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  1. There are ever louder clamours about Gavin Newsom being brought in at the DNC. I looked at the last bit you did about him that stopped at 2023. He is hugely admired by Democrats, very well connected and liked by the media, so seems like a natural fit.How is his possible coronation looking?

    • Speaking as a Californian who admires how Newsom handled Covid and an array of other difficult issues, I have to point out that much of the rest of the country bears a deep suspicion and distrust of anyone originating in California, which is viewed as too liberal and out of step with the rest of the country. I think he’d be a terrific president if ever given the chance, but too much of the country views California as “the Left Coast.”

      When I lived in Virginia and brought back useful information on how California was handling a pesky but relatively innocuous issue like recreational boater education, I was immediately shut down by state boating authorities with the declaration, “we’re not interested in anything they’re doing in California.”

  2. I’m not a watcher but this year’s Eurovision was held on the Sun-Uranus conjunction and seems to have been full of ups and downs. The Dutch entrant was disqualified for aggressive behaviour, judges withdrawing, Israel being told to change their lyrics, the crystal trophy being broken and the first non-binary winner.

    First contest held on 24 May 1956 in Lugano, Switzerland.

    • Hi There was a post on Eurovision recently if you put it into search. All things considered it was less problematic than it might have been.

      • Apologies – so there was. It didn’t register at the time you posted because I’m not a fan; but having heard all the furore that happened in the run up; I was more intrigued.

    • Portugal’s performance was a surprise as the singer Iolanda decided to show through her nail design a subtle and creative way to support the Palestinian people and she ended her performance by saying “Peace will prevail”. Consequently, her performance was delayed online for viewers.

  3. Marjorie have you looked at Wes Streeting Chart? He is more than likely to be the Health Secretary in a Labour Government.

  4. The Grundgesetz/Basic Law, the constitution of Germany celebrates its 75th birthday in May, it being approved in Bonn on 8th May 1949 and coming into force across the then-West Germany on 23 May, after it was approved by the three Western Allies.

    What is its near-term future?

    • There are lots of polls out there that suggest that most Americans believe in extra-terrestrial life, but as of yet there is no evidence, which makes it a concept – air. As it’s just a human idea at the moment, how do we use this idea and what does it symbolise? In literature, H.G.Wells The War of the Worlds and Douglas Adams Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – very different books in tone, but both use the concept of alien life and space to look at humanity in a detached way, as well as our own hubris about our significance. I would go for Aquarius and possibly Sagittarius

      • Thank you for your reply Tara! Much appreciated! I was wondering because of so many people out there claiming that they are in touch with ETs. The Galactic Federation and the rest. It seems being able to communicate with the souls of the deceased is old news. So, I tried to see it in the charts. Perhaps this phenomenon is similar to that one in the past when people started communicating with the dead.

        • It’s an interesting question. Jaques Valee wrote ‘Passport to Magonia’ where he draws parallels between modern alien abduction stories and folklore, fairy abduction lore and the paranormal. An interesting read, even if you don’t buy into his theories.

        • If you are interested in the psychological perspective …
          The social psychologist Leon Festinger came up with his classic Cognitive Dissonance theory by infiltrating and observing an alien cult in the 1950’s – I think the cult leader was receiving “messages” just like the traditional medium or spiritualist. The same theories of failed prophecy apply.

          I suppose there was something specific about the environment of the USA in particular, from the middle of the last century onwards. Christianity in the USA especially seemed a tad more fervant and evangelical than Europe, and yet there was this rise in technology, education and medical science which perhaps create some dissonance of it’s own.

          Finally, maybe Terror Manangement Theory deserves a mention. Certainly many cognitive psychologists that research conciousness agree that the concept of death and the totality of it is too much for our conciousness to process, and that this probably lead to the formation of our concept of the afterlife. Terror management theory suggests that a fundamental psychological conflict arises from the instinct to preserve oneself combined with the understanding that death is both inevitable and somewhat unpredictable. This realisation generates fear, which is mitigated through a mix of escapism and cultural beliefs. These beliefs help transcend the biological fact of mortality by offering more profound and lasting forms of meaning and value, effectively replacing the personal triviality implied by death with the significance bestowed by symbolic culture.
          The researcher’s book is called The Worm at the Core: On the Role of Death in Life

  5. Marjorie, Please would you look at Jay Blades, Repair Shop’s chart. He seems to be having a very dramatic up and down sort of life so the astrology could be interesting.
    Thank you.

  6. I’ve noticed some general questions about astrology & some personal ones.
    I was just looking at my transits and I noticed that
    All my planets right now are in the 12th through 3rd houses. That seems a little weird. The largest group (4 planets) is in the third in Taurus with my sun; the next largest is in the 2nd (3 planets) Pluto is in my 12th house (a fun one, I’ve read–sarcasm here) and Saturn in the 1st (also sounds fun).

    I’ve seen bowls that are in various quadrants (& honestly have forgotten the significance.)

