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  1. The dutch election approaches and it looks like the new prime minister will be a dual turkish/ dutch woman called dilan yesilgoz. do you think the now largely archaic rule stating only someone born in the country can run for highest office will finally be dropped.In the meantime the astrology is strong, it looks indeed like the era of female predominance and foreign women is finally here.

  2. Cliff Richard in the press, being criticised for fat shaming and other unfilted comments on a daytime TV programme.
    On his opportunity to meet Elvis, Richards said “I turned it down because I knew he had put on lots of weight and I thought, “If I am having a photo with him and I have it hanging on my refrigerator, of course he’s got to look good.”‘
    I know he is a Libran and they can be quite shallow. But any other personality insights about him, Marjorie?

  3. Has anybody studied charts of the Confederate States of America and of Nazi Germany and if so, are there any similarities between the two that we can learn from?

  4. I enjoy watching tv programmes by Simon Reeves and Ben Fogle. Both said they were failures at school and were let down by the education system. Yet both have made successful careers exploring the world and different cultures, investigating alternative lifestyles with great empathy with the extraordinary, often misfits or rebels in the societies they escaped from. Their charts would be interesting to see!

  5. Marjorie,

    I was wondering if you could take a look at Univision.

    Univision, if I’m not mistaken, is currently the largest Spanish-language television network here in the United States and it receives strong viewership from the Hispanic and Latina/Latino/Latinx community.

    Univision recently caused massive outrage when they decided to conduct an interview with Donald Trump where the interviewer asked him softball questions and refused to fact-check him when he lied about the 2020 election being “stolen.”

    There was even more outrage when it was discovered that Univision decided not to air the campaign ads Biden’s team purchased to be shown on the network.

    This has been making national headlines and other networks and newspapers like MSNBC, NBC, CNN, The Washington Post, etc. have all been questioning the actual motive behind all of this.

    Reports are circulating that Jared Kushner his friends with some of the big wigs at Univision and that some kind of deal was made with his influence.

    This isn’t a minor news story; it’s actually going viral and the backlash against Univision has been pretty significant.

    Apparently, some journalists and news anchors have abruptly resigned in the wake of all of this…plus, a number of Latino American advocacy groups have come out to condemn Univision’s recent actions. Even actor John Leguizamo is calling for a boycott of the network and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus has responded to all of this.

    Many are angry because they feel Univision is pulling the similar political biased stunt that CNN pulled when Chris Licht was their CEO.

    Univision and Trump used to have an uneasy relationship…but, apparently, things have changed.

    Astrologically, I was wondering how the near future looks for Univision and does the network appear to be headed down the same path of misinformation like FOX, Newsmax, and Breitbart?

    Like I said before, Univision is our largest Spanish-language news network and, according to MSNC, many Latino Americans only get their news from this particular source.

    So, Univisioncan yield just as much influence as networks like FOX and CNN.

  6. Hello Marjorie You referenced the Draconic Chart. If you have time please can you give a write up on this – its meaning and purpise and what to look for more generally? Thank you

  7. I read something recently that might explain why Starmer is backing Rishi Sunak over supporting Israel. It is all to do with oil and Israel has granted BP licences to drill in the seas off Gaza and the West Bank. An area that the Palestinians claim is theirs. Israel claims that it is in Israeli waters.

    In the whole time I have lived in Britain, the UK government has always backed oil producing countries. In the 70s I seem to recall the government’s of that period being less friendly to Israel because at that time it wasn’t producing any oil.

    I have simplified the article that I read and I believe it was in The Telegraph. Though I read so many online newspapers I can’t be 100% sure. But given the amount of revenue the British government collects off petrol alone, they are unlikely to change their minds as idealism doesn’t pay the bills, when all is said and done.

    As for any hope of a cease fire: well that will only happen when both sides agree to it. As Hamas absolutely refuses to even consider it, then the only thing that Israel can offer are pauses. So I don’t see this coming to a conclusion any time soon. Though I would like to be wrong on that.

    • I can’t say I see oil figuring largely in Starmer’s mind.
      Lisa Nandy, one of his Cabinet who is also against a ceasefire call said: “What I can’t apologise for is, firstly, the decision that we reached. That calling for a ceasefire at a time you’ve got 200 hostages potentially sitting in tunnels in Gaza, and Hamas rockets flying into Israel … Many people in Israel, including the Israeli government, when they hear the term ‘ceasefire’ hear simply an instruction that they should lay down there and just allow that situation to continue. I don’t see, first of all, how that’s a correct position to hold.”

