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  1. Marjorie how much did astrology shape where we are in civilisation now? When we consider the entrenched corruption and duplicitous nature of humans – It is amazing we got to a point of having houses, roads, police, money system – you know what I mean. I can’t see how we overcame obstacles of ignorance, aristocracy, feudalism, theft, disease to get to this incredible state of electricity and mod cons. It is some sort of miracle – Did the spheres influence this over the centuries? It is still bad with all the corruption and elites and all, but not as it was under Caligula or Pinochet etc. I did read some new research on disease of yore – Historians cite that The Black Death actually was the catalyst for creation of the middle class and their innovation and social development. They surmise that when 50% of people unfortunately died, the people left behind inherited sudden wealth, land, animals and houses to let out that suddenly made the whole of England richer with more time and money for education, art and innovation that sparked the modern world. A catastrophe gave way to the new world. Fascinating. Can all this human development be traced through astrological charts Marjorie to tally with progress? Because I can’t see how we managed to tame looney humanity to the social cohesion and innovation we have now!

  2. I believe the Rejoin Party is entering the London Mayor race. Rather than keep looking at the Conservatives and Labour, could you look at the Reform and Rejoin Parties and see how they are doing?

  3. The next UK general election will almost certainly occur with tr Uranus opposing the Uranus of the 1979 GE, which brought Margaret Thatcher to power.

    What does that mean for this election and the next Parliament?

    • Interesting point, Pluto in Aquarius too which is like a flip of Uranus in Scorpio. Neptune approaching another fire sign. It’s hard to say as none of them seem to have the zeal and conviction of Thatcher (not that that was a good thing).

    • @El Aznar, the natal USA in Gemini in 1776, is now retrograde from July 2006 until 2086 when it reaches 0 degrees of Libra. In may 2031 Mars will be in opposition to Saturn, a testing time to see whether the Republic can return to the values of the Founding Fathers who were mostly Masons.

  4. In other (and more subsequent) news: A terrorist attack has happened at Crocus City Hall venue in a Moscow suburb around 9 pm local time. Reports speak about at least 40 dead and 140 wounded people.

    Initially, there was fear that this would be a false flag to cause full mobilization against Ukraine, and this could be the case still, nut Isis has claimed the attack and Marija Zaharova has called for the US to share intel, because the US embassy warned the citizens about large gatherings in Moscow March 7th.

    I personally have no idea what so ever on why Isis moved in Russia now. Usually, there’s a friend who has had a clear picture, but he is not sharing his insight due to a promotion at the moment. But I think this will be very bad for Putin. His genuinely darkest moment as a leader before March 2022 was Dubrovka Theater in 2002.

    • Thanks Solaia. ITV news this evening said the ISIS claim to have done this came through a verified ISIS channel. I don’t understand why they’ve done this, assuming it was them. A kind of Bataclan demonstration of violence? I know it is Ramadan at the moment, so maybe there’s some religious signficance as well? No clue. My other reply to you is further down.

    • I have read reports of a North Caucasus division of ISIS that hates Putin. I don’t know why it was timed just after the election, perhaps the original plan was for it to happen during it. Otherwise, as Jane says, maybe some religious significance.

    • Solaia, I posted this in the eclipse article, but according to an article in Forbes dated March 8th, the FSB thwarted an attack on a Moscow Synagogue by an Afghan arm of the militant group. The article goes on to say;

      ‘Tensions between Russia’s Jewish and Muslim population have soared since the start of the Israel-Hamas war in October. Similar to many other parts of the world, the fighting in Gaza has stoked a wave of antisemitism in Russia, including violent protests. Israel urged Russia to protect its citizens in late October after a mob in the mostly Muslim Dagestan region stormed an airport in search of Jewish passengers arriving from Israel.’

      Both the Lunar eclipse tomorrow as well as the April Solar eclipse trigger key points on the Russia 862 chart.

    • “What is notable and happens within a day or so is that her Progressed Mars goes retrograde and stays that way for the rest of her life. Robert Blaschke in his book on Progressions remarks that a retrograde Mars affects vitality, will and energy, on occasion leading to a sense of not knowing what is desired. Sometimes the immediate phase of turning retrograde can produce an accident or other event which feels like a collision”
      Marjorie, January 2024 post

      Tonight’s news says they didn’t think it was cancer at first, when she had the surgery. However, they found it later – which happens quite often. She’s now having chemo just to make sure, as far as I understand from the news report. As you say, all the best to her. Very hard to explain this to their young children too.