    What can you guys tell me about clusters like this? Any resources you can point me too? I tried googling “transiting planets in clusters” and the results aren’t helping me.

  7. Bernard Hill, the actor who played King Theoden in the Lord of the Rings has died. It would be nice to find out more about him.
    Thank you Marjorie.

  8. Today is my 2nd Saturn return exact, I’m a sun gemini asc sagittarius moon pisces. I’m super curious as to what this holds for me!

  9. Marjorie,
    Would you be able to do a chart for Lucy ,the severely autistic child who won “The Piano”competition last year ? Is autism indicated in the chart ?
    Really enjoy your website.

  10. Hi Marjorie, could you look at Andy Streets chart please?

    He seems like a decent guy, a sane Tory, and some people have said he would make a great leader.

    However, running a business and being a Metro Mayor, maybe more suited to his personality rather than the horror show of Westminster politics. I think his talents would be wasted in the Lords.

    Can you see the outlook for him, I wonder does he go back to business or stay in politics? Thank you 🙂

    • He is a Sun Gemini with that volatile collection of Uranus Pluto and Mars in Virgo; with Neptune on the focal point of a yod which may hold him back.
      There is no birth time but I would reckon his glory moment will come the election after next perhaps 2029 when he looks to be successful.

  11. Hi Marjorie,

    Please can you look at Moon- Pluto conjunction. What is shows about mother and her influence?

    Thank you

  12. Drake and Kendrick Lamar–2 Rap artists.
    My son sent me two of Lamar’s songs about Drake.
    It’s a huge deal in the music world.

    Considering all the concern about sexual of children and women abuse, very timely

    • Yikes! I’m so sorry!

      Marjorie, the feud between these two rap stars has blown up. Can you please (if you are interested) look into their charts?

      Thank you.

      (I’m too old to have found out about this on my own. I heard about it on, of all things, a political podcast, but then my kids were talking about it. It’s apparently a big deal.)

  13. Hello Marjorie,

    I was wondering if you would look into what’s happening in the country of Georgia right now.

    In Tbilisi, the Georgian capital, massive anti-government protests have been taking place ove the past few weeks and I read that they have something to do with the Georgian Government’s decision to push for a “Foreign agent” bill that closely resembles a similar bill that Vladimir Putin crafted in the Russian Federation.

    The Georgian protesters have been chanting “No Russian Law” outside their nation’s parliament and they’ve been met with teargas, arrest, and politce brutality.

    The Georgian protesters are also demanding closer ties with Europe, European Union, and the West and they’ve been sporting EU flags along with Georgian flags in their demonstrations.

    Astrologically, what’s the outlook for Georgia? Does the country appear to be moving closer to authoritarianism or towards social liberalism?

    Any thoughts or insights you could share on this topic would be greatly appreciated. I’m really surprised this hasn’t been covered as much by the mainstream media.

    • @Maggie — You’re right, that’s the Kiss of Death in politics, harming a pet! Romney paid a huge price for the story of making his dog ride atop his car — and his dog wasn’t hurt.

      Somewhere I still have a bumper sticker reading “I Ride Inside — Cats (and Dogs) Against Romney”. The group Dogs Against Romney had a huge presence in the 2012 campaign. That now seems a much gentler time politically….

      • Nicole, I forgot about Romney, good grief! Seems Kristi also has in her book a meeting with Kim Jung Un and how she stared him down. SMDH. So easy to prove as a lie. Very bad judgment and I don’t see how she can overcome it.

  14. Wales: long struggles to find economic prosperity and define itself ,aside from the Welsh language and rugby. A failing NHS and education system, constantly botching efforts to kick start an economy which is not dependent on largesse or lack of it from the UK government.
    Your views appreciated. Thank you.

    • Not looking too cheerful I fear from the July 1998 Wales Devolution Act – muddled and indecisive 2023/24 with tr Pluto conjunct the Neptune; deprived, tough slog 2025/26 with tr PLuto square the Saturn; and on to a grind-down and start-again tr Pluto opposition the Sun and maybe square the Moon in 2028/29. No quick fixes I fear.

          • I am a HUGE fan of competent administration and don’t much care what heading it comes under- fill the pot holes, fix education, crime, nhs etc.

          • A wish for competent government too often feels like a bridge too far. I’m thinking especially of my incompetent City of San Diego government as well as the (I hope never-again) Trump administration and apparently the current UK government.

      • That was a playful jest at Harry’s post (hence the “Angel Heart” reference), but apologies for any crossed wires, Marjorie.

        • Hi JB,
          I am a fan of Wales and have been living here for over 20 years. Also a fan of devolution, when it works. Unfortunately, it doesn’t at the moment, purely because the current government which is seriously underfunded, doesn’t help itself with poor management decisions in terms of funding and priorities. On the plus side, COVID here was very well managed and we live in a beautiful part of the world.
          You can’t have it all ways and at once.

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