Julian Assange – the enemy of my enemy

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Julian Assange has been talking about the US election, slamming Hillary Clinton for being establishment, initiating the Libya intervention and imprisoning Chelsea/Bradley Manning. And trailing the hint that payback might have been one reason for the leaking of emails about her. He said Trump was not a DC insider so might offer the possibility of positive change. And said there was no need for wikileaks about Russia since it already had ‘vibrant publications’ and open debate.

[Dozens of journalists have been killed in Russia in the past two decades, and Freedom House considers the Russian press to be “not free” and notes: “The main national news agenda is firmly controlled by the Kremlin.” URL: goo.gl/gW6Q29.]

Wikileaks released emails about Clinton and her campaign in the weeks before the election, which it is thought may have come from Russia. Assange is still in the Ecuador Embassy in London resisting extradition to Sweden where he is being investigated on rape allegations which he denies.

Hillary’s chart certainly clashes badly with Assange’s (3 July 1971 3pm Townsville, AU), since her formidable, controlling Saturn Pluto Mars in Leo are conjunct his midheaven and his Mars is opposition her Saturn – so he’d feel she was suppressing and dominating him, triggering his anger (and maybe his woman issues?).  Their relationship chart has a power-struggling composite Sun Pluto Venus sextile Saturn and Neptune – so hostility and suspicion; with an explosive Mars square Uranus.

Donald Trump on the other hand has his Sun in a friendly conjunction to Assange’s Venus in Gemini with Trump’s Moon in opposition; with Trump’s Mars in Assange’s 10th – furthering his ambitions? That relationship chart has a wide friendly composite Sun Venus trine a ‘false optimism’ Jupiter Neptune; and a business-like Sun Saturn.

Assange’s relationship with Putin is hardly harmonious with Putin’s domineering Pluto in Assange’s 10th and Putin’s Mars square Assange’s Pluto. If Assange ever moved to Russia he’d find it was a whole different ball game to the one he imagines at the moment. But that relationship chart has an intensely emotional Venus Mercury Pluto as well as a pioneering Sun Uranus in an opportunistic opposition to Jupiter.

Just shows how insane the world has got if erstwhile darlings of the liberal tendency support Trump and Putin. The mistake Assange and others of his ilk make is assuming simple-mindedly that ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’. Assange hates Hillary so anyone else who dislikes her must be an ally. Strange bedfellows indeed.

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  1. Marjorie, the last paragraph of your post sums up the twisted menage-a-Trump to a T. With a little adjustment, it also fits the Deplorable’s sudden admiration of the TrumpPutin bromance.

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