Donald Trump – upsetting some of his core supporters.







Donald Trump has started rowing back on some of his more extreme policies, causing alarm in the Alt-Right which he ‘disavowed’ in an interview with the New York Times. He also admitted to some human cause behind climate change and said he wouldn’t pursue Hillary Clinton through the courts.

Mindful of 2017’s tr Uranus square the USA 1776 Mercury opposition Pluto’s historical tendency to spark up far-right conspiracies I wondered about the white nationalists’ and other extremists’ reaction going forward, since they reckon they helped get him elected.

Richard Spencer, 11 May 1978, (the Nazi saluter), is a Sun Taurus opposition Uranus and square Saturn Mars in Leo, so rebellious, angry, hard-edged, demanding of attention; with a pushily confident (not scared to break rules) Jupiter square Pluto. He looks disappointed at his unpopularity in 2017 but also fairly gung ho, so in the mood for an initiative. It’s a chart with three oppositions so he’ll constantly look for and be unfulfilled by partnerships of all varieties. His relationship with Trump has a fight-for-control composite Sun square Pluto, with a suspicious Saturn square Neptune. What could have been (in his eyes) a power partnership will dissolve through 2017.

Alex Jones, radio host and conspiracy theorist, 11 Feb 1974, has a typical far-right winger’s chart with an Air Grand Trine of Sun Jupiter in Aquarius trine Uranus Moon in Libra trine Saturn; with Sun Jupiter in an aggressive and over-confident square to Mars in Taurus. His relationship with Trump has potential for serious aggravation with a composite Mars Saturn trine Neptune, sextile Pluto. In 2017 he is slightly cheered by some Trump policies and at odds with others as tr Uranus squares the composite Sun Venus. He’ll be enraged in 2018/19 with tr Pluto trine his Mars.

David Duke, former KKK, 1 July 1950, a Sun Uranus in Cancer trine Jupiter, square Mars Neptune in Libra. Again with an Air Grand Trine of Mars Neptune trine an Aquarius Moon trine Venus in Gemini. He looks disheartened in 2017 with tr Neptune opposition his Saturn in Virgo. And his relationship chart with Trump is sagging every which way and enfuriated with tr Pluto trine the composite Mars.

Jared Taylor, a White Nationalist academic, 15 Sep 1951, is a Sun Virgo with a fiercely argumentative Mars Pluto in Leo. He looks confused and uncertain with tr Pluto square his Neptune in 2017/18. His relationship with Trump also has the potential to turn vicious with a composite Pluto Mars Saturn conjunction which is being rattled over the next three years.

Kevin MacDonald, a white-ocentric retired Pysch Prog, anti-semitic, 24 Jan 1944, is yet another Air Grand Trine with a Sun Aquarius trine Neptune trine Uranus Mars in Gemini, formed into a Kite with Sun opposition Pluto. His relationship with Trump again has undertones of viciousness from a composite Mars Saturn square Sun Mercury Neptune and Venus; and is seriously rattled through 2017 with tr Pluto opposition the composite Mars.

And Trump is not exactly in tune with Stephen Bannon either (see previous post) with tr Neptune opposing the composite Sun Saturn. Bannon’s Breitbart news site is beginning to rumble with disapproval as Trump runs off script.

It’s brewing up to be quite a pileup in various directions – with Trump’s business interests causing conflict of interest concerns, especially given his overseas financial associations; Melania’s refusal to join him in the White House threatening to gum up Manhattan traffic; never mind the lawsuits and questions over electoral fraud. With Hillary now well ahead in the popular vote. Methinks he didn’t expect or indeed probably want to win, especially now that he sees how circumscribed his life is about to become.

12 thoughts on “Donald Trump – upsetting some of his core supporters.

  1. The President is elected on the basis of the electoral college votes received. If the additional votes for Hillary are in states that she already won and has the electoral votes for, it won’t change the outcome. California is an example, she already has these votes, so whatever additional votes come in for her from here would not change her electoral college vote total. A total of 270 electoral college votes are needed to win. Clinton received 232 and Trump 306, so a big gap.

  2. A re-count is being pushed in at least 2 states, is it going to happen? If Hillary turns out to be the real winner, it is going to be chaos. I’d say do it, we’re going that way with trump anyway.

  3. They may imply they are upset, but it could be all show, so everyone keeps calm. I mean DT has yet to be inaugurated. IMO of course. But I agree that Trump seemed surprised at his victory.

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