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  1. I was looking at Oprah and wondering where the weight loss stemmed from, and I thought it should be something about Saturn. And maybe I would ascribe it to Saturn trine Saturn, especially since Saturn is co-ruler 1st, how she presents herself to the world. She has quite a few active transits, progressions, and arcs.

    • A quick google says she has been losing weight steadily since knee surgery in 2021. Saturn was in Aquarius during that period and therefore would have gone over her sun and got her to reconsider her health/image.

      Incidentally I got my leanest ever (and no-one would call me fat) during that period when Saturn was in my 10th. It just happened with what I was doing. Then last year Saturn moved on and Jupiter went over my ascendant and I’ve put on over a stone of muscle – again just by doing what I was doing. No conscious decisions ever made to gain or lose weight – just the result of changing exercise patterns.

      • Spot on, Gnarly! I was in reality expecting precisely that – Sun on Saturn and was too lazy to go further when did the weight loss start, because I know that in the last few months I was reading about her using one of the now very popular and, seems, dangerous weight-loss drugs.

        She has a very late – anaretic – Sagittarius ascendant, and that ascendant is know for weight issues.

        Your experience is very interesting. I need to re-read it a few times to gain some insight and advice.

  2. Pleasing to see Donald Trump unable to put up the $464M bond for his court case. Apparently he couldn’t find anyone willing to back his bond despite approaching thirty companies. I wonder if that’s transiting Saturn in his 7th (although I’d have expected to see it in the 8th). And this is despite claiming to have $400M in liquid assets last year.

    Transit Neptune has passed trine his Cancer 25 (with its conjunction to Saturn) and inconjunct to his Leo mars – heading for his Ascendant. Could it be dissolving the BS that he is rich?

    Hopefully the New York Attorney General will move immediately to seize assets as is their right. Do not give him a chance to stall. He deserves no compassion or mercy because he’d be the first to push on if it were the other way round

      • I haven’t seen a reaction other than his lawyers saying it was an unusually big amount to raise. (Which seems fitting for the man who boast of how everything he has and does is the biggest and largest).

        I would expect him just to bleat on about how it’s all a plot to victimise him. I tend not to listen to what people like him have to say as there is nothing new or informative exiting their mouths.

        Apparently interest accrues on this amount at £112,000 per day.

        • His lawyers all continue make reference to “him” as Mr President.

          He continues to go for the gusto! I really hope this is the ending sequence to that gothic horror book.

  3. I just read that there is another photoshopped photo by Princess Catherine, this time apparently she put Queen Elizabeth in a family photo! It’s all too strange!
    From the article: “Now it’s come to light that another photo purportedly taken by Kensington Palace, if not Middleton herself, has also been Photoshopped. A photo released in 2023 to celebrate what would have been Queen Elizabeth II’s 97th birthday came under scrutiny as media outlets and people on social media have found clear signs of alterations, edits and manipulation.

    The photo in question was released in April 2023. At the time, Kensington Palace explained that the photo was taken by the Princess of Wales the year before, while the family was on a trip at Balmoral, the queen’s favorite of her homes. The photo features Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, as well as grandchildren Mia, Lena, Lucas, Savannah, Isla, James and Lady Louise”.

    • I just don’t get it…..

      Everyone is doing photoshop these days – celebs, press, Joe Blow and their uncle, even the baby….. We don’t even know whether the people/celebs we see in pics really look like that because 9/10 they don’t in real life. Kardashians do it every single day of every week.

      Why are people adding to her stress even more by making such a thing out of what ….? Because they have too much time on their hands? Or because they seem to be measuring them at a certain standard they are not measuring anyone else or even themselves?

      Make it make sense !!!!

      • I agree, photoshopping is not a big deal. All public figures do it. The media prints the edited photo as long as they are provided with the original to ensure that any fake or AI generated photos are not printed. The royals are aware of this protocol and have followed it in the past. This time they refused to provide the original when media questioned the authenticity of Mother’s day photo. Hence, the photo got pulled.

        In my opinion, if Kensington Palace was looking to quash all rumours they could have done the easy thing by providing the original.

        • For more humor on the matter…


      • Yes, even nobodies like me do it. My work profile pic is photoshopped within an inch of its life. Nobody sees the real haggard mess until after I’ve signed the job offer contract.