      • As per traditional astrology, her Hyleg is the Moon, her Anereta is Mars. Supposedly when the progressed Hyleg met the progressed Anereta, the span of life was over. Not sure if that works in practice, but it’s unnerving that the progresssed Mars is retrograde as it will meet her progressed Hyleg quicker.

    • I think it says more about us, the public and the media to be honest. Why she couldn’t be left alone until Easter I’ll never know. No perceived lifestyle should give any entitlement over someone’s basic human boundaries.

      • I agree with you Tara. I think there are people who’ve not really experienced much in life, or had someone they love seriously unwell, yet. There is something infantile about expecting well-known people to be perfect or always there – like fantasy parents! Kensington Palace were caught out by the late cancer discovery I suspect, and didn’t know what to do with all the fevered public conspiracy theories and intense/intrusive interest. I felt sorry for her, having to make that personal announcement. Perhaps it could have been avoided if the Palace machine had figured out a way to do that earlier. Not a great time for the House of Windsor altogether.

        • Yes, and its clear the palace waited until the young children had broken up from school for the 2-week Easter Holidays before saying anything publicaly, to protect them from being hassled at school, and to give the children the holiday time to process the news.
          This is more about trying to protect the young family & doing whats best for the children, than managing a ‘Kensington Palace PR Campaign’

          • @Belle, I can’t believe how low expectations you have for a “professional” communications team.

            The very least, THEY let a woman who has made her photographic skills her trademark release a badly edited photo that got “killed” by major news agencies. THEY let her take blame for it.

            Also, THEY let “The Sun” run a story with who knows who shopping locally. With this seriously ill woman carrying her own bags (which actually got Rachel Johnson go “William would NEVER”).

            I remember how much was made when Meghan was accused of “bullying” a staffer to the point they left. My thought then was that she probably just has work ethics and standards. Said it here too (I’ve later preferred not to open Sussex threads), and I think I have been proven right.

          • Yes I agree this delay in comms to the public was about ensuring the children were explained to first with time for it to be processed. This is very personal for God sake. Why people can’t understand that could be ii is beyond me. Who matters more the public or the children?

        • @Jane, I don’t think you are speaking of me specifically, but I know there are many people who’ve been genuinely concerned about Kate and this publicity fiasco.

          I personally lost my mother to cervical cancer when I was 4. As an endometriosis patient, I am myself constantly under observation for ovarian cancer, because some of the cysts endo patients get resample ovarian cancer tumors. I had a very bad inkling when Kate and children, and then William, disappeared entirely from public life.

          I personally feel protective towards Kate and children, but, having also some comms education and experience, think this could have been handled so much better.

          • Hello Solaia – no I didn’t mean you at all! Very sorry to hear about your endometriosis too – I have someone close to me who is going through that. As I said above, I think the Palace didn’t know what to do, and perhaps protecting the family was their first instinct, but it backfired. They may have underestimated Catherine’s fame, and how interested the public would be. Obviously, that ‘interest’ grew in some quarters into a series of conspiracy theories etc. Hopefully, she’ll recover during the spring and summer, and people will give them some space.

      • @tara, do you seriously think Kate would have turned back to work in Easter? This already was postponed to Louis’ birthday earlier. But with or without the public scrutiny, they would have needed to make the announcement this week. There was already a rumor on standby for a major announcement early this week. I think they had to postpone this because of the shopping story by “The Sun” (note: William did settle a phone hacking case with News Corp in 2020 for 750 000 £ he used for his climate initiative).

        So, no need to cry about them having to come out of the closet because of some random people in X or Reddit weaving theories.

        • Hi Solaia. Maybe, maybe not is my answer. I expect they were all dealing with an unfolding situation which was a massive shock to them.

          I don’t really understand all the obsessing and entitlement from some people. I can only think that turning it into drama and intrigue was a distraction from everything else going on at the moment. But there was a whiff of hysteria about it that reminded me of the Diana aftermath.

          Having said that, I do think the silent majority did ignore it and were happy to leave it til Easter. Most people don’t read The Sun, and most people don’t read Twitter/X either. It becomes very easy then.

          • Tara – I generally agree with your view on this.

            Most people respected their privacy. And until it boiled over in the last few weeks, so did the British media. While the first paparazzi photos of Catherine being driven by her mother appeared around the world, the British media didn’t publish them. I’d say, articles/comment became unavoidable once William missed his godfather’s funeral and the Mother’s Day farrago which we now know is because it was the day Kate found out about the cancer.

            That said, I always felt it was a big mistake for the Royals to expect it’s okay that she wouldn’t be seen for three months between Dec 25th and Easter. As Marjorie has said, part of being Royal is being seen to be believed. As I commented previously, I think it only needed a picture of her sat reading cards from well-wishers (just like King Charles released) to tamp down any rumours.

