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  1. As a figure skating fan I was wondering what you see for the top two American ladies Gracie Gold and Ashley Wagner.Both have had a disappointing grand prix season failing to make the final and posting career lows.

  2. Hello Marjorie

    Do you think that the election of a lib dem in Richmond and the non populist candidate in Austria is Jupiter in Libra working to restore some balance? Learning mundane astrology so very interested in your analysis of where we are headed. Thank you.

  3. Thank you as always, Marjorie for your thoughts on Narcissism etc. You express it so lucidly and well, saying all I and others think but cannot express so well. How true about the pendulum effect, the play of opposites that create our little world. Without them though, nothing would exist,nothing move, all would be rigid and stagnant. being a Jupiterean optimist, I feel sure there is meaning and purpose to it all even if we cant comprehend what, why ……

  4. From Brin:
    Hi Marjorie, I wanted to put this under Questions/Comments in the News section, but for some reason, the heading showed but not the box to write in (Mac older system).

    I went through and looked at what you’ve shared in November, but was wondering more specifically about Ivanka Trump after seeing this article:

    Also, Terry Gross at Fresh Air, a radio show at NPR in the US, did this interesting article today which you can listen to here or transcript link follows. http://www.npr.org/2016/12/01/503987367/journalist-on-trumps-potential-conflicts-of-interest-theyre-everywhere

    Transcript here: http://www.npr.org/templates/transcript/transcript.php?storyId=503987367

    One speaks of how unflappable Ivanka is, which sounds like the polar opposite of her father, perhaps a way she balances or learned to deal with him. What do you see in her chart?

    Business or White House or both??

    Wondering what her role/influence might be.

    She has been a part of the Trump brand image, it sounds like – and her job described in the Terry Gross piece, is to locate new country locations for their branded properties, which is why sitting in on her father’s meetings with heads of state is a problem, among other conflicts (promoting her jewelry). Meanwhile this about climate czar? or her concerns for the environment or interest in bridging between her father and all the people profoundly upset by what he represents.

    Wondering what you might see in her chart. Thanks for all the interesting analysis during these strange and often upsetting times, as we seek to find a way through all this.

    Also, for your own interest, I came on this astrological analysis comparing this time to the 30’s and thought you might enjoy seeing it:
    Two articles
    and then this just done in Nov 2016 which builds on the earlier:

    From your own astrological perspective, what do you think about this comparison? (if you do read these and would like to comment however strikes you). I see it the resonance between the two times in so many other ways – historical kinds of parallels, in the economics and the extremes we are seeing. It also feels like a kind of pre-French revolutionary period, where something new wants to be born (which is more caring of the well being of all) and the old guard is fighting to keep what they have, except it is disintegrating on its own.

    Thanks so much. Reading about the astrology of events lets me process what is happening on an intuitive level as well, opening to patterns on many levels of understanding. Challenging times

    • I’ll be interested in Ivanka’s astrology read too. I actually do quite like her. Think she has married her father though from some of the astro interpretations Marjorie has written about the husband (would like to see if that holds long-term). If I recall, I think she mentioned there was a lot of underlying tension between her and her father.

      Also, Marjorie, could you add in the relationship between her mother too, please, as well as her relationship with her own children? I would like to see Ivanka do well away from that Trump brand image (although she has done extremely well anyway, but hasn’t the Trump brand, business-wise – including her own, taken a financial battering since he entered the Presidential campaign?). It’s a shame many people have attacked her because of who her father is and her standing by him. You can’t change family. Not really. She’s shown nothing but grace and integrity whilst being under public attack but, she must be spitting feathers behind closed doors. Shows she’s nothing like her pop at all – but then, she could just be the product child of keeping her feelings locked down and contained when a loud, self-absorbed parent fills up the environment with their own demanding needs. There’s no way if he loses his rapport with people in public that he’s NOT like that behind closed doors. It was one of the reasons she worked on The Apprentice with him, because she was so good at smoothing out his belligerent edges.

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