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  1. Hi Marjorie,
    There’s no location published yet for the scheduled Sept. 10th second debate between Biden and Trump, just the date and time.
    There’s so many unanswered questions now about Biden’s future, does Sept.10th tell us anything?

    Anything you could tell us would be greatly appreciated.
    You’re a gem and thank you for your astrological generosity,

    “What time does the debate start?”

    “The debate will be held on Sept. 10 at 9 p.m. EDT, but who will be on stage remains a question.”

  2. Hi Marjorie,

    I was wondering if you could take a look at Argentina. According to Ukrinform, Argentina has decided to send military aid to Ukraine. Also, Argentina has applied to join NATO. Argentina’s President Javier Milei is surprisingly very pro-Global North and he’s one of the very few leaders here in the Americas who wants to move away from Chinese and Russian influence. Argentina has even opted to purchase U.S. F-16s instead of Chinese weaponry.

    I must admit, this all comes as a huge surprise to me – I was expecting Javier Milei to be just as pro-Russia as other right-wing leaders in the world…but just the opposite is happening.

    I know you’ve already written a post about NATO…but I was curious if you could take a look at NATO’s relationship with Argentina. Astrologically speaking, does it appear Argentina will become the newest member of the alliance?

  3. Surprisingly, a football comment from me!
    Watching Spain’s Yamal score an astonishing goal yesterday, I heard it will be his birthday on 13th July, when he turns 17. Today, there are very charming photos of him online as a baby with the young Lionel Messi, taken for a competition in Spain at the time. Both players are Cancer Suns. And both have their Mars connecting with Uranus and Jupiter. Messi, for those who don’t know, is one of the world’s greatest footballers, and a very quiet, shy man.

    Messi, 24 June, 1987, has Mars 22 Cancer inconjunct Uranus 24 Sagittarius, square Jupiter 25 Aries, with the ‘lucky’ Jupiter trine Uranus.
    Yamal, 13 July, 2007 (!) has Mars 12 Taurus inconjunct Jupiter 10 Sagittarius, sextile Uranus, 18 Pisces. Mars then is sextile Uranus.

    It’s interesting to see these inconjuncts I think. Not noted as easy or flowing aspects, but can be positive when we can work with them.

    • FWIW I remember the summer of July 2007 as my friends got married a couple of weeks after Yamal was born. Venus went retrograde in early Virgo on their wedding day – they’re still together!

      It’s also when we saw the opening bars of the financial crash. The retro Venus took it back over Saturn in Leo; opposed Neptune in Aqua and trine the Pluto in Sag.

      In Yamal’s progressed chart Venus has probably just retro’ed while the Mars in Taurus is now closing in on a square Saturn in Leo.

      • Well, GD, we shall see how a Saturn/Mars square works out for him on Sunday. Meanwhile, Ollie Watkins is a multiple Capricorn, exactly on his Saturn Return in Pisces. Neptune is one of those Capricorn planets, maybe spreading its psychic vibrations through the earthy stellium, since he apparently ‘predicted’ his set up and goal last night. Delighted Southgate has got them there, despite some lacklustre outings. The PM will be in Germany for the Final – two Virgo/Librans, hopefully giving us all some hope……

  4. The NATO summit begins today, and NATO itself is 75 this year. There are two charts – 4 April, 1949 (NATO website) and 24 August 1949 (favoured by Nick Campion). April’s has a fighter’s Aries stellium, mutable Ascendant, MC and Moon/Uranus. August’s a Virgo stellium, Mars in sideways Cancer, but a fixed ascendant and MC. Both may be in line for the October Libran eclipse, both having Neptune 13 Libra (UK Nodes amongst other things).
    Marjorie, which chart do you think works best? Or could both be relevant? This seems to be a particularly vital gathering at such a fragile and febrile time. It’s Keir Starmer’s first major outing as our PM too.

  5. OOOPS looks like a Melenchon premiership…very odd…that sucking sound is everyone in Dordogne selling up! What’s next Marjorie with the extreme left in power ?? Very good for the City I must say…what timing!

  6. I never really got to it as much as I should, but some years ago I think Hamaker wrote in her magazine about the finances of the world and someone mentioned the Amsterdam Stock Exchange chart. That should be: 20 March 1602, unknown time, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

    Maybe that can tell us something.

    But what? The future of stock exchanges or something else as well about the world economy?

  7. I can’t help but feel upbeat not only with the UK election results but also with the new Iran President Dr Masoud Pezeshkian.
    According to the BBC ‘is critical of Iran’s notorious morality police and caused a stir after promising “unity and cohesion”, as well as an end to Iran’s “isolation” from the world.
    He has also called for “constructive negotiations” with Western powers over a renewal of the faltering 2015 nuclear deal in which Iran agreed to curb its nuclear programme in return for an easing of isolation from the world’.

    Fingers crossed

  8. Reformist Masoud Pezeshkian has been elected as Iran’s new president, beating his hardline conservative rival Saeed Jalili.

