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  1. Marjorie – Please could you take a look at the chart of Martin Lewis the Money-Saving expert. I am struck by his passion and empathy for many who are struggling with finances at this time. He does look to be very stressed at the moment and full of anger with companies and politicians alike. He was recently refused a place in the House of Lords.

    Thank you in advance if you are able to do this.

  2. Picking up on VF’s comment under another post about Pluto in Aqua opposition Pluto Leo generation, do you have any thoughts about the effects of this Marjorie?

    • This question has been asked a number of times on the site Zita. The lack of a posting suggests that there might not be much that is positive to say about this transit…..

      • I think we need to be careful of relying of generational classifications too much, because it doesn’t allow for things like class – which is a problem when you are generalising for masses of people.

        Having said that, I think the Pluto in Scorpio period, from the lead up Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Libra to the triple conjunction in Capricorn, caused something of a split in this cohort that among other things prepared the ground for the very early seeds of brexit. But that’s a post that’s too long for today. Suffice to say, Pluto in Leo projects a very strong group identity, but the Neptune in Libra is often overlooked. Perhaps Pluto in Aqua may challenge that a bit

        • It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out. I also think we should be careful of generational classifications – Pluto first enters Leo in 1938, although in and out of the sign. Neptune is then in Virgo. Neptune then enters Libra in 1942, and towards the end of Pluto’s time in Leo tips into Scorpio. Pluto enters Virgo in 1957, moving back and forth a bit and finally exits in 1958. So the wartime babies will have had a different kind of beginning to those born post WW2 (some may never have known their Dads for instance), and there’s a twenty year period with Neptune in three signs. Not to mention Uranus and Saturn, the aspects they make, and the various elements and signs combined. Twenty years is a long time when you’re very young, and a teenager in, say, 1962 had Pluto in Leo alongside someone still at primary school.

          • Very pertinent comments Tara and Jane. I was thinking when I posted, of how badly the Pluto in Cancer generation, in particular, have been affected by the pandemic.

    • Not really – it is an end of life staging post. I don’t mean everything stops thereafter but it is fairly similar to the mid life crisis of ages 38 to 42 with the Pluto square natal Pluto, tr Uranus opposition Uranus and tr Neptune square natal Neptune. Except this time round it is a Uranus Return, with tr Neptune opposition Neptune and tr Pluto opposition Pluto.
      In their eighties individuals will be reviewing their lives, pulling away from certain aspects of the past and coming to terms with what lies ahead.

  3. Good morning Marjorie!
    Now there are reports of a new Langha virus emanating out of China?
    See the papers today.
    Thank you if you comment.

    • Omg, I’m now beginning to wonder if these are being manufactured because nature can’t be this cruel. It’s like there’s a conveyor belt of viruses these days.

      • Actually, that is nature! Also, so, far, those humans who’ve been sick with this particular virus have a mild illness–it’s not deadly.

        There was some minor flooding in my yard yesterday and I fretted about mosquitos laying eggs. We’ve a new mosquitos that is out in the daytime (this is new for Southern California). We’ve had West Nile Disease spread through them.

        I thought about the bugs laying eggs in the puddle and then the thought came into my head: the natural world is filled with all sorts of challenges–predators and prey, parasites, geologic events, weather… The mosquitos & West Nile are just one of many “dangers” out there. It’s easy to forget in this time that our ancestors faced this stuff all the time.

        • For what it’s worth, I was reading about Wilma Rudolph – an Olympic athlete who survived childhood polio. The author was saying how a few hundred years ago, children would have been exposed to polio virus as babes due to lack of sanitation and hygiene. Therefore the weak were eliminated in their early years and resistance was endemic throughout the population. When towns and cities began to get proper sewerage and water treatment, the endemic resistance dropped and catching it in adulthood became possible. The author mentioned how growing up in the 1940s everybody would avoid the beach if there was a polio epidemic going on. Eventually vaccination was developed and polio is no longer an issue. But the general points of the story apply to all viruses.

          • And today they announced that all children aged 1 – 9 will be offered a polio vaccine in, I think London or maybe the whole of the UK. Traces of the virus are in waste water here, in NYC, and Israel apparently. I had an uncle who’d had polio, very disabled man but thankfully able to work, get married, and live a remarkably full life even when confined to a wheelchair. It is an awful virus. Some of this apparent resurgence of viruses could be Neptune in Pisces? I’m thinking of the health implications of Pisces, as well as the boundary-less nature of the combination – so much more world travel, hence viruses spread faster?

          • Just reading the BBC article and it says the London resurgence is because some countries around the world use a vaccine that contains live polio in it whereas the typical UK one contains an inactive sample to trigger the immune response.

