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  1. Marjorie, I was wondering if there is anything astrologically that would indicate a people’s revolt?
    At the moment it seems that we are just watching the Westminster bubble’s endless crises and shenanigans hoping that one day they will stop.
    The 2016 and both 2019 elections could be seen as pointers. Will the 2024 election be equally pivotal? Personally I find it increasingly difficult to vote for anyone or any party in local or national elections. The situation is dire without indication of improvement.
    Thank you as always.

  2. Is Ben Roberts-Smith worth a look? Was touted as Australia’s greatest living war hero. Reputation now in tatters but is doubling down on his position.

      • Thank-you. That is some chart and with exalted Uranus in the middle of those Scorpio planets. If you’re a soldier, with that much Scorpio, I don’t think there’s much doubt about one’s ability to commit war crimes. It’s them or us, love or hate. And reading a bit about the trial and how his special forces mate said they were only cooperating because they’d been subpoenaed to – another example of being part of the in-group or out.

        Maybe with his Uranus half-return just gone and saturn opposition coming up next year, he will find the space to reflect and rehabilitate himself.

  3. Just a comment on astrological archetypes – particularly of the mutables which are about information and knowledge.

    The report is finally out on Boris Johnson and whether he lied about Partygate. I hadn’t thought too much about this recently, but it’s clear “Of course he lied. They were having multiple parties regularly and breaking all sorts of covid rules they set”. That’s clear-headed Sag thinking stepping back and looking at the bigger picture.

    Yet somehow, we allow people to introduce facts and muddy the water. Johnson is a Gemini, they love facts and there is always an argument. And then you have Virgo which can overwhelm itself with detail to the point where it can’t see the wood for trees. And Pisces can see the bigger picture but it’s emotional, kind nature wants to let people off for doing what they felt was right.

    I’m not writing about Johnson per se. You could look back at Bill Clinton and his denials of sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky. It’s damn obvious he was having them but he weaseled out of it with words and definitions.

    I don’t quite know why society has become so willing to give miscreants passes for things they’ve obviously done but which there might not be provable evidence for the definition. I guess it is the downside of the Enlightenment and the move to scientific reason. The downside of all this is you end up with less trust and people trying to create more rules/definitions to pin things down.

    • One thing always sticks in my mind about Gemini from a simple sun sign book. If you put Gemini on the Ascendant then Pisces rules the midheaven which in negative mode can be slippery.

      Why people in general prefer to believe the lies and evasions? It makes their lives more comfortable. If they faced the truth they might have to get off their asses and actually do something.

      • I have Neptune in my 7th-8th, so I’ve always been willing to give people the benefit of the doubt. It was easier, it avoided confrontation but there was also an egolessness of me just not being sure I knew better.

        It took a particularly bad experience with one individual (transit Neptune square Asc/Desc) to realise that I had to look at the series of events rather than individual ones. Person in question always had a plausible excuse for every mishap until I eventually realised it was simply a series of lies.

        I was talking to a friend about it last week, as he had just gone through something similar that dragged on for 2-3yrs – not helped by the pandemic. When I last saw him 18mths ago and it was in the early stages, my inkling was he should have bailed but he already had some sunk costs. That’s part of the problem – sunk costs – both psychological and material – stop people taking action.

        In recent years, since Saturn went over my descendant I have become more confrontational, ask difficult questions and bail early with anyone who isn’t doing their part towards the matter. I guess that was the lesson I had to learn with Neptune in my 8th – too much giving and needing to expect more in return.

    • Is there anything in Johnson’s chart that would indicate a clash or weakness with female lawyers/ legislators or the law generally? He has met his match in Lady Hale ( Supreme Court) now Harriet Harman and of course his long suffering ex wife is a lawyer and the divorce reparations were allegedly brutal , probably justifiably !

  4. Hello Marjorie.

    Putin could become quite nervous (threatened?) from Ukr advances in its counter-attacks. What astro signature would suggest a nuclear response from Russia?

    Many blog postings have strongly opposed such actions by Putin but…when a wild animal feels cornered, anything is possible.

    I know several posters who would condemn my suggestion.

    Thanks in advance.