    • It’s not just about the interests of British companies like BP but Starmer has to sound credible to even our international allies like the US, if he is serious about forming the next government.

      I doubt Labour party will divert from the UK govt stand on big international issues.

  8. Senator wants to make Americans fight again

    “…the Oklahoma Republican is defending his behavior and actively suggesting that threats of violence have a special place in American history that should be revived.”

    “…a return to physical violence could help cure what he derided as a culture of “keyboard warriors” who “go out there and run their mouth all the time, and then they don’t ever have to face the consequences.” ”

    From wiki, born July 26, 1977. Mullin and his wife, Christie Renee Rowan, live in Westville, a few miles from the Arkansas border. No birthplace provided. Mullin is an enrolled citizen of the Cherokee Nation.

    In his opinions, violence is a necessary ingredient of being an American. Another loose cannon…? Thanks.

    • Follow-on…”When campaigning for the 2022 United States Senate special election in Oklahoma, Mullin supported the claim that the 2020 election was stolen from Donald Trump.”

  9. Hi Marjorie, not sure how much you understand about the gerry mandering in the USA. This has been going on for years. Lines were redrawn, and we now have a case in many districts (both Dems and Republicans) are almost 100% one or the other depending on state. In NYC Nancy Pelosi commented on AOC’s district that a glass of water could have won in that district. It has also given rise to the MAGA republicans winning over the moderate Republicans helping to lead to a gridlocked house. 45% of the USA Electorate is now Independents. Which means about 25% identify as republican and about 25% identify as Democrat. So far so good, but then you hear all the pandering in the media about the MAGA base, so we are back to maybe 50% of the Republicans stating they would vote trump, and all the moderates are running scared or quitting or standing up to the whole thing (Kinzinger, Cheney) and then loosing. What this means in real terms is that 12% of the whole USA population decides with Republican is going to run. Hence our problem. The crazy 12%.

    I am a life long Dem, and I love Joe Biden. BUT, many of the Dems (not Biden) have gone too far left for me. I am a moderate and a Centrist.

    I have been trying to figure out which republican I could support if it goes that way. I came up with Nikki Haley and Chris Christie. Jamie Dimion has actually spoken to Nikki. I want someone who is not going to launch us into an Authoritarian overlordship, and won’t drive the country off a cliff if Joe Biden does not win. Trump is putting into place his “Plans” if he wins. I feel the American experiment is not over yet. The kids and the crazies do not understand what is at stake.

    I was reading 55 facts about Nikki Haley everyone should know, and I heard her birth day was January 20, 1972 (no time). I ran her birth chart for a noon birthtime and was blow away by what I saw. I was alerted in that January 20th is traditionally called Presidents day over here in the USA. My uncle has that birthday, and My dad and I had Saturn at that degree. 29degrees Capricorn – and that is why I went to look at her chart.

    Can you please look at Nikki Haley’s chart?

    It is fraught over here. I am beginning to understand Germany in the 30’s.

      • You may be right. I am just starting to really read on that period just now in my life. I am starting with the Great Triumvirate. I have been avoiding the Civil War as my family was directly affected in the last one. Two brothers split up – one with the north, one with the south. They never spoke again and there is a whole branch that is gone. It is a very painful period in the USA.

    • Thanks Marjorie. I wantex the non USA people to understand why this is imprtant. If you are not a registered Republucan you may not vote in the Republican Primary. If you are not a registered Democrat you may not vote in a Democrat Primary. So when the media states that half of all Republicans want DT it means it is only 10% of the population.

      • @LizM, some states don’t have party registration, including my former home of Virginia. You could vote in either primary, but not both. And in other states, like California where I now live, you can easily switch party registration, and in some cases “no party registration” allows voting in one primary but not the other. Of course in California we now have a “jungle” primary, in which the top two vote-getters, regardless of party, go on to the final round.

  10. With the Cabinet reshuffle, Braverman sacking, return of Cameron and now the Rwanda immigration planned halted by UK Supreme Court, plus one of Rishi’s 5 pledges fulfilled with inflation under 5% – it seems like this might be a defining moment.