    The vote was declared in Dr Pezeshkian’s favour after he secured 53.3% of the more than 30 million votes counted. Mr Jalili polled at 44.3%.

    What changes, if any, can be expected?

  9. Iain Dale says that he thinks the next Conservative Party leader will probably be Kemi Badenoch and that Tom Tugendhat is another strong contender. If you ever decide to take a look, it would be nice.

    • Took a look at Badenoch last night. Capricorn with a Cancer Moon. I noticed she has NN, Jupiter, Mars, BML and Saturn all lined up in Virgo as well as a Grand Trine in Earth if you include her Chiron in Taurus, so there’s ovelap with Keir Starmer’s Virgoan planets. Currently transit Pluto is on her Mercury/South node midpoint and Starmer’s Uranus at 1 degree of Virgo is conjunct her NN.

  10. Interesting that nobody here has taken into account the tactical voting. People were aware that that the Conservative government, with its unelected leaders, Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak needed to be booted out, so many of them voted for the party that would deliver this in their constituency. I for one am glad that our incumbent Tory MP, and his accompanying baggage, lost his seat after many years due to the decline in the Liberal Democrat vote. Another take is that Labour and the Liberal Democrats (for the first time), and to a lesser extent the Greens, played the system efficiently whist the Conservatives with their totally inept campaign did not. Thankfully niether did Reform. Sorry no astrology here.

    • Totally agree! Take a look at the BBC website piece on Totnes in Devon. The anti Tory electorate ran a strategic campaign of tactical voting. Interesting it was run by voters not political parties. I suspect some collusion in my rural seat as well – we now have our first ever Labour MP whilst the Libdem vote collapsed. Until 2019 the Libdem were considered the only opposition to the Tories. Labour squeaked through in second place last time, the Tory MP won by over 20,000 votes. I think the rise of tactical voting sites has given people the information they need to vote effectively.

  11. Can you please take a look at the Supreme Court immunity decision (July 1)? Does the astrology show anything about the ramifications of the decision, its impact on US government and politics, polarization and the November election?

    Thanks so much!

    • good question. a rather broad question, tho. Perhaps refining it toward Drompf and his penchant for retribution. all that contained and compressed anger.

      • Good points, Larry. Yes! All the damage he’d do, thanks to this ruling. I also wonder if this ruling won’t blow up in the right-wing Supreme Court members’ faces.

        • Reading over Marjorie’s summary of SCOTUS leaves me feeling less bleak. The colonists had it tough, to be sure. Drompf has a finite lifetime, and to look last it, one can hope. Too much teeth grinding over Biden – well, why didn;t the Dems have a Plan B prepared? Dunno.

          I hv my own concerns the next several months, financial and employment. With Boeing the only game in-town, does not look bright and shiny. Jobs offering me what I earned in 1990 isn;t gonna cut it.

    • @ Nicole,

      I asked about this too. I am curious to know what the astrology suggests with regards to the recent SCOTUS ruling on immunity.

      It appears Liz Cheney was absolutely right: we are sleepwalking into a dictatorship and mant people don’t seem to mind

      • American here (US midwest) The upper middle class here seems to think they will be better off financially with Trump and the other “stuff” won’t affect them as they wouldn’t get on Donalds bad side. They believe it will be positive for them.
        The working class here seems divided between diehard Maga voters and fearful anti-Trumpers. No sense of how many of each group will go to the polls. Except magaites, most don’t like Trump Biden K Harris or any of the likely Trump VP possibilities (Vance?). Dems aren’t sure who a moderate should replace Joe should be. Lots of paralysis in the public responses

  12. They are calling it a ‘loveless landslide’.
    The vote share is less than Corbyn and Blair apparently. And intrestingly, Starmers personal vote was halved.
    Excellent that the SNP is wiped out but one losss that is especially painful is Joanna Cherry

  13. So much for the heralded Jupiter-Uranus conjunction. I had it in my fourth house. Was thinking (fantasizing) that I’d suddenly be informed of an unknown long-lost relative leaving me their $50 million Palm Beach mansion. The only thing that remotely suggested the conjunction: my oven blew up.

    • Listen to podcast from Sally Kirkman May edition, And after.
      Sunak clearly mentioned re.doing 1 thing and then it all backfires on the Jupiter Uranus in his chart.
      Calling that election clearly blew up for him. Sally completely convinced of Starmer win too.

    • Now, that is funny. Uranus rules explosions I guess, and Pluto makes things bigger. Dad was a pilot, and he had a prominent Uranus.

      • Could be. Lots of things blew up in Dad’s life – and I know Mars Uranus were involved. He himself lived but he was meticulous and careful. Always try to learn more about that. I have also heard that Jupiter is not always a good thing. It makes things bigger or more – but sometimes you don’t want that. Still trying to learn about all of it.