    • @larryc, I don’t think Putin is a “wild animal”. He is another (likely) Libran narcissist, who can well brush any failure under the rug and keep going, just like his “buddy” Silvio Berlusconi did. Because while popular psychology books sold to NPD abuse survivors would like to make us believe NPDs can be hurt, and there’s a chance for vindication, when this happens, it’s very momentary. Example from Berlusconi bio: He effectively lost his political power in Italy after his last PM stint in late 2011. His party never recovered, either. Yet, he continued to act as he was if not the king, the kingmaker, to the very end. He had to be talked out of seeking what’s mostly a honorary role of President of Republic by his eldest daughter Marina as late as early 2022, when his health had already deteriorated significantly.

      • Larry & Solaia – The image of a cornered animal is one Vladimir Putin used in his autobiography in 2000. Perhaps, even probably true, perhaps also used for dramatic effect and to send a message:

        “Once I spotted a huge rat and pursued it down the hall until I drove it into a corner. It had nowhere to run. Suddenly it lashed around and threw itself at me. I was surprised and frightened. Now the rat was chasing me. Luckily, I was a little faster and I managed to slam the door shut in its nose. There, on that stair landing, I got a quick and lasting lesson in the meaning of the word cornered.”

    • Not a remotely astrological reply, but I know a Russian woman – we rarely mention The War, but she told me the other day that the Siege of Leningrad lives long in the memory of the Russian people as a symbol of Never Give In, Never Surrender, and that is the code they live by. Don’t cry, don’t collapse, just keep going and you’ll win in the end. So Putin, having sallied forth so gaily back in March ’22, so sure of his “special military operation” being but a walk in the park, has no choice but to keep going no matter what. The Russian psyche won’t allow anything else.

  5. Johnson, Moon in Scorpio at 0 degees

    Sturgeon, Mars in Leo at 0 degrees

    Berlusconi, Venus in Scorpio at 0 degrees.

    Pluto’s ingress into Aquarius is having a pretty powerful effect on the political stage right now.

    • Please don’t say so.

      I’m not in politics, but my Ascendant is at 1 Cancer, so I hope that Pluto at 0-1 Aquarius (my eighth House) does not hit it too much.

      On that point, I moved to a new city and a new career when Pluto was at 0-1 Capricorn and my life was redefined, in a positive way, even though I was stressed out for a few years due to the deep change.

      • Inconjuncts I’ve found less impactful so I hope that transit isn’t too onerous. Had a horrendous transit Pluto conjunct my Moon in Scorpio and survived many years ago, so hope that it’s forthcoming square to my Moon is less dramatic.

  6. The Unabomber, Theodore Kaczynski, born May 22, 1942, Chicago, Illinois, and the exceptionally destructive former FBI counterespionage agent turned Soviet spy/mole (and weird sexual pervert) Robert Hanssen, born April 18, 1942, also in Chicago, have died this week, both in federal prison serving life sentences. Their astrology might be interesting.

    Thanks for considering them.

  7. This is an out-there thought, but it seems that terrorism (in the public sphere) is not really a new or modern thing. It has been there for at least a hundred years. Just the ideology pushing terrorism acts have changed.

    The 1880s to 1900 saw many anarchists carrying out the “Propaganda of the Deed”, the most famous one being the murder of Empress Sisi, for no reason other than she was well-known.

    The 1960s to 1980s were the “Anni di piombo” (Years of lead) in Italy, and also saw far-right and far-left terrorist activity in France and Germany (Bader-Meinhof Group comes to mind), in addition to the terrorism with its roots in territorial disputes in the UK, the Middle East and the Indian sub-continent.

    Since the 2000s, the focus has been on Islamic terrorism.

    I wonder, Marjorie, if these patterns of terrorism (anarchism, socio-economic and religious) can be understood with reference to the stars and the zodiac.

    • Very interesting thought, UM. But not sure how one would define it – other than terrorist groups and plots? Would Guy Fawkes be a terrorist do you think? This is from History Today, for interest:

      “Britain has not always favoured a tough line against terrorism. During most of the nineteenth century she gave shelter to many of the most violent revolutionaries of the time. Some of them used her as a base from which to launch murderous attacks on the continent. The most notorious was Felice Orsini, whose Birmingham-made bomb slaughtered twelve innocent bystanders in the course of an attempt on the life of the French emperor in January 1858. Foreign conservatives were enraged at this, and even suspected Britain of deliberately nurturing terrorist plots against them for reasons of her own. When they asked her to co-operate with them to put down terrorism internationally, she always – from the 1840s right through to the eve of the First World War – refused. This gave her a reputation in Victorian times rather like Libya’s and Syria’s today.”