            The problem in London has only been found in the sewage system rather than anyone actually catching it but analysis of the samples suggests it has begun to spread “beyond a close network of a few individuals”.

            The concern is if it gets a hold and starts to mutate it could transform into something our current vaccinations cannot handle.

            Astrological signature, I guess it’s not just Neptune in Pisces. The pushback on vaccinations began during Uranus/Neptune in Aqua (non-conformity) because of Wakefield. But also, another of Blair’s crimes to refuse to say whether his baby son had the all-in-one MMR jab left a cross-section of parents refusing it. The anti-vax movement has strengthened through the Pluto in Cap (disbelief of authorities) and Uranus in Aries (“it’s my choice and right”) era.

          • Yes, GnarlyDude—my mother spoke of how, when she was growing up (she was a “Great Depression baby”) they would avoid any crowded places, especially during the summer, for fear of polio. This was southern USA.

        • Back in the 1950’s, as kids, we simply swallowed the sugar cube. Kids always like sugar… Mentioned the re-emergence to my PCP, his response was “Nope, you don;t need the sugar cube any more”.

          • I remember being given the sugar cube back in the 70s as a “reward” for having been good during the needle in the arm vaccine I’d just had for something else. Nice little white lie!

            It’s now delivered as part of a 4-in-1 jab which explains your PCP’s comment.

        • Exactly–nature just is.
          Actually…I’ve been thinking about this a lot:
          1970 (when USA celebrated 1st Earth Day)–a little under 3 billion people on this planet.
          now – over 8 billion people

          We might want to re-think which creatures are the parasites.
          Other species have been here much, much longer than humans–these populations stayed more in balance with the populations of the other species in the same ecosystems.

          Perhaps it’s an unconscious thing–people refusing vaccine would lower the human population. That seems foolish to me, but…people do what they do. More likely, because we’ve rarely had health events like co-vid, people haven’t experienced the horror of what measles or polio can do and so they don’t understand what they are choosing.

  4. I’m noticing the Full moon overnight Thurs/Friday is falling at 19Leo/Aqua square to Uranus and the nodes. Mars will be applying to a trine with Pluto. A lot seems to be happening this week and building up.

  5. Given yesterday’s events and probably another week ahead of them, but I’ll ask and have to re John Sweeney the Presenter/Reporte/Writer who has major backbone and cojones.
    Born 7 June 1958 in St. Helier, Jersey.
    And thank you if you comment Marjorie, was some news week already!

  6. Marjorie,

    It’s been reported that Australian actress and singer Olivia Newton-John had just died. I was wondering if you had any astrological insights you could share regarding her life and career

  7. The FBI has raided Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home!!! It’s about effing time. Astrologically, how does this tie in with the Mars-Uranus-North Node thing (for lack of a better term LOL)? What’s next for Agent Orange? Jail maybe? Fingers crossed.
    Pray tell. Many thanks in advance.

    • Also, Marjorie, if you look at this event, include the GOP party because…omg! All the public figure republicans are complaining about the FBI and ANY other US law enforcement agency as being corrupt. Twitter is lit–Marco Rubio, Pompeo, and then the trolls-Getz, Marjorie Taylor Greene etc.

      I wouldn’t be surprised to see good old Q rise up and become active again.

      Their script keeps saying that the actions of the Attorney General and FBI are like 3rd world countries. It coordinated messaging. (probably to counter what the Dems will use in ads because Republicans refused to limit the cost of insulin, refused to aide veterans, are threatening social programs of the elderly. They have nothing to run on & democrats have lots that can help them win a majority this fall.

      Also–FOX has gone wild with it–same theme.

      Notice, also, the raid and the drama come right after the Senate’s passage of this great bill – IRA, which has stuff that seriously deals with the climate crisis.

    • Hi Marjorie
      Salman Rushdie has been stabbed in the neck according to this evening’s news. He was in New York at the time, upstate, Chautauqua. Please have a look at his chart? Thank you.

  8. “The Empress” is a new six part Netflix series, due to air in September this year based on the remarkable life of ‘Sisi’, Empress Elisabeth of Austria & Hungary (24 December 1837 at 22:43, Place München, Germany), wife of Emperor Franz Josef I. Could you have a look at her astrology, Marjorie along with Franz Josef I (18 August 1830, 9.23 Vienna)? I’ve always been intrigued by the Austrian Royal family and will be watching this.

    • Forget to mention Sissi’s overbearing Mother-in-law, Princess Sophie of Bavaria (27 January 1805, Munich). Many thanks.

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