  4. I’d love to read something about ‘celebrity chef’ Rick Stein. He has been in the news quite a bit lately and has a series currently on TV. He is so likable and natural. I enjoy watching him on telly.

  5. Just reading about the Tesco-Sainsburys IT debacle which has led to many cancellations of home delivery, the supermarkets being unable to inform the customers that they won’t be delivering. Plus instore unable to use contactless payments and only taking cash.

    “At the Sainsbury’s store in Beeston, Nottinghamshire, the in-store bakery produced bread as normal, but the store was unable to sell it as the technical issues prevented labels from being printed.”

    And this is progress … I don’t know whether to blame Uranus in Taurus, Pluto in Aquarius or what …

      • Sainsburys sent me an email apologising for the whole thing. Which is funny, because I hadn’t ordered anything. No wonder they have problems with their computers crashing.

  6. What are the auspices of India’s Modi? The Fifth Estate Canadian tv show has produced a video accusing Modi of assassination of Sikh separatists in India – Which Modi has banned from YT. And also the Modi banned BBC documentary The Modi Question investigating Modi’s calls to Hindu Fundamentalism to ‘kill non-believers’ – Of whom Rishi Sunak and his family and other British Hindu UK politicians who mud sling at Muslims and Hindus wearing the ‘People Of Colour’/Sub-Continent ‘brothers’ mask to do….How are things looking for this crowd in the future…

  7. Penny Mordaunt you wrote back in 2022
    “Penny Mordaunt, 4 March 1973, a New Moon in Pisces with a confident Pluto trine Jupiter. Again she has lacklustre midpoints and an exceptionally jangled 1 August. She’ll have the odd lucky break in 2023 but her moment will come in 2024/25 with tr Pluto conjunct her Jupiter.”…aliquid novi?

  8. Wow, Croatia just jumped into the boiling waters of constitutional crisis yesterday, when the president announced he will be a candidate at the upcoming elections, held on an unusual day, for the prime minister spot – constitutional experts now say presidential elections must be held before the parliamentary ones. It is all unheard of.

    The elections are a repeat battle between the current prime minister, Andrej Plenković, and the president, Zoran Milanović.

    The country has been in huge bribery and corruption scandals for years, and a huge swathe of population moved out of the country – Croatia seems to never have had such a worryingly low number of inhabitants.

    If you had the time and will, maybe you could take a peek at the fortunes of all involved, and the country.

  9. Marjorie:) Would you consider analysing Mario Reading and his interpretation of Nostradamus’ predictions regarding the British royal family? MR predicted the date of QE11’s death, (circa 2022), and there are many internet articles stating that he also predicts Prince Henry/Harry will become the next King. However, in “Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies for the future” (1915 version), he states quite clearly that KC111 will abdicate in favour of Prince William (p115), and that in 2040 a dying King William will commend his son, George, as the next monarch. He advises that the will of the people does not accept this commendation and this is the end of the British monarchy (p168). MR implies the existence of an illegitimate child throwing the British succession into disarray.
    It is interesting that Prince Henry/Harry, Catherine, Princess of Wales and Prince William’s other children are not mentioned.

  10. Is there any particular Astro explanation for why Diane Abbott attracts such vociferous hatred? I have always rather liked her, especially from when she used to appear weekly on the late night politics chat show (forget its name) with Andrew Neil and Michael Portillo . It’s really sad that she’s spent all this time without the Whip (strange phrase that) over something crass and dumb, but not malicious.

  11. On the BBC website I found out today that Giovanni Pernice and Anton Du Beke were out for a new adventure (after Sicily): Spain.

    Could you take a look at how they get along?

    Thank you so much!

  12. Just noting that the polls for the Russian elections close on Sunday night at 8pm local time for each timezone. Same day as Sun conjunct Neptune. Can’t get more deceptive symbolism than that.