      • If your question is about defining terrorism, how about “ideologically motivated violence to force social change”?

        And yes, Guy Fawkes was a terrorist.

        I also know that today’s terrorist is tomorrow’s hero (always worth remembering when calling somebody a terrorist).

        In the 19th century, the UK held itself up as the paragon of free speech, at least in Europe anyway, which is why the UK’s reaction was different to the countries on the continent.

  8. Re Marjorie’s last post on Boris Johnson -” tr Saturn then squares his Sun/Jupiter midpoint until early July – Ebertin describes this as bringing a negative state of mind, incapability and incompetence, loss of good fortune or loss of employment, lack of success. It isn’t hugely strong and Ebertin tends to be overly dramatic in his interpretations but it will undoubtedly damp his normal exuberance. These Saturnine discouragers including his second Saturn Return repeat on and off till February 2024. With a blocked tr Saturn opposition his Pluto in 2024.” May 30th, 2023

    And here we are! Although I’m never totally sure about Solar Returns, BJ’s will have Sun square Neptune, and a New Moon square Neptune on 18th June. The Lunar Eclipse at 15 Scorpio on his Neptune opposition Jupiter in May may have something to do with today’s exit stage left too. However, revenge is a dish best served cold and this departure may not bring the results and attention he craves. Cue tiny violins…..

    • A swift glance at the Solar Return (Placidus) shows Ascendant 26 Pisces, conjunct Neptune – setting the tone for the year ahead? MC 28 Sagittarius opposite his Gemini Sun and Juno, the marriage and partnership asteroid conjunct the IC. Ceres 29 Virgo is conjunct the Vertex in the 7th house of partners and open enemies……Saturn conjunct the Part of Fortune in the hidden 12th house. Perhaps this Solar Return is trying to tell us something.

    • Yeah, though not sure when the judge will deliver. I was going to do Chelsy Davy and then I thought she never asked to be dragged back into the headlines – he really has utterly no self-awareness, insight or understanding of other people.

  9. Nadine Dorris has just resigned as an MP. She’s always been outspoken and there seems to be a mystery and disappointment about her hopes for a mention in the Honours List. She’ll have more time to write romantic novels now! Could you show us her chart, please Marjorie?

      • Hmm will wait to see the reaction when the full report is published on Monday. Might change attitudes though Rishi Sunak and the Tory Party’s charts are both having acute wobbles.

    • Another Sun Gemini plus Venus and Neptune at zero Scorpio. Geminis not doing well with Pluto retrograding back into Capricorn.

  10. Hi Marjorie, the only Green MP Caroline Lucas is standing down, for very understandable reasons. I always admired her integrity and strength of character – the only MP I ever wholeheartedly trusted. For all her hard work, and the climate emergency, strangely, the Greens haven’t made it big in Britain – first past the post doesn’t help, of course. It would be intriguing to have an astro-analysis. Thank you.

    • And, I ‘ve just read that she is training to be a death doula – a ‘midwife’, of sorts, to the dying! That’s a change of track, for sure!

  11. Marjorie any thoughts on Woking Borough Council effectively declaring itself bankrupt. The scale of the insolvency is spectacular with the local authority managing to rack up £2 billion of debt on property speculation. Even more remarkable is the fact the Councils total income is little more than £20 million from a population of 100,000 people. One wonders how it was allowed to borrow so much. Most of the money has come from the Public Works Loan Book which is run by central government and was set up by David Cameron/George Osborne. Woking is just the most recent and most extreme example of Councils getting into trouble through excessive borrowing to fund property speculation. Other examples are Croydon, Spelthorne and Thurrock so there is obviously something wider wrong. Ironically the Johnson government in a rare moment of fiscal sanity actually clamped down on PWLB lending early in 2020 by putting it under Treasury control but sadly the horse had already bolted.

