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  1. Hi Marjorie,

    What’s Italy’s prognosis for the coming years? People have spoken at length about Greece and the UK vs EU and little about this country mired under eight feet of their own crap. Will they survive their banking/political crisis?

  2. Hey Majoree! I’ve heard from many political science analysts and astrologist that Donald trump may either get impeached or resign during his first term. Could you do a reading on Mike Pence and what his relationship would be like with the cabinet/ world leaders?

  3. So far Marjorie when looking at the comparison charts of Donald Trump and those who will or are being considered for posts in his administration NOBODY will get along with him. How odd as I believe there must be those who have positive comparisons with him. Hopefully we will see a chart that is’nt negative. Thank you.

    • Joss, What can I say? He’s a narcissist. I’ve known a few and the only way to survive in their orbit is to suppress your identity and ego-needs (which shows up in the astrology).

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