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  1. Hi Marjorie,

    Today (Wednesday, August 03, 2022) marks the 8 year anniversary of the Yazidi Genocide which was carried out by ISIS. In August 2014, between 5,000 & 12,000 innocent Yazidis lost their lives near Şingal. Over 5,000 Yazidi girls, women, and some boys were sold into slavery to be used as concubines and domestic servants. The Yazidi boys sold into slavery were indoctrinated with radical Salafi Muslim ideology and trained to become front line ISIS fighters and suicide bombers.

    With the exception of a handful of human rights activists, German lawmakers, and the Kurdish diaspora, much of the world continues to ignore the the plight of the Yazidi ethno-religious group and hardly anyone in the West mentions them when discussing persecuted peoples of the world.

    I was wondering if you had any astrologer thoughts or insights to share regarding the Yazidis and their tragic ongoing plight. Their spiritual leaders claim they’ve been the victims of over 74 genocides throughout their existence.

    Yazidi Genocide survivor, Nobel Peace Prize Laurette, and human rights activist, Nadia Murad, has probably become the most well known Yazidi worldwide. Her mother and 6 of her brothers and step-brothers were murdered by ISIS and she was sold into slavery before managing to escape. I read her memoir, “The Last Girl: My Story of Captivity, and My Fight Against the Islamic State” back in January. Murad also recently did an interview with Elle Magazine – which I also read.

    Anyway, anything you could share from an astrological perspective regarding the Yazidi Genocide would be greatly appreciated. Or, anything you could share regarding Nadia Murad would be great too. I know Nadia Murad was born March 10, 1993 in Kocho, Iraq and her birth time unknown.

  2. A Uranus-Mars-Nodes comment, inspired by yesterday’s exhilarating women’s football triumphant Lionesses. Although women’s football goes back a long way, the first recorded women’s match is 9th May, 1881, at Edinburgh. It featured Mrs Graham’s XI, Scotland vs England. The Sun was at 18 Taurus – and what better transit to it than revolutionary Uranus, sporty Mars, and the cheering crowds of the Nodes?!

    There was a big stellium in Taurus on that day in 1881 – Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, and Chiron (17). Mars at 27 Pisces trines BML at 25 Cancer. Curiously, Sarina Wiegman (England’s manager) has her BML at 25 Cancer, opposing Mars at 23 Capricorn, sextile Pluto 26 Virgo, and trine Neptune 27 Scorpio. Sarina’s Saturn at 5 Taurus is conjunct 1881’s Saturn/Jupiter conjunction in Taurus too. Some interesting echoes around history’s stadium?

    • Also worth noting – FIFA, 21 May, 1904 has Sun 18 Taurus, conjunct Venus and Mercury, square Saturn at 20 Aquarius. FIFA’s Moon is 19 Leo.

      • Thank you GD! I made a mistake – FIFA Sun is Gemini. But Venus (16) and Mercury (18) are conjunct in Taurus, square Saturn at 20 Aquarius for their Saturn return this year. Saturn opposite the Moon etc is interesting too, perhaps not an entirely positive attitude in the past towards women’s football……but as they see the potential for making money, they will change.

        • Have not followed this at all. But have seen Twitter comments (‘wherever she goes, success follows’…) regarding the influential role of Baroness Sue Campbell (10/10/1948) in English women’s football. She seems to be a trailblazer and has been the director of women’s football since 2018. Her chart could be worth a look.

  3. Hi Marjorie
    I’ve just heard that Nancy Pelosi is going to Taiwan on August 4th and the Chinese Government had threatened to ‘intercept/shoot down’ her plane as she enters Taiwan – what the Chinese Government regard as sovereign airspace.

    Would you be able to do a chart for her please?



    • Nichelle Nichols of Star Trek fame has passed away at 89. I hope you can have a look at her natal chart? Her influence has inspired more than one generation. Thank you.

    • Sounh – uranus in aqua from 1995 – 2003 … overlapping with neptune in aqua (1997-2010). Also Saturn in Aries / Taurus from 1996-2001.

      All of which contributes to a poor sense of self and inability to look inwards and deal with anxiety.

  4. I posted this on the previous questions & comments at the end and don’t know if you saw this.

    Marjorie, Diana Kennedy, British-born chronicler of Mexican cuisine, died a few days ago in Mexico at 99. She was born 3 March 1923, Loughton, England.

    Could you take a look, please? She led an extraordinary life, especially after the death of her husband Paul, a New York Times Central America correspondent, explaining the complexities of Mexican cuisine to the world. Thanks so much!

  5. Just a comment as I’ve already put in two requests this week.

    Rebekah Vardy lost the Wagatha Christie libel trial against Colleen Rooney. Not so interested in the latter but wondering why Vardy went through with this. It’s very reminiscent of the Streisand Effect where Barbara Streisand went through the courts to get photos of her cliff top house removed and in the process made it all the more prominent.

    None of this stuff that occurred in 2019 would be remembered if she had just let it settle. Instead she’s cost herself (her husband?) millions, outed herself as an untrustworthy witness and there are probably going to be TV dramas or films made which will take it all to a wider audience.