    The current Woking Borough Council was created on 1st April 1974 as part of the general reorganisation of local authorities under the Local Government Act 1972. Looking at the chart there is a Pluto transit opposition natal Moon, Saturn transit Conjunct Jupiter, Neptune transit square natal Saturn at the moment impacting all the authorities created at that time. I wonder what else is in play

    • £2 billion is an awful lot of money – how on earth were they allowed to get that far down the road? Will think about it tomorrow. I never got Cameron – always thought he was an empty shell on the outside with disturbing traits kept out of sight – and Osborne was pretty much what he looked, a wide boy.
      Maybe all just part and parcel of UK’s decline and financial mismanagement – Uranus through the 8th elbowing all the UK’s Fixed planets etc etc. And from memory the infamous tr Uranus North Node at 18 degrees was opposing the UK’s 2nd house financial Neptune recently….

    • I have friends who live in Woking area so have seen the creation of three large tower blocks in the town. It’s something of an eyesore – even from where they live a couple of miles away. I believe the idea was that no-one need parking as there are good commuter trains straight into London.

      On paper, I guess it all sounded like a good idea as it solves a housing issue, as well as potentially making the council a decent profit and bringing in more residents to pay council tax, shop and use local amenities.

      Reality, it doesn’t seem to have worked out. I’m not sure how three highrise blocks can add up to over £2 billion. Are they really costing over £750million each?!? Seems unlikely. I think the pandemic did cause delays which might have upped the interest owing.

      Cynically speaking, I thought all these road schemes, cycle lane creations and now this Public Loans Work Banks were just another Tory scheme for putting public money into their mates’ pockets.

    • George Osborne’s austerity drive starting in 2010 prompted many councils to invest in property enterprises to raise money to fill gaping holes in their budgets. In Woking it included a complex of sky-high towers – standing as the tallest buildings outside a big city in England – including a four-star Hilton hotel, public plazas, parking facilities and shops. Most of the spending was financed by an obscure arm of the Treasury – the Public Works Loan Board. But it had failed for 15 years to set aside enough money to keep up with payments on a vast debt pile amassed under its former Tory leadership. Its debts are forecast to hit £2.6bn and are so significant they could have an impact on the national government finances.
      Not sure what astrology has to say – except 2010 saw both Neptune and Uranus on the cusp of shifting signs – into Pisces and Aries respectively. And Pluto was in early Capricorn heading to conjunct the UK Sun.
      Can maybe blame it all on Pluto in Capricorn?

  12. Hi Marjorie,

    We just had breaking news today (Thursday, June 08, 2023) that Donald Trump has officially been indicted by a federal grand jury empaneled by special counsel Jack Smith. Trump is facing seven charges of processing secret and classified documents.

    Trump even posted on his Truth Social account that he has been indicted and he will be required to appear before a Miami, Florida jury next Tuesday.

    The far-right MAGA extremists are screaming and crying “witch hunt!” all over social media and even some of the the far-left extremists (who are basically useful idiots to conservative causes since they tend to try and manipulate center-left people into supporting their delusional candidates) are also panicking over this.

    I was wondering if you had any astrological insights to this unfolding event.

    Oh, and Christian fundamentalist Evangelist died today at age 93.

    It turned out to be a good day today.

    • Be careful what you wish for because if Trump isn’t the nominee then it will be DeSantis, and unless Trump runs a third party campaign DeSantis will probably beat Biden in the general election.

      • @ Roderick,

        I disagree. I think Biden and Harris will be fine. DeSantis is no longer as popular (even here in Florida) as you seem to think he is. That six week abortion ban has already gotten him enough hatred from women voters (even the Republican ones) in this state.

      • @Roderick, I understand why current and past Florida residents are shaken, but it’s quite possible DeSantis won’t even make it to Republican nominee. I may need to check this later, but think his astrology isn’t stellar, either. There’s a reason everybody and their dog entered Republican race within a week. Their political strategists clearly think they can beat DeSantis, if not otherwise, by raising more money.

        • @ Solaia, I am waiting to see what happens to DeSantis when Uranus exactly squares Desantis’s Aquarius moon at 22 degrees. Uranus is within two degrees of orb plus or minus right now, and he’s all over the place with blowback from illegally flying migrants to California and his never-ending crusade against Disney.