    I know Putin’s chart is disputed but the 1952 does seem to match his personality with Leo Pluto on the MC, Mars Sag and Sun/Saturn/Mercury/Neptune in Libra 12th given how private he is. If it is correct then he’s just having transit Uranus conjunct his Taurus Jupiter

  13. As I have said before I think the whole Catherine health thing has been handled badly, made worse by this recent photo thing. They do survive financially and in other ways on the basis of their public presence. But this media feeding frenzy while in some ways understandable is uncomfortable and unpleasant. I won’t be commenting until something tangible emerges.
    Apart from saying the Montecito mutts continue to act badly with a narcissist’s unerring instinct for trying to hog the limelight .
    Meghan’s newest venture launched (I think) at 10am California time which puts a late Taurus Ascendant conjunct Algol.

    • Catherine has always been due back at Easter and that is now barely two weeks away. If that goes to plan then it all calms down.

      Two weeks doesn’t seem too long to wait to me.

      • Please don’t base the after Easter return as written in stone. Doctors can be notoriously wrong on such things. Human Beings are individuals, not text book scenarios. You should view that time period as the earliest it can happen. Some of these operations can take nine months to a year to recover from. Sometimes longer.

        • Easter was the date Kensington Palace put out there and I would have expected them to err on the side of caution with that date. She has been seen at distance being driven around.

          As I say, let’s wait and see.

          • The Sun has published video (taken by member of public) of Catherine and William walking around carrying shopping near their home.

            You would not know she’s had an operation from looking at it.

            It all looks more like a storm in a teacup than ever

  14. I feel sorry for William because he must be in hell right
    He is currently the face of the monarchy while worrying about the health of his father with the possibility of becoming king far sooner than he expected and without the public support of his wife or his brother and then having to figure out whether to expand the monarchy too handle all of the patronages and what to do with stepmommy dearest if he becomes king.

    • I don;t feel sorry for him.

      He is living in a fishbowl – everyone sees him, them, all around. Is he the sole prizewinner, bringing home the bacon? No, of course not. There are other men in the world more worthy of our feelings.

      Will his children be eating cold broth and moldy breadcrusts for dinner tonite? No, don;t think so.

      Most act irrationally over the health of his wife…a former (young) model whose parents are multi-millionaires…”where is she? Is she dead? OMG!! Someone tell us something!!!”

      Maybe…give it a rest, and allow them all to rest?

      • Indeed, I don’t feel sorry for any of them. As far as I can tell they treat each other quite badly. Charles treated Diana badly. Their offspring treat one another badly. Their appetite for pomp and splendour and billions in cash can’t exist without hogging the spotlight on themselves and away from the issues that truly shape our world. May the glare of the spotlight burn them all. Karma is coming. Again. It always does.

      • She isn’t really a former model. Doing it as a favour at university doesn’t really make you a professional model. Unlike you, I do feel sorry for them as they live their lives in a fish bowl. Most of their work is of the charitable sort. Like William is building houses for the homeless and Catherine works on making life better for young children. They both support mental health charities. And the list goes on. Britain is a welfare state that is reasonably generous to those that need it. It isn’t perfect. But then neither is the United States. Despite not having a monarchy there are plenty of children that go hungry every night and plenty of homeless people. Some monarchies are worth having and some republics aren’t. It all depends on the type that you get. I think Elizabeth ii gave her whole life to serving this country, and you cannot ask for more than that.

        • @ Linda quoting that the welfare state her is reasonably generous is an understatement, the politicians have not found a way to train people better to enable them to escape the welfare and return to work, another black hole.

  15. Could you take a look at the relationship between Catherine & Prince William?

    They must be under the most emormous stress with everything that has happened in the last few years. Are they going to make it through okay?

    I can’t cope with any more Royal drama with rolling minute by minute news in the tabloids. The sooner they get back to cutting ribbons to open new disabled access ramps for senior living centers in Dudley, the better.

    • I know what you mean – Queen ELiz was such a calming presence. No drama. Now it is all too unnerving. I am trying to hold back until something emerges of substance. I feel sorry for her if she is sensitive about her health issue but the whole thing has been badly handled.

      • If you are in need of a royal-house thread, The Daily Mail is reporting that Charlotte Casiraghi (who would’ve said she is a Capricorn ascendant with Mars conjunct it) is dating French novelist Nicolas Matthieu. She has an interesting chart.

  16. If the local Council elections are to be held on the 2nd May, I doubt the wisdom of holding the General Election on the same day. To me it would be kind of an own goal.

