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  1. Hi Marjorie,

    I am thoroughly enjoying your posts on planets through houses.

    Please can you do Venus-Pluto conjunction in various houses?


  2. For a little relief from the horrors of world politics and war, how about a look at the tribulations of golf?
    Not a huge fan; that said, sometimes watch the major tournaments to learn from the amazing feats — and defeats — arising out of the mental and emotional self-regulation required to succeed at the highest levels.
    Apart — or in addition to — the huge PGA / LIV rift, . . .
    First, Rory McIlroy divorcing his wife — seemingly suddenly, but the astrology could tell us more.
    More importantly, and tragically for the people involved in the predicate incident, the arrest of Scottie Scheffler.
    The blandest golf champion ever in an orange jumpsuit.
    The very aggressive Louisville policeman (okay, back to a little politics now) attaching himself to the side of Scheffler’s car as he drove into the tournament club, which Scheffler says he’d been advised was okay.
    Louisville police aggression already under scrutiny in the wake of the Breonna Taylor killing.
    Saw the ESPN video of an apparently amped-up policeman shouting at and threatening the ESPN reporter.
    “He’s going to jail and there ain’t nothing you can do about it. Stay back.”
    Said a silent prayer of thanks that I don’t live in Louisville.
    Of course, eerily, Tiger Woods’ demise also involved car / traffic / police encounters.
    On the other hand, the pundits say this is good for golf because it makes Scheffler more interesting.
    So I don’t know whether this is a Pluto in Aquarius question — the old golf and Louisville guard being challenged, or a Scottie Scheffler question — 27 years old, on the verge of his Saturn return, there could be an interesting post or two here.
    Notably, all this occurred on a day with Mercury was conjunct Pluto; Venus conjunct Uranus; and Jupiter combust, but about to be cazimi Sun.
    Thank you, Marjorie

    • I played golf for a few years and had a big interest in it while I did. From the books I read by caddies and aspiring pro’s – the average player is incredibly dull. No personality – they are just constantly thinking (or trying to avoid thinking) about their swing mechanics and course management.

      I know Marjorie did an article on LIV – probably late last year – so that’s in the Search engine.

      Rory MacIlroy, I took a quick look at the other day and transit Uranus is passing over his Taurus Venus – so classic split (and I’d assume will affect his finances in any settlement.

      Haven’t look at Scheffler other than his birth date, if I recall correctly is 21st June 1996 – so I’d imagine he has Sun at end of Gemini/start of Cancer being affected by transiting Neptune and as you say Pluto in Aqua. His birthyear 1996 was when Uranus moved into Aqua and Pluto into Sag that year, he may well have a yod going on to that Sun and Pluto will be affecting it. Plus Saturn had just transited into Aries in April 1996 so probably a natal square there too. But haven’t checked the ephemeris – just guessing.

      Tiger’s demise – he’s got a Sag mercury (cars/travel) which I seem to recall was being squared by transiting Neptune when he had the accident a few years back leading to ankle surgery. Again just going on memory rather than fact-checking.

      • In the 60s Bill Cosby did a funny take on watching golf on the TV. As this was to do with black and white TVs and how after the ball was hit and it went up into the sky… a white sky where you couldn’t possibly see the ball.. in Britain this would be the equivalent of watching snooker on a black and white telly and the presenter saying ‘and after he pots the red he’ll go for the blue.’ This is without a clue as to which one that was.

  3. “Tr Uranus will be opposition the France focal point Mars in Scorpio mid June to early July which will be disruptive if not high risk. The Progressed Mars somewhat alarmingly will be conjunct the SA Sun exactly and square the revolutionary, explosive Uranus opposition Pluto across the summer.” – Marjorie on Paris Olympics, April 2024

    Not sure what to make of it exactly, but the Sun in Taurus crossed 26 Taurus, plus Algol, this week. Is it offering an echo of the Uranus, Mars, Algol line up in July I wonder?

    I noticed that there have been two terrible events in Rouen in recent days – the violent escape of a criminal, aided by a number of armed men, that resulted in the deaths of two guards. And the fire set at a synogogue, the perpetrator shot by police at the scene. The charter for the city of Rouen is 1150. That year begins with Pluto 27 Taurus opposing Neptune, 26 Scorpio. Rouen is famous for many things, amongst them the awful death of saint and warrior, Joan of Arc, 30th May 1431. That date (JC) has Mercury 27 Taurus, Jupiter 28 Taurus, and the Nodes 20 Aquarius/Leo conjunct Revolutionary France’s 21 Aquarius Pluto and 21 Leo Uranus. She is a powerful archetype for France. It is the Jupiter return for that date this week too. Seems as if something is stirring?

  4. Marjorie – you often write about the Sun-Moon midpoint and its significance in people’s charts. For example, you mention it today in the Affleck-JLo post as their marriage significator Sun/Moon midpoint may be getting hit by transiting Neptune.

    As someone born on a new moon (less than 1 degree apart) I always feel a little astrologically shortchanged by the midpoint being in the same place. What are your thoughts on this and being born under a new moon?