    We certainly had one of those last summer with the Mars/Uranus/NN conjunction in Taurus and the current astrology has been the counterpoint to it with Sun-Mars-Uranus in Scorpio. I seem to recall it tied into the UK chart, can anyone remember how?

    • It ties into Rishi Sunak’s chart.

      He has Mercury 20°43′ Taurus conjunct Sun 21°52′ Taurus opposite Uranus 23°38′ Я Scorpio.

      On 13th Nov, the day of the reshuffle, we had a New Moon: Mars 22 Scorpio conjunct Moon and Sun both at 22 Scorpio, opposite Uranus at 21 Taurus.

      I think the reshuffle + sacking of Braverman was Rishi’s version of losing his temper.

      • Thanks Candy. Rishi’s obviously got stuff going on in his chart and I see this as making him an agent of change. Just like Cameron had transits when Brexit went down.

        Just wondering how it impacts the bigger picture rather than them personally.

        (Tend to agree with you about Rishi losing his temper. I note he has Aries moon opposite Libra Pluto. Aries moon is usually kneejerk yet he seems to manage to remain calm and think through the options and take revenge when he’s ready – emphasising his Libra Pluto. Braverman, on the other hand, with her Aries Sun opposite Libra Pluto emphasises the Aries “both barrels” approach!)

        • There is a link to the 1801 UK chart which has Neptune at 19 Scorpio in 2nd house square Saturn at 23 Leo in the 11th

          And a link to the 1066 England chart which has Neptune at 22 Taurus in 2nd house

          Also, on 13th Nov, the North Node was at 24 Aries, conjunct the England 1066 ascendant. That ascendant is sensitive. On EU ref day, both Uranus and Ceres were exactly conjunct it.

          (That North Node was also conjunct Rishi’s Moon at 23 Aries, which is conjunct the England 1066 ascendant at 22 Aries).

  11. Hi Marjorie,

    I was wondering if you would take a look at British actress Patricia Routledge. I’m my understanding, after years of living a relatively private life away from the cameras, 94 year old Routledge began making a few public appearances again this year. I know she did a rare television appearance earlier this year and I recently read an interesting interview she gave with a New Zealand lifestyle magazine called Now To Love where she discussed her meetings with the late Queen Elizabeth II and other members of the Royal Family.

    Patricia Routledge is one of my favorite actresses. I first discovered Patricia Routledge back in December 2000 when her 1990s sitcom, Keeping Up Appearances, began airing in syndication on our local PBS station here in Florida. I fell in love with the show. I also enjoyed watching Patricia Routledge in the crime drama series, Hetty Wainthropp Investigates, as well as in the 1967 film, To Sir, With Love.

    Anyway, anything you could possibly share with regards to Patricia Routledge would be greatly appreciated. I would love to see an astrological reading on her. Even though she’s now 94 years old, I’m wondering if she’s decided to make a return to acting. After all, the late Betty White and Angela Lansbury continued acting well into their 90s – all the way until their deaths.

  12. Majorie please do Leo DiCaprio and his new girlfriend Vittoria ceretti’s chart ! We are all excited to see what you think all his fans are waiting!

    Her birth time/place is available on line

  13. What’s the astrology around 300 thousand people protesting for peace and their government doesn’t care? Not to mention the other situations

    Is democracy now just a sound bite?

    • Or maybe we need to rethink the word Democracy?

      Is it at the expense of others? Do we really know what it means or just what it represents to us as a country and individually?
      It’s time to throw this out and see what comes back… hmm..

      • I appreciate it is a construct so
        – is there an astrology for it?
        – Is the ideology being challenged according to the astrology now?
        – or is this just part of the astrological plan.

        Just a few questions of many which cannot be answered by us. Anyway…..


    • This isn’t new. The demos against the Iraq war were far greater, but totally ignored by the Blair government, part of the reason many of us dislike him. Democracy however ….. tricky subject when global conglomerates and even worse, the Zuckerbergs, Musks, etc supercede us all with more power and money than many countries but little accountability, let alone the faceless ones behind AI etc.

    • 300 thousand people attending a rally is not democracy, it is campaigning. Indeed, given that it is not even on a matter of domestic law, but of events occurring in another country, the rally can be called performative art, rather than even campaigning.