    • A negative result in the local elections could cause an even bigger negative momentum going into a general election, something that can be avoided with holding them simultaneously.

      • Exactly. Imagine trying to rally the doorknockers and donors after a drubbing from hell at the locals. The question for Tory mps is, for me, can Sunak turn this around sufficiently to save my seat and mitigate the losses. He’s El Cid imo, and it’s a zombie government.

  17. Today is Pi Day and Albert Einstein’s birthday. I was looking for an opportunity to ask about Mileva Marić and her relationship with him. She is supposed to have had a big influence on him and his theories.

  18. Marjorie,

    Can I request a look at the natal and inauguration charts for Sir Lindsay Hoyle, Speaker of the UK House of Commons?

    I personally think he’s quite an improvement on his immediate predecessor, but he’s taken at least two badly explained decisions within weeks; his decision on the Labour amendment to the SNP motion on Gaza a few weeks ago, and his decision to not call Diane Abbott MP at PMQs yesterday, even though the main topic of discussion then was misogynistic and racist comments about her.

    I suspect that his position is untenable and that he may choose to stand down at the election.

    But what do the stars say?

    PS: can you look at Diane Abbott’s charts as well?

  19. Hi Marjorie The lunar eclipse next week is at 5 Libra, pretty close to the UK Asc/Des axis. This coincides with the last dates which Sunak can call a 2nd May election. Is there any linkage astrologically betweem those facts do you think? Even if not surely such an eclipse will have a powerful impact on the UK more generally? Thx for your great work

  20. This week I vote for

    1. Laura Codruța Kövesi (in English pronounced something like LOW-ra [to rhyme with “cow”] kod-ROOTZ-uh KEVV-eshy), who has her sight now on Bulgaria and Croatia and how they spend EU money, and she seems to mean business. Not without controversy, though, as her Wikipedia article testifies.

    2. Robert Hur, for whom I dug up a date 31 October 1973, which should be checked, and I’d like to see how he gets along with his boss, Merick, with Joe, and with Donald. Some articles quote people who dealt with him describing him as a “straight shooter”.

    3. I was also aiming for Michel Houellebecq, but you’ve mentioned him briefly in two articles, I think.

    Thank you!

  21. Also, can you have a look at the Irish constitutional amendment referendum that was held last week.

    Polls said Yes would win easily. But it turned into a shock landslide win for No.

    • Polls can be the biggest con. In the UK the referendum on whether to stay or leave the EU, the only one to get itcright was The New York Post. And thatcwas because they went up and down the whole of the country, not just snippets of it.

  22. Can you look at an early election on May 2nd?

    (Apparently Tory backbenchers discussed it with the Prime Minister at a meeting of the 1922 Committee this evening).


  23. 12/3/2024 NHS England announced they would no longer be prescribing Puberty Blockers for minors.

    This is massive news with global ramifications and has taken many people, largely women from all works of life grassroots working cross party for many years in a truly David and Goliath fight against captured institutions, in this case the NHS.
    And this follows a week after the release of WPATH files which has exposed via whistleblowers the deletrious impact of the lack of medical ethics and often complete lack of medical credentials of that group and their influence on many institutions policies and practices globally, including the NHS.

    The chart is perfect, all the houses relevant in play, the 5th of children, the sixth for health, the 7th for law the 8th for sexuality and the 9th for medical institution.
    Pluto in Aquarius, power of the ordinary person in the 5th square Moon in Aires feisty women in the heavily tenanted 8th conjunct Chiron associated with split sexuality half man half horse conjunct transformative 8th North Node conjunct Mercury.
    Mars in Aquarius truth seeking in the physically rooted 6th square Uranus Jupiter in Taurus in the 9th, and that Aquarian Mars is conjunct Venus in the first degree of hormonal Pisces sextile the Moon. I see that Venus degree as crucial in this.

    But most telling is Saturn in Pisces, given Pisces has rulership over hormones then literally, hormone blockers and conjunct the descendant the effect on others, opposite the analytical proof seeking health concious Virgo ascendant. NHS cited lack of proof of benefits as well as proof of harm.
    I note Juno the asteroid of womens rights is bang opposite Saturn and conjunct the ascendant.
    It was largly TERFs who worked long and hard to protect childrens health and futures.
    And Pluto in Aquarius role as whistle blowers. Anonymous people in large institutions/governments that are suppressive, who see something amiss and act out of, often, a concern for humanity.