      • If Desantis hangs on till early 2024 then he’ll be on an upswing and he looks cheerful when Trump is poleaxed over the republican convention in July 2024.

        • @ Marjorie,

          Well, if DeSantis does manage to win the Republican nomination, I still can’t see him winning the general election. DeSantis is actually running further to the right of Donald Trump. Women’s reproductive rights is a top issue with women voters right now….I don’t think DeSantis is going to appeal to them given that he just signed a 6 week abortion ban here in Florida. Also, DeSantis has been banning books and ethnic studies programs at universities. None of this is going to appeal to the general electorate.

          • @Chris, I believe that you’re sticking your head in the sand because I believe that there will be a low voter turnout for the 2024 election, and you’re underestimating the potency of how anti-gay and anti-woman this country is.
            IIRC Pluto will be in the last degree of Capricorn during the 2024 election which seems to be a good thing for Republicans.

        • Unfortunately, DeSantis has enough money to hang on until the Iowa caucuses because he is being backed by several billionaire donors and with Trump in legal trouble DeSantis will look more attractive alternative.

          • @ Roderick,

            I am not sticking my head in the sand. I’m just an optimistic person.

            Also, my Mother is also an astrologer and I asked her about her about the Pluto in Capricorn aspect in 2024. She offered a detailed explanation that that alone doesn’t indicate a Republican victory.

            My Mother and I took a look and saw that during the election in 2024, Biden has transiting Pluto 29 Cap that will trine his Neptune and his Uranus creating an Aries Point Grand Air Trine. Transiting Neptune 27 Pisces will trine his Scorpio 27 Sun and Scorpio 28 Venus and the transiting Neptune will trine his natal Rx Jupiter 25 Cancer and form a Grand Water Trine. Transiting Rx Saturn 12 Pisces will trine his Mars 12 Scorpio. Also Mercury 5 Sag trines his Rx Pluto 7 Leo.

            These are pretty favorable aspects….so, I wouldn’t count President Biden out.

          • @ Chris. Democrats aren’t going to win 2024 on abortion alone.

            Although Democrats did ok in Congress, Democrats got slaughtered on the state level especially in Florida but you already know that.

            Americans are suffering economically, but Biden and the Democrats aren’t addressing this.

            Democrats need to let Americans know that they feel their pain like Clinton or they are going to lose their shirts in November 2024 and the dictator of Florida will become the Dictator of America.

          • @ Roderick,

            I still disagree with you. I think Biden and Harris are in a very strong position to win reelection. The only people complaining are far-lefties (because Biden and Harris are apparently not “woke” enough) and the far-right clowns (who think Biden and Harris are “radical leftists”). Those of us who are center-left (like me) or purely moderate understand the trials and tribulations Biden and Harris are going through – they’ve been handed a mess to clean up and many of us are grateful for what they’ve been able to accomplish (given an extremely politically polarized and emotionally charged electorate).

            I never said abortion alone was going to seal reelection for Biden and Harris – there are many other issues voters will be focused on too: protecting Social Security, protecting Medicare and Medicaid, protecting Obamacare, helping Ukraine and Taiwan, and upholding democracy. These are all very important issues to many voters.

            Continuing military and humanitarian aid to Ukraine and U.S. foreign policy alone are going to be my top issues going into 2024. Biden and Harris are fully committed.

            Anyway, in addition to discussing the 2024 election with my Mother (who, as I mentioned earlier, is an astrologer herself and has been for almost 50 years), I’ve consulted 3 other professional astrologers (one of whom I’ve been consulting for personal readings since 2001) and 2 professional Tarot readers. They’re readings are suggest 2024 will be a politically turbulent year….but they still see Biden and Harris victorious.

            I didn’t ask any of them to look at the Senate races….given the map for next year…I don’t see the U.S. Senate moving in the Democrats’ direction.

  13. from Las vegas news today: “In my backyard. I swear to God this is not a joke, this is actually — we’re terrified,” he added.

    “They’re very large. They’re like 8 foot, 9 feet, 10 foot. They look like aliens to us. Big eyes. They have big eyes. Like, I can’t explain it. And big mouth. They’re shiny eyes and they’re not human. They’re 100% not human,” he claimed.

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