            Instead there was the ill-fated Mother’s Day picture. It was obvious that would be scrutinised pixel by pixel by the world. Why someone wasn’t tasked with looking it over to identify any issues was another big mistake.

            But that aside, their story now hangs together. She had an op, they found cancer, they took time to tell the children. No need for deeper conspiracies.

            What does interest me is where the astrology now takes all this? Jane pointed out Catherine’s Mars retrograde issue. Prince William has some major Pluto transits to his natal yod (not least the Sun/Moon).

          • Thanks for your input GD. I generally agree with you too. I think the difference is that Buckingham Palace is more prepared for this kind of scenario, having looked after the late QE2 and Philip for so long, and Charles being in his 70s. It’s very different to working with a couple in their early 40s with young children, who are of a generation that are very accustomed to creating and sharing their own photos. I think this reflects real life – cancer at a young age is shocking and devastating and no one is prepared for it. I think the only shambolic funeral I ever attended was my mother’s – because I was barely 22 when I organised it and didn’t have a clue what I was doing. Life is just messy like that and this perfection we expect is unrealistic.

            Royals in the past probably could disappear for months at a time in the age of slower media technologies and while I get the point about being visible and it being part of the deal, I do wonder how sustainable it is now. I have never had any particularly strong feelings about the monarchy, being neither a royal watcher nor a republican. But I think it raises questions of what is humane, particularly where young children are involved.

          • Tara and Gnarly Dude, I want to commend you both on a thoughtful and compassionate dialogue on Princess Catherine’s medical leave. I especially appreciate your empathetic analyses as I also experienced an unexpected cancer diagnosis (1 3/4 years ago) 3 weeks after abdominal surgery while Pluto is transiting through my 6th house too. So far so good for me; I truly hope PC has a long healthy life ahead for herself and her family.

      • @ tara. Easter is only ten days away.
        What sealed the deal was the video of William and the fake Kate supposedly out and about but Kate not showing up at the photo-op for St. Patrick’s Day and then whoever breeched Kate’s medical records must have seen her diagnosis and was ready to sell that information to the tabloids, but the altered Mothers’ Day picture is what accelerated the rumors about Kate’s health.

    • Yes, all the best to Princess Catherine! I feel kinda bad calling her out for pulling one over on QE by putting her in her family pic that QE never sits for, but it was her choice to do this.

    • I’m so sorry for dear Kate. I wish her a full and speedy recovery.

      It is interesting that the news comes on a Moon opposite Saturn aspect (Alabe.com):

      “Applying Moon Opposite Saturn
      There may be a serious mood in the air right now and some people may find themselves isolated. Traditions and formalities are appropriate; this is not a time for novelty. Emotional detachment and heightened self- consciousness also describe this period.”

      • @EL A Moon opposition Saturn is also about containing emotions to a reasonably, serious level. It is a good time to plant in the garden.

        • Thank you, Virginia! Didn’t know that.

          I found it very apt here, because Moon is women, or a woman, opposite Saturn, restrictions, stops, frustractions, road block, reckoning, toll stop, fear, depression, sorrow.

          I hope this gloominess ends soon. It is all too unnerving.

  5. Hi Marjorie,
    It could be fascinating to learn what and who is behind Truth Social’s supposed IPO. Given not only that Truth Social loses millions per month, but also that it has only five million users (low for a social media network), the $3.3 billion valuation seems fanciful, if not fraudulent.
    What’s really going on?
    Money laundering on the part of Russia, Saudi Arabia, China, or billionaires who want to keep their identities secret?
    Does Truth Social’s chart link up with any of these?
    As always, thank you.

  6. Interesting that Ariana Grande seems to have included an astrological section about Saturn Returns on her latest album.


    She is now a couple of years past hers and finalised her divorce this week. Transit Uranus is hitting her natal Taurus Venus – doesn’t get much more classic than that!

    • I saw this too and wondered about it!

      But I already asked too much, so I thought somebody might do it instead.

      Any thoughts about Varadkar?

      • Not really interested by Varadkar beyond what I wrote below about midlife transits.

        I am wondering whether the Saturn in Virgo generation get hit harder by these transits because, while Virgo is mutable, it’s the least flexible mutable because it’s earth and Saturn further restricts the flexibility. Similar to what I said about the mid-60s Saturn/Chiron in Pisces oppo Uranus/Pluto in Virgoans

  7. The BBC News home page today, for the world, has Apple as top news item: “US accuses Apple of monopolising smartphone market”. Would you be interested in taking a look at the astrology of Apple in the near future?