      Democracy is when the people, either themselves in a referendum or through their elected representatives, take decisions. One group shouting loudly isn’t democracy.

      Both the above should be distinguished from governance, where the government takes many competing interests into account and weighs the effects any decision would have on the country, on its people and on any specific sub-group. And even in a democracy, there are multiple competing interests, such as the markets (see what happened after Liz Truss’s budget to get a feel of how the markets can impact us on a daily basis) and foreign allies/alliances.

      And if there is one thing that the Brexit referendum has taught us, it is that (a) governance is not a case of giving a majority of people what they voted for and (b) even the will of the people needs to be weighed against other extraneous interests.

      In that context, a march of 300 thousand is not just not democracy, it can be ignored completely.

    • I’m not usually a political worrier but Starmer’s situation concerns me.

      He is due to have his 2nd Saturn return in February and the Labour party having always had leadership problems with Saturn in Pisces (last time in 1994 John Smith died – not suggesting that for Starmer).

      And now tonight, he has lost half of his front bench with 56 of his MPs voting against his will for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. He only 198MPs to choose from.

      And on top of that, Sunak has the opportunity to call an election in May when there is Jupiter-Uranus conjunct on his Sun etc,

      • Yes, not entirely plain sailing any more is it? I’ll look for my notes on the National Governments of the 1930’s, when Uranus was in Taurus. Some people seem to be expecting a 1997 style Labour landslide, but I’m not so sure. If the SNP crumble, then Labour will benefit in Scotland of course. But the current state of the world seems more uncertain than usual, and Parliament may have to all pull together for some reason. 1997 had Venus 18 Taurus (opposite UK Neptune) square Jupiter 19 Aquarius, Uranus 8 Aquarius (square UK Mars), Pluto 4 Sagittarius just past its square to UK Pisces Pluto. Plus more, if you look. You can see the upheaval and energy everywhere with the planets of the time.

        I don’t think Keir Starmer looks very healthy either.

        • Also curious to see Mars 17 Taurus for the Labour Landslide of July 1945. Election held on 5th July, but took time to announce the result as they had to wait for overseas soldiers’ votes to come in.
          Uranus in Gemini approaching opposition to UK Mercury in Sagittarius. Saturn squaring the UK 14Aries/Libra Nodes, and was conjunct them for 1997. Pluto was 8 Leo, opposing that Uranus 8 Aquarius for 1997 – UK Mars in Taurus again, or exact on the 8 Aquarius Mars for 1066!

        • I can’t see it being the predicted landslide either.

          I had this awful vision earlier, on seeing Marjorie’s picture of Tony Blair titled “seeking a mission” that something forces Starmer to step down. Sunak opportunistically calls an election and Blair steps forward to save the Labour Party as an interim leader to get them through the election. Despite my dislike of him I think he probably would deliver a landslide as the Conservative voters who switched to him before would so. And of course, Jupiter-Uranus would work well for Taurus Tony. Not saying it would happen and I assume the Deputy Leader (Rayner?) would step up but …

          As for Starmer’s health, if I recall his chart he has mars in cancer and a bunch of Virgo planets – deep down he is a worrier. There could easily be a lifetime of stress waiting to erupt. Thought his comment on last night’s vote was very Libra moon “I regret that some of my colleagues felt unable to support the position” – you cant regret what someone else does.

          • Starmer’s comment was very Libra Lawyer I think. They love words like ‘regret’, ‘disappointed’, and ‘felt unable’…..also ‘misapprehension’ and ‘mis-spoke’. It’s a very useful kind of spin! Happy to see Marjorie’s comment about Blair, a master of slippery speech with a legal background.

  14. I would like to know if the Suella Braverman letter will have a lasting and detrimental effect on Rishi Sunak and The Conservative Party.

  15. I’d like to ask you about the future of the conservative party
    There’s been a cabinet reshuffle and I want to know if it’ll work out. Seems like the party is in constant crisis and instability. Why is this? What’s going on? Are these changes going to be enough to make the party stronger.
    And what are the odds for the conservatives to win the next election? What do the stars say?

  16. Yvette Cooper rarely fails to impress in the commons and yet like her colleague Harriet Hartman, she has never risen to the very top of the tree. Perhaps she doesn’t care to climb to the top. Your perspective,as ever would be enlightening.
    Thank you

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