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  1. Marjorie: Can you provide an astro profile of Kellyanne Conway, the obnoxious nightmare of a woman who has virtually been running the Trump show. Also, what is the synastry vis-a-vis her and DT?

  2. Marjorie: Looks like Ivanka could be Trump’s de facto First Lady. She’s very involved in the transition process, plus she and her husband are moving to D.C. Word has it she’ll have her own office at the WH. Melania seems to have disappeared. What are the chances of her never joining Prez Don-the-Con in the White House, even after son Barron finishes school in NYC? She’s a Taurus after all–loathes change. She might have no intention of ever budging from her gilded perch at Trump Tower. Perhaps a look at her fourth house would be telling…. Your thoughts? (I keep getting images of Trump turning the White House into a gigantic casino.)

  3. What about Putin? He’s got his candidate into the White House, he’s winning in Syria and in parts of Europe. Is this going to continue?

  4. Don’t you think that a economic slowdown is pretty much assured by the end of next year?Saturn will enter Capricorn on December 19 2017.It should affect the USA even earlier by opposing its MC and then entering the 4th house.Pluto did this in 2008.

    • Something weird has happened to the website backend, so will post here first.

      Saturn moves into Capricorn from December 2017 staying till December 2020. Traditionally this was associated with hardship and deprivation and it does affect the USA chart with its Venus Jupiter Sun in Cancer; and the UK, EU, Australia etc with Capricorn Suns.
      In fact two of the major financial crashes – Wall Street 1929 and the October 1987 – occurred before Saturn got there and was in late Sagittarius (i.e similar to what’s around this coming year in 2017). The Great Depression kicked in from 1930 when tr Saturn in Capricorn was in opposition to Pluto and square Uranus. Both Saturn Pluto and Saturn Uranus have negative connotations for economic prosperity. The 1987 crash happened with a Saturn Uranus conjunction in late Sagittarius.
      The last time Saturn was in Capricorn was January 1959 to the end of 1961. There had been a recession in 1958; and another one picking up in April 1960 lasting till February 1961. Then Saturn started in Capricorn on a quincunx to Uranus.
      This next Saturn in Capricorn is in orb aspect to Pluto in 2019 but not exact until early 2020. Though the exact aspects are not necessarily involved in major shifts, and the effect of Saturn in Capricorn will have been there since late 2017.
      Saturn will oppose the USA Venus Jupiter through 2018 and then oppose the Sun in 2019. In the UK/EU with 10 degree Capricorn Suns the exact Saturn conjunction will come late 2018 into 2019.
      By early 2020 Jupiter has moved into Capricorn which will help.
      The sum total is that a recession is almost inevitable, perhaps kicking in through this year though there are no hard Saturn aspects to Uranus, only a soft trine. It’ll be tough going through 2018/19 with glimmerings of light by 2020.

      The last time Saturn was conjunct Pluto in Capricorn was in 1284 when Wales was incorporated into England; and the Pied Piper led children away in Hamelin (chuckle, lovely analogy). Venice coined the gold ducat, the standard of European coinage for the following six hundred years.

    • Sheer relief. Too big a job to turn down but didn’t really want to be Trump 2 I/C? And maybe meant giving up something else which was a better prospect. We wait to see.

  5. Hi Marjorie
    I am confused! Are you indicating That Princess Charlene & Prince Ablert will not have anymore children? I do not have an understand everything about your post? Please explain. My apologys English is not my 1st language!

    • It’s never that clear oddly enough from charts. But it’s not a good or happy marriage so I would imagine having produced an heir and spare that might be it.

  6. Hi Marjorie, hope you are well this Sunday!
    I saw before where you answered as usual very informatively re significant Stelliums/Conjunctions in Capricorn/Aquarius
    coming up in a few years (I think/believe in 2020 and 2021) and not asking you to repeat/look into what you wrote before.
    What would they signify/mean in each House though?
    All the best and thank you if you have time to answer briefly!

    • How will the approaching Saturn Pluto Jupiter conjunction in Capricorn affect personal charts?
      Saturn is conjunct Pluto in 2019 which is usually stuck, tough-going, deprived, quite a slog and requires determination. You can make changes under it, in the life area ruled by the house it falls in, but usually only after a massive amount of effort. See for house meanings:

      Then by 2020 Jupiter catches up, which will produce a ray of sunshine, solutions to intractable problems, and bring confidence as well as luck. But it will mean making radical changes in the area which is getting the focus of this powerful energy. Saturn Pluto can be repressive but it can also clear a good deal of old baggage out of the way. It does mean facing hard reality on those area, learning lessons and then moving on. The previous Saturn Pluto was in Libra in 1982 which might give you an idea of its effect.

      There’s a brief Jupiter Saturn conjunction in Aquarius in early 2021 which will tend to be idealistic, an attempt to move away from the heavily materialistic Capricornian energies that went before.

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