    I guess it’s her 28Aqua sun trine 26 Libra Pluto (which is conjunct 21Lib Saturn) and the latter square 24 Capricorn Venus – turn the reputational stuff into life-or-death. And all of it being undone since the case started by transiting Pluto.

    Even now, she rejects the judge’s verdict even though she would obviously have been happy with it had it gone her way. Think that’s down to her Sag moon perhaps being conjunct Neptune – delusional about her truth. She’s going through her transiting Neptune square Neptune now too. Undoing some of those self-deceptions.

    Really interesting to look at astrologically. She’s still got transiting Saturn to deal with on her Aqua Sun next year.

    Anyone else got thoughts on it?

    • Yes GD, I thought of Marjorie’s discussion on Sun/Pluto and how the aspects between these two planets can be about the refusal to admit defeat and the conviction of rightness, so it comes as no surprise that Vardy has the trine in air as well as the square with Venus that you mention. It is baffling that Vardy could ever think she had a chance of winning this case, but her character is such that I have a hard time believing that she would listen to good legal advice or reason. Will she learn from this? I doubt it.

      • Indeed, having reached 40 with apparently not a shred of self-reflection; it’s highly unlikely she starts learning now.

        When I think about it, I wonder if she hasn’t needed this drama and legal battle the past few years as a way to avoid doing the inner work Pluto has been trying to create.

    • ‘Even now, she rejects the judge’s verdict even though she would obviously have been happy with it had it gone her way. ‘

      Reminds me of Amber Heard and her verdict.

      • Amber with her Sun opposition Pluto – making the point VF was referring to from past writings by Marjorie. Both Heard and Vardy showing in court that they are unreliable witnesses.

        Blame the judge. Blame her legal team. Blame the way the law is written. The things they can blame before they consider it’s their own actions is long.

  6. On a lighter note than politics, can you look at Beyonce’s chart? She just launched another album with raving reviews. She has NN in Cancer at 29 degrees so she’s on a karmic mission.

  7. Considering the recent demise of the Tavistock clinic would you please revisit Stonewall UK?

    Perhaps also exploring Allison Bailey winning case against employers, Garden Chambers (advised by Stonewall).

    Thank you.

  8. Comment for discussion (if any takers) – mentioned on the news that two energy companies (Centrica owns British Gas and Shell) made huge profits. At a time when energy bills are soaring for us all.

    What struck me is that it’s the Leo New Moon tonight and this feels like a version of the Marie Antoinette’s and the rich having no idea how the poor are living.

    I wonder whether Pluto in Aquarius may overturn many of the corporations we’ve got used to. It’s the corporate interests that drive the decisions (especially in US politics) over the interests of the common people.

    • GD – have a look at Centrica’s founding date planetary line-up for 17 February, 1997. It has Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Uranus in Aquarius! Venus (£) at 17 is in line for the Uranus Mars Nodes conjunction. It’s interesting how that connects with the unions and what SarahK says here about the General Strike in 1926. All connecting, I think, with Martin Lewis’ comments and warnings about the energy crisis and the population. And the UK’s own gas and oil Neptune. Although one would have to look at a wider range of locations/companies, since the crisis isn’t just here. What do you think? In any case, Centrica will have a lengthy Pluto transit from 5 degrees to the Sun at 28 Aqua. Should be transformative?

      • The Centrica chart is a power house at the 5deg mark (no pun intended).

        It has the Aqua Jupiter-Uranus conjunction – the day after it was exact. Pluto is at 5 Sag, Saturn at 5 Aries with Mars at 5Libra. The moon moved into Cancer in the early hours and probably creates a t-square with Saturn-Mars.

        2027 will be very interesting in that case. Firstly it’s Centrica’s Saturn return. But also Neptune in Aries will be reaching the 5 deg transit point thereby hitting Pluto/Saturn/Mars and maybe Moon.

        And then, as you say, Pluto in Aquarius will be hitting the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction and going onwards from there.

        Something will transform for them. Maybe it will be simply moving away from the fossil fuels but that seems a little too obvious.

    • Sorry no astrology from me but ….

      For me it’s the impact these bills will have on pensioners (a lot of who live in old houses) who can’t afford to pay and as a result won’t heat their homes, use hot water,. and whatever else to keep the bills down. BTW, these bills will be going up again in October. So in effect tripled.

      The fact that the government is doing and will do nothing to address this sufficiently. No one or nothing is holding this government accountable in explaining to the population how these companies can cry about the rising costs of raw materials that they have past onto the consumer and tripled their bills yet announce record profits for the pockets of shareholders. Where are the industry watchdogs and regulators? Is this the new corruption? The deregulation of an industry that has the population as a captive audience is not unsimilar at this point to the US healthcare system.

      The fact that the population has also become comatose and accepting of whatever is thrown at it. Almost as though the consensus is to have given up, because there is no point or use in standing up or fighting for what’s right. Really sad, unbelievable and worrying for the future all at the same time. What are we teaching our children? That there’s no point. Just take it … whatever it is? I’m baffled.