  14. Marjorie if you have time, would you mind doing a piece on Singapore Airlines, 28 Jan 1972? First plane took off in 1 Oct 1972, 6.15am, Singapore. SIA is a split off from the Malayan Airways, later renamed Malaysia Airlines. I think this is an interesting company, every time they boasted of certain achievement they “fall”. It just feels like an Icarus moment.
    May 15, 2024 – post record net profits
    May 21, 2024 – Boeing 777-312Er encountered severe turbulence.
    Those who loves beautiful aspects chart drawings, the 1972 chart has an almost perfect diamond shape.

    • In 1974 I accompanied my parents to the far East. Part of the trip involved flying from Jakarta to Singapore. We were supposed to be flying first class, only they did not have a first class section. And the only other thing I remembered was flying low over Vietnam. I have got to say that when you can actually see the people, you know the plane is flying too low.

  15. What a weird election result, a landslide in seats for Labour, but Sky News just said that looking at actual votes Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour got more actual votes in 2019 than Starmer’s Labour in 2024, which is mad.

    Also with so many senior conservatives voted out, who could be the new opposition leader? Cleverly, Braverman, Larry The Cat?

    Looking forward to the astro analysis, this one’s a doozy!

    • Larry the Cat would also make an excellent PM, or, if we could quickly adopt and naturalize him as an American, an exceptional replacement candidate for Joe Biden and an outstanding US president!

      • Absolutely! At least Larry wouldn’t say anything stupid, start wars, nor do any harm to anyone (except mice). Just put him in the oval office & have him sign/pawprint official papers. He’d also look so cute on the stamps & banknotes.

      • Larry has is own Wikipedia page and is quite old – 17 years? I think he may ask Starmer for a retirement package and a nice cat basket. Parting words – I’ve seen it all before mate!!

        • He’s recently turned 16. Looking a little plumper, these days. All those mice…he’s claiming another 5 years to his expected lifespan!

          • Larry has seniority. Jojo will have to work around him, as will the rest of Starmer’s family if they know whats good for them. Whatever Larry wants, Larry gets.

  16. I’m curious about the US election in light of the turbulent debate on June 27th though you’ve probably written plenty about it. If anything, I’m curious about the astrology of the debate itself and the fallout we’re seeing with Biden.

  17. Okay!! Starmer has held his seat with 50% less votes than he received in 2019…oops! Down from 36,000 in 2019 to 19,000 votes in 2024. Who will be he blame for that? Usually he attacks Jeremy Corbyn who has just won Islington North with resounding win and 5000 more votes than Starmer received. And this is after Labour HQ threw the kitchen sink at winning Islington North. JC has transiting Pluto in Aqua on his focal point yod Jupiter so it seemed like something was brewing from the astrology.

    • Wes Streeting (seen as a potential rival to Starmer) has won his seat by only 528 votes. He supports private companies having a greater role in the NHS – why not just invest and expand NHS capacity?! Labour’s euphoria may well be short lived.

  18. The countrys mood on the election?
    From the Guardian just now
    ‘Turnout on course to be one of lowest in postwar history, says John Curtice
    Prof Sir John Curtice, the psephologist who led the team that produced the exit poll, said early results are consistent with widespread expectations of a low turnout.”

  19. In one of the post here someone mentioned about Uranus/Jupiter transit and I remembered thinking to myself that plane travel will be bad but don’t know how but should avoid. The recent news of planes being hit with turbulence and injuring/killing people one after another got me thinking. Does anyone remembered what was said or the post that the post was on?

    • Marjorie is sure too. But yes what with Boeings constant safety issues, their vicious clampdown on whistleblowers [one ended up dead] and the increasing issues with turbulence their seems to be something in it. Although to be fair Jupiter has well left the conjunction now. But its also in its ‘fall’ in Gemini.

      • Search on Boeing.

        More turbulance cuz of climate change and unpredictable weather.

        Back in May, Marjorie asked myself and another about the history of problems at the Lazy B to try to bracket the occurences. I posted recently under the previous Questions and Comments.

        Of course, if B cleaned up its act, the truck dealerships would go bankrupt.

  20. I mentioned awhile ago that with all these planets in Cancer that the womens vote would be influential.
    Ironically on Mumsnet [ Cancer] there is a concerted move to spoil the ballot, particularly in safe Labour seats.
    My MP is a career politician whose evaisiveness is infuriating, so for the first time ever I did too and I met a teacher on the way in with the same plan and for the same reasons.

  21. Hi Marjorie
    I have question concerning 2 volcanoes. Mount Lassen in California last eruption was on May 1915. When is the next eruption? The 2nd volcano Mount Rainier in Washington state. The last eruption was 1894, sorry no month or day. When will Mount Rainier erupt again? Can astrology forecast when volcanoes erupt?

    • when I moved here in 1985, Mt Rainier eruption was deemed “imminent”.

      So far, nothing. More earthquakes than eruptions 😉

  22. New Prime Ministers in the UK, Netherlands and France this week or early next week.

    Which planetary alignment is triggering this change across three physically close nations?

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