    Here is an interesting link with a few charts:


      • Thank you, Jane! Just looking at that Neptune Cafe 1977 chart, I see Uranus (a shock, sudden event, surprise) is within orb of that retrograde natal Jupiter, which is, if the chart time can be used, ruler of the 9th, law and judiciary.

  8. Large protests at UK arms factories supplying genocide being reported today Marjorie – I copy the story to here:

    In a display of solidarity with Palestinians, hundreds of workers and protesters have shut down arms factories across England and Scotland to condemn the UK’s complicity in the Israeli regime’s war of aggression in Gaza.

    The factories, which produce components for F-35 fighter jets, are accused of shoring up the Israeli regime’s military offensive in Gaza.

    Under the banner “Workers for a Free Palestine,” a diverse coalition of individuals from various unions and sectors including health, education, hospitality, academia, and the arts, launched the protests on Wednesday.

    Activists aimed to disrupt the supply chain of arms to Israel and denounce the UK’s complicity in the ongoing genocidal war against Palestinians in Gaza.

    GE Aviation Systems in Cheltenham and Leonardo UK in Edinburgh were among the targeted sites where components for the F-35 jets are manufactured.

    The protesters vowed to continue their protest actions for a month, demanding an immediate cessation of arms sales to Israel and advocating for a permanent ceasefire.

    The decision to blockade the arms factories was prompted by Israel’s impending invasion of Rafah, which the United Nations and other international organizations have warned would have catastrophic consequences for Gaza’s population.

    Unionists have called on workers across the UK to challenge their government’s military support for the Israeli regime.

    “We’re demanding our government immediately halt arms supplies to Israel before it launches this offensive in Rafah using British-made bombs. But we are not waiting for this genocide-appeasing prime minister to act,” Zad, a union member, said in a press release.

    This isn’t the first time such protests have occurred.

  9. What’s happening with Marks and Sparks shutting down shops? Is it the genocide problem for ‘The Israeli Embassy On The High Street’ as it was coined by The Guardian, was it? Or are they going bust? Many of the old generation can’t grasp the part where they were super with UK factory-ed clothing at top prices which they then attempted to put sweat shop bad quality clothing out at the same price but the street markets were doing it at a quarter of the price? Why did they ditch the UK clothes factories? Why did they not re-retain them and learn from their mistakes? In the “2% Inflation” current world of the UK Gov…How long can the Marky’s food halls sustain humous at £4 tub against Aldi at 80p? Do give us an insight into dear old M & S…They won best Xmas Pud this year too and all that will be lost…. ; )

    • Helena – some of what you say can be applied to High Street fashion brands in general – all the manufacturing moving overseas to cut costs, for instance. There have been many horrible stories about that over the past decade or so. There are ‘fast fashion’ sweatshop type operations here in the UK, but M&S don’t use them. I agree re quality of much of their current stuff. I love vintage and poking around in charity shops – very old M&S (50’s and 60’s) is wonderful quality fabric and manufacture.

      For fun, and to further procrastinate on various things I don’t want to do today, I looked them up. Mr Marks and Mr Spencer went into their famous partnership on 28 September, 1894 (M&S Archive). So that gives a ‘female’ Venus in Virgo, and Moon in Virgo – a discerning, often stylish but not showy, woman! Mars in Taurus sextile Jupiter in Cancer is also pretty domesticated, financially fortunate, protective of finances type of ‘M&S Man’. I think Virgo, Taurus and Cancer are all associated with food, but have no idea when they started selling food.

      The approaching Lunar Eclipse in Libra is conjunct the Sun for 1894. There are extravagant plans to rebuild the flagship store on Oxford Street, so I don’t think they can be short of funds. But that could be a big mistake.

      • Has the UK been ran over, especially in a few recent years, with synthetic fabrics even in affordable (non-luxury) fashion chains that at least before used to have some cotton?

        Nowadays a lot of stuff seems viscose, the fabric closest to natural fabrics of all the synthetics, polyester, elastane, and similar.

        • The increased use of synthetic came about from 2011 onwards when cotton priced doubled. I did a quick check and cotton is still trading high as of now.

        • I used to love their lambswool sweaters. I mean Marks & Spencers brand. I used to like Littlewoods as well. However for boys clothes I used to buy my son’s clothing at Asda and Woolworths. Simply because M&S simply didn’t have a clue about kid’s sizes. In fact the local one only stocked women’s clothes. Which might explain as well why their shops have closed. They forgot they were selling to people.

        • The standards have slipped in high street fashion and at the higher end too, since covid I’ve noticed. Poor finishing, raw seams (which i loathe, being Virgo Rising aa well as having Venus there, I’m a bit if a stickler for detail!) as well as cheap synthetic fabrics. As someone who loves clothes, I’m increasingly drawn to vintage which tend to be better made.