    • I’m interested in this too. I often wonder if it denotes someone who saw their parents as being in harmony and agreement (Sun–Moon conjunction) as opposed to those born on a Full Moon (Sun–Moon opposition), whose parents either split or who saw their parents as opposing sides, as opposites, as always in battle, disagreement or something similar.

      Otherwise, you know very well, that the midpoint is a marriage signifier.

      • In Vedic astrology, children born on a full moon are considered to be lucky, as it is a sign of potential intelligence and wisdom. The birthdays of many major Indian sages are celebrated on a full moon. My brother and niece were both born on the full moon, and I am only out by a day or so.

        Our (my brother and my) parents are very different in style and temperament. There are times when I wondered how many angels/gods had to work to get them together. But they are still together and will celebrate their golden anniversary in a few years. So not all full moon children have parents who have split.

        • Yes, that is true about the Moon especially, but probably other placements too: it is how you view things as opposed how they in reality might be. Maybe e.g. your mother is of one temperament, but you having Moon in a sign can showcase how you view her and what is your impression of her.

      • I have never looked at midpoints before, so looked at mine and my Sun-Moon midpoint is bang-on (within a degree of) my Descendant. How does one interpret that?

        • Well, it’s a kind of a double whammy. Your partnerships already are sensitive to when a planet touches your descendant, but probably now even more so when the Sun/Moon midpoint sits so close it.

      • My parents were together for 60+ years – and their composite chart has a tight Kite formation and a second if you’re willing to give one of the trines an 11deg orb. So in that respect they were very together but as they were Taurus and Scorpio suns laden with fear, negativity there was arguing, blaming, finger pointing etc, etc. I guess indirectly that caused me to be self-sufficient

    • I have known New Moon types having effectively only one parent – mother and father wrapped up in a single parent. It tends to make for a fairly self-sufficient temperament.
      Full Moon individuals have parents who are very different personality types – sometimes it means a parental split and sometimes not. The ones I have known with a Full Moon spend their younger years terminally pulled between their head and their heart, dancing from one foot to the other, the grass is always greener mentality. But usually with maturity there is a way of reconciling the opposites. Not sure I would regard a Full Moon as especially lucky.

  5. Marjorie, is it all over for Jen and Ben? Leos sure love drama! You’d think they’d both be too old for that kind of nonsense.

  6. I was wondering, Marjorie, given all these wonderful posts in the past you wrote such as about certain positions of a planet in the houses or about the nodes, would you have any inspiration to perhaps write about career and success in a chart and the financial condition of a person on the other hand? Thank you.

  7. James Anderson, arguably England’s greatest ever bowler is being forced into retirement at 41. He’s played for England for 21 years & is going to be hard to replace, but probably needs to happen.
    How is he doing and what is he going to do next? And will England cope without him?
    I know how much you love sport Marjorie 😉

  8. A comment and recommendation – some of you might enjoy a book I just came across – The Human Cosmos, A Secret History of the Stars, by Jo Marchant. It’s not astrology, but talks about human history, culture, religion, and our relationship with the night sky. As it says on the blurb at the back – “from the Hall of the Bulls in Lascaux to Tahitian sailors navigating by the stars; from medieval monks grappling with the nature of time to Einstein realising that space and time are the same” It does talk about astrology a little, and myths too. Anyway, all are connected and its an inspiring read.

  9. I’m associating the recent and abundant sightings of the Northern Lights in unexpected places, to Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Taurus.
    All sextiling neptune in Pisces (29′) for that ethereal quality.

    • The Northern Lights are caused by solar flares of plasma shooting out from the SUN, the most powerful body in the solar system.

      People forget how big the Sun is – it’s 11 times wider than Jupiter. It’s an active star, not an inactive planet. Earth is much closer to the Sun than Jupiter too.

      It’s worth investigating whether the solar flares are caused gravitational pull from a conjunction of other planets. But lets not forget how powerful (and dangerous) the Sun is.

      • Solar activity occurs on a nearly 11-year cycle i.e. it’s high now, in 5-1/2yrs it’ll be low and in 11 it’ll be high again.


        While that 11-year cycle is close to Jupiter’s 12 year cycle – it’s not close enough to be the cause as it would very quickly slip out of sync. I’d assume if it were just down to something as simple as conjunction or aspects, the astronomers would have spotted it as they’ve been studying this stuff since the 1770s.

        If you’re interested in seeing the highs and lows – there’s a 3-day track here … “https://www.swpc.noaa.gov/products/planetary-k-index”

        On the day of the Northern Lights last week, the K-index was at the max 9.

        • Thanks GD. Did you see them?
          Wondering what the astrology might show, I checked the Carrington Event, 1-2 September 1859. It was a massive, spectacular geomagnetic storm, first record of a solar flare, and aurora were seen from the Poles down to Mexico – worldwide. It was Solar Cycle 10. It affected the telegraph system, and lit up the skies as bright as day.
          Sun in Virgo was conjunct Mercury and Venus, square Uranus in Gemini, trine Pluto in Taurus. Neptune was 26 Pisces, funnily enough. Interesting to see that the Mercurial astrology affected the telegraph system, and was reported in numerous newspapers around the world too. But no indication (to me anyway) of an astro cause and effect exactly.

