretz, the Tel Aviv Israeli liberal newspaper. Gives you a better idea of the breadth of opinion in Israel which is not remotely all pro-Netanyahu. Their headlines over the past few days.
      ‘Santa Obama delivered a wonderful Christmas present to Israel when the United States opted not to veto Friday’s United Nation Security Council vote condemning settlement policy.’
      ‘Obama’s UN Vote on Israeli Settlements: Where Have You Been for 8 Years, Mr. President?’
      ‘Security Council Punch Knocks Netanyahu Down. From Hubris to Humiliation. The prime minister recruited Trump against Obama but the gambit blew up in his face, just as it did in the Iran deal.’

  2. Hi marjorie, now George Michael has sadly left us too. What on earth is going on astrologically for so many well known celebrities to die this year? It’s all so very peculiar, that combined with the wacky way politics are going too.

  3. Happy Christmas season Marjorie

    we all love your work and thank you for your time and dedication.

    Wow! Just read that George Michael has bowed out at 53. What a shock!

  4. Majorie, I check your site several times a day! Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into this excellent work. It is informative and illuminating.

  5. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth is down with a nasty cold. I was searching a bit here for mentions of inclement health but didn’t find what I was looking for. No doubt modern medicine (and alka seltzer plus) will help curb the worst of the cold for her and her husband Prince Philip? Thanks.

    • Nothing much showing on her chart. Maybe she just didn’t want to sneeze and cough through the service. She is after all 90 with amazing stamina.

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