  10. Leo Varadkhar steps down as Irish Taoiseach stating he is resigning for personal and political reasons and that after seven years in the job he is no longer the best person for it.

    Classic midlife astrology … the final hit of his Uranus oppo Uranus happens on Friday. This came as a surprise even to the Deputy PM.

    He’s also got his Saturn oppo Saturn the following weekend.
    His Capricorn Sun-Mars has been transited by Pluto for the last couple of years.

    • I was just about to say the same things, GD! He’s also got the April Solar Eclipse opposite his Libran Pluto. Always curious about eclipses kicking in early. Of interest too –
      Eire 1916 Jupiter 17 Aries
      Eire 1922 Saturn 17 Libra
      Eire 1949 Mars 20 Aries, MC 4 Libra (the approaching Lunar Eclipse, 5 Libra)

      It appears that the Universe has some kind of design here….

  11. You know what I’ve been reading on again this week? Fortune-telling fraud (there’s a Wiki article).

    I was mainly interested in Bob Nygaard, but there were other interesting people:

    Rose Mackenburg
    Rober H. Gysel
    J. Malcolm Bird
    Walter Franklin Prince.

  12. So – Uranus on the cusp of the 7th house.

    Case study 1: Louis XVI. He has Uranus at 9 Pisces 44, near his descendant at 13 Pisces 57. He comes to the throne two years before the US declaration of independence was signed, and gleefully spent vast amounts aiding the Americans in their revolution (Uranus) to get back at his enemies (7th house) the British. Alas it bankrupts the French state formenting domestic revolution, and he ends up executed by his enemies at home.

    Case study 2: Indira Gandhi. She had Uranus at 19 Aquarius 58, near her descendant at 20 Aquarius 05. She put down an attempt by Sikh separatists to forment a revolution. These domestic enemies then assasinated her.

    Case study 3: Joe Biden. He has Uranus at 2 Gemini 46, near his descendant at 3 Gemini 11. He’s funding Ukraine’s revolt against Russia (a bit like Louis XVI) and also helping Israel put down Hamas’ revolt (a bit like Indira Gandhi). He’s going to be one of those rare people who will experience their Uranus return in 2025. And …. ???

    • Have just realised Robert Oppenheimer had Uranus on the descendant too. Uranus at 29 Sag 49, the descendant at 27 Sag 03. I suppose the atom bomb was revolutionary and killed many enemies. But Oppenheimer didn’t suffer any personal repercussions.

      • But he suffered lots of political consequences personally, losing his security clearances in the McCarthy red scares and effectively being exiled from his profession.

        • I have read some really bizarre things about Oppenheimer’s behaviour. He nearly killed two people. One was from a poisoned apple that he gave to one of his classmates/tutor at Oxford. He owned up before the guy ate it. The other was his unwelcome attempt at seduction of a woman on a train after her boyfriend departed. She jumped off at the next stop to complain about his behaviour to a guard. Oppenheimer ran up some stairs and tried to drop his suitcase on her head. He missed.

          There is also the theory that he was behind the ‘suicide’ of ex lover Jean Talbot. It was thought he might have ordered her death. Though to be fair, there are other candidates as well.

  13. Looking around the world, it seems the Pluto in Capricorn era has brought so many dictatorial extremists to power.
    – Obviously there’s been Putin solidifying power until 2036 and suppressing democracy through and trying to recreate the greatness of old Russia.
    – Hong Kong just passed its tough security law which goes to the extent of jail for owning a book critical of the Chinese government.
    – I was reading that in 2020 Turkey’s Erdogan has anulled the 1934 decision that turned the Hagia Sophia into a museum so that is now a mosque again.
    – We’ve had Trump trying to make America great again and packing the Supreme Court with his picks. And everything else.
    – Even the UK had Boris Johnson proroguing Parliament, ignoring his own rules and then the Tories getting rid of their own Fixed Term Parliaments Act so the Prime Minister can call an election when it suits him again, as well as voter id.
    – In Bolivia, Evo Morales took power in 2006, rewrote the Constitution in 2009 which got him eligible for more than one term and ended up winning four election – the 4th in 2019 with suspicions of voter rigging.
    – Then you can look at the Middle East, India and so on.

    I’m sure there are so many more examples. And it all meets the symbolism for insecure Capricorn and power.

  14. I’m designating a theme song for the GOP called “Cruel Summer”, as I suspect they’ll be slipping and sliding on a lot of “Bananarama” peels by then.:-)
    It’s written in the Stars!

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