          • sadly I missed them Jane.

            My laptop died at the end of last week – I think it was on Friday evening. I’d put it down to its age and increasing creekiness. But now I’m wondering whether it was down to the electromagnetic stuff that comes with all this. I also had a battery die in my running heart-rate monitor on Saturday.

            Supposedly these periods of high intensity are good for manifestation, ESP etc.

          • There was a Solar post last year. If you put Sun Firecracker into search it bring up 25 March 2023 and there is a chart for the Carrington event amongst others.

          • This is actually a reply to GnarlyDude. I was expecting all sorts of problems with my smart phone and tablet. But instead the opposite happened. The problems started yesterday. So as well as living in a micro climate with different weather conditions from neighbouring areas, it seems that the effects of solar storms are shielded if only for a few days..

          • The solar maximun will occur in July of 2025 according to reports, so more aurora to come. Apparently last weekend’s Sunspot AR3664 rivalled the Carrington Event of 1859, which is of course undergoing its Neptune return this year.

            2025 sees Neptune entering Aries, joined by Saturn at the end of May, beginning of June. Jupiter enters Cancer in June too, so a whole series of ingresses that year and in the second week of July sees Uranus’s ingress into Gemini.

          • I would imagine that the 2025 Uranus ingress into Gemini, occurring as it did during the Carrington Event could be connected to disruptions around communication technology.

      • Actually according to a documentary I saw on the telly recently Jupier has some strange things going on that scientists can’t explain. So maybe the sun and Jupiter are more connected than we think. Also I seem to remember on another documentary being shown of another solar system where the sun actually ejected a gas giant from its system. Bizarre!

      • More Northern Lights expected soon … “https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/articles/c163j8551ygo”

        Better get checking that ephemeris to see what might be causing it.

        That article has a good explainer of the sunspots and how they reach Earth etc.

  10. Hi, can you do a post explaining Saturn-Pluto aspects?

    I initially thought it was to do with war: when Argentina invaded the Falkland islands on 2nd April 1982, Saturn was at 19 Libra 29, Pluto at 25 Libra 55.

    But in Jan 2020 there was a Saturn-Pluto conjunction at 13 Capricorn, which seems to be when Covid spread from Wuhan to the rest of the world. A biological weapon accidently released? Is that the “war” connection?

    Then there is the way Saturn-Pluto crops up in the charts of Queen Consorts/Future Queen Consorts.

    Queen Camilla has Saturn at 9 Leo 57, Pluto at 12 Leo 23 in the first house.

    Princess Catherine has Saturn at 21 Libra 50, Pluto at 26 Libra 49 in the third house.

    Queen Mary (George V’s consort) had Saturn at 19 Scorpio 42 opposite Pluto at 15 Taurus 5. She was Queen during WW1.

    Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother had Saturn at 29 Sag 7 opposite Pluto at 17 Gem 21. She was Queen during WW2.

    Queen Mary and the Queen Mother had major wars to contend with. Does that mean Camilla and Kate will too?

  11. *** Corrected Request ***

    Hi Marjorie,

    A few days ago, Variety Magazine announced that iconic country music singer Reba McEntire and her best friend, comedic actress Melissa Peterman, are reuniting to co-star in another television situation comedy on NBC called “Happy’s Place.” The pilot was filmed back in January and, according to Screen Rant, the series is expected to begin airing later this year.

    Reba McEntire and Melissa Peterman had previously co-starred together in Reba McEntire’s first television situation comedy titled “Reba” which ran from 2001 to 2007.

    Reba McEntire recently gave an interview with The Hollywood Reporter and Melissa Peterman gave an interview with Entertainment Tonight where they both said they were extremely excited to be working together on television again. Peterman and McEntire both told reporters that was by working on the set of “Reba” when they realized they had a lot in common and became good friends.

    Anyway, I’ve never been fan of country music (it’s one of the very few music genres I don’t like). However, I do like Reba McEntire as an actress and I was (and still am) a fan of her original television series. I’m very excited about her new sitcom and I think Reba McEntire and Melissa Peterman make an excellent comedy team and the series “Reba” was one of the few sitcoms of the 2000s that I actually enjoyed watching and can still make me laugh. So, I’m really looking forward to seeing how the new series, “Happy’s Pace” works out – I hope it’s just as amusing.

    I was wondering if you would take a look at the astrology behind Reba McEntire’s new project. Are there any astrological indications that Reba McEntire and Melissa Peterman will make this new television series a success like the previous one?

    I looked up the birth information for both Reba McEntire and Melissa Peterman:

    * Reba McEntire was born on March 28, 1955 at 10:00 AM in McAlester, Oklahoma (source: Astrotheme)

    * Melissa Peterman was born on July 01, 1971 (unknown birth time) in Edina, Minnesota (Edina is a suburb of Minneapolis…so, some sources simply list “Minneapolis” as Peterman’s birthplace)

    Anything you could share would be greatly appreciated. As always, thank you so much for your daily write-ups.

    – Chris Romero

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