    • I don’t get how a centaur is a split in sexuality. A split in genus or species or a combining of the two. I have never heard of a female centaur or thatctheycwere interested in mating with anyone other than human women. If Ivam wrong please enlighten me.

  24. Just a comment, wondering what others think – Comet 12P/Pons-Brooks is now visible where there are dark skies. It will be at its brightest, apparently, around the end of March when it moves close to fixed star Hamal, alpha star in the constellation Aries. Hamal is at 7 Taurus. As it approaches the Sun, it develops a haze, and eruptions on the comet’s body can give the appearance of horns – very appropriate for Aries. It has a nickname ‘devil comet’ because of the horns. Currently, the comet is close to the constellation Andromeda.
    A naked eye comet is always exciting to see, but does it have other symbolic meanings? Endings and beginnings?

    • On a very (very) mundane point, the Hale-Bopp comet reached its perihelion in April 1997, around the last time the Tories were about to landslide out of government.

      Saturn was also in Pisces when it was discovered, but further on (24 Pisces).

      • Thanks for that, JB. I remember how beautiful the green streak of HB comet was, and how people in Europe were hosting comet parties to view it in all its glory. Yes, 1997 was very much a turning point year in the UK, including the sudden death of Princess Diana that August. I’d say we’ve collectively changed quite a bit since then, so if there’s a Labour landslide again at the next GE it won’t have quite the same impact in terms of hope and optimism? Still, “things can only get better” – we can always hope!

    • Comet Pons Brooks is a cyclical comet and as such regarded as a malefic, it may enhance the febrile period approaching between the lunar eclipse on March 25 and June with disturbances and protests, France would appear in the line of turmoil.

      • Any particular reason you think France is in the line of turmoil, Virginia? I agree it’s a disturbed period – well, spring and summer look bumpy anyway. Sometimes comets disappoint, visually, so I am hoping to see this one. Hard not to think of it as a portent or omen of some kind, the ancient, primitive brain kicks in sooner or later!

        • @ Jane The reasons that April to June will mark a troubled period have to do partly with Jupiter activating the outer planets, in conjunction with Uranus, sextile to Neptune and trine to Pluto, furthermore as Jupiter’s ingress into Gemini on May 24will activate the Pleiades at 0 Gemini, this will create channels of communication, emotional responses for social justice.
          Jupiter will cross the ascendant and IC over Europe, triggering the Pluto in Aquarius at the time of the French revolution, I wonder whether this is affecting Haiti also, bearing in mind the French connection, etc.
          Re comets convention is that those which transit internally the Solar system are not a good influence whereas those which travel in and out of the solar system serve a purpose by sweeping out malignant influences into the cosmos, they are unpredictable but their tail acts as a broom; Pons Brooks is in the area nearing Gemini. Brooks will be around Jupiter at this time.
          Of course the other big cosmic action will relate to N America during the total eclipse on April 8.

          • Thanks Virginia. Interesting what you say about Jupiter. Just in terms of symbolism, I’d noticed the emphasis on creatures with horns – Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus, the Comet PB known for displaying ‘horns’, and the Comet drawing close to Hamal, at 7 Taurus, in the constellation of the ram, Aries. Mercury turns retrograde in Aries at the end of March, the Solar Eclipse you mention is in Aries in April, and by May we have Sun, Venus, Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus, Mars in Aries, Mercury Aries into Taurus, Nodes and Chiron in Aries….
            Earth and Fire, which can manifest in numerous ways. Plus so many myths, legends, and religious ceremonies connected with both rams and bulls.

          • Good image Jane, yes locking horns and not letting go seems to be the position with many situations and people.

    • Is there anything about the Hale–Bopp comet and astrology, which was visible in 1995, and I think had huge impact on goings-on in former Yugoslavia, especially Serbia?

  25. Has anybody heard from Doris Stokes? She said she would contact us from ‘The Other Side’? She’s been gone since 1987, poor old love. I’ve been waiting to hear what it’s like there.

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