      • What’s the astrology for the psyche of the population? What has and is continuing to create this sort of ‘shrug shoulders’ climate we live in? I recall vaguely that the UK population stood up to Margaret Thatcher’s introduction of the poll tax which in the end helped to cost her her job as PM, didn’t it or am I mistaken.

        • The temperament of a nation is reflected in the country chart. And the UK population is well-known for grumble mumble and do very little, as opposed to the French get-out-the-pitchforks at the slightest provocation tendency. The 1990 Poll Tax riots were an exception and they occurred in the febrile triple conjunction with a rebellious tr Uranus conjunct the UK Sun. There’s nothing similar at the moment apart from tr Uranus opposition the 2nd house financial Neptune for high anxiety.
          The UK chart is very fixed and the tendency is to stiffen into difficulties, not upend the applecart – the old Blitz spirit etc. But something will surely have to give and I doubt Truss will be able to cope competently.

          • I was thinking about the Peasants’ Revolt and Wat Tyler, 30th May 1381. This was the first great popular rebellion in English history according to Brittanica. Here’s the Wiki:

            “The Peasants’ Revolt, also named Wat Tyler’s Rebellion or the Great Rising, was a major uprising across large parts of England in 1381. The revolt had various causes, including the socio-economic and political tensions generated by the Black Death in the 1340s, the high taxes resulting from the conflict with France during the Hundred Years’ War, and instability within the local leadership of London.”

            So, the basic ingredients – pandemic, high taxes/prices, and war are similar to today.
            I was very intrigued to see the planetary positions (JC) for 30th May, 1381 – there’s Venus 18 Taurus; Mars 26 Taurus; Saturn 12 Taurus; Pluto 17 Taurus; Nodes 0 Scorpio.
            The 1066 chart for this country has Neptune at 22 Taurus, so the Peasant’s Revolt had transiting Uranus in Virgo trining that, and just past the Moon’s Node at 20 Virgo.

            Some resonances to think about anyway, as the Mars Uranus Nodes conjunction travels across that piece of history now. I agree everyone is rather too placid at the moment. Many people seem to think there’s nothing we can do, so we might as well ignore it. Those who are already suffering have lost much energy and confidence. But as Marjorie says here, something will surely have to give…..and Ms Truss will unravel I suspect.

          • It could also be worth considering the violent and destructive Gordon Riots, 2 June 1780, which went on for a week. It was an anti Catholic riot, the worst London has ever seen according to historians. Resentment against the war against America also fuelled rage.

            What’s interesting in the astrology is Mars 25 Gemini conjunct Uranus 23 Gemini. Pluto is at 5 Aquarius. And again, there’s the Taurus theme – Mercury 21 Taurus, conjunct 22 Taurus Nodes, and the Moon shifting from Taurus to Gemini. This October, Mars turns retrograde at 25 Gemini, square Neptune at 22 Pisces.

    • Hi Marjorie,

      Australian First Nations Singer/songwriter Archie Roach (8 january 1956 Maroopoona)passed away on Saturday(his family have given permission for his name and image to be used to honour his legacy). This weekend also marked the return of Gaarma Aboriginal Cultural Festival in Arnhem land where Anthony Albanese wanted to start discussions about a referendum on the inclusion of the Uluru Statement of the Heart. Could you look at shed some light on Uncle Archie’s chart but also Australia embracing the dark shadow of colonialism? I know you use Australia’s Federation date to cast the countries chart but have always felt 26 January 1788 has a more profound impact on Australia’s trajectory.

  9. Adam Schiff has a birth time of 6:13 AM. Given he’s Pelosi’s likely successor and he’s a double Cancer, could you look into his transits for how he’s doing going forward Marjorie?
    Thank you.

  10. Mutinous, striking workers in the UK shown by Mars Uranus NN conjunction in Taurus (productivity, money)? Chimes with the 1926 General Strike (4th – 12th May) when the Sun roughly moved from 12 to 20 degrees Taurus. The UK General Strike that ran between 4-12 May in 1926 had a fixed t-square with Jupiter, Neptune and Saturn which transiting Saturn in Aquarius is retrograding over.

    • Sarah_K – that’s so interesting. Workers at the enormous Port of Felixstowe have voted to strike (at some point) today. The Port itself was founded in 1875, no date unfortunately – but Saturn starts the year at 12 Aquarius, and ends it at 20 Aquarius. Pluto begins the year at 20 Taurus. Uranus in Leo moves from 14 to 19 by December, when Jupiter is then at 21 Scorpio. RMT Union (10 September 1990) has Pluto at 15 Scorpio, and mid-late range Taurus Moon. ASLEF (train drivers’ union) is 7 February 1880. Sun 17 Aquarius, Mars 26 Taurus, Pluto 25 Taurus. There are probably others, but these seem to be responding to current transits.

      • I think this is one for Hugh really. However, just checking on the 1867 Royal Commission on Trade Unions there’s Saturn at 21 Scorpio in January, and Pluto moving from 13 to 16 Taurus by August. The Trade Union Act, 1871 sees Pluto move from 17 Taurus in January to 18 by December of that year. UNISON, 1 July 1993 has Pluto 23 Scorpio, Saturn 29 Aquarius, Venus 24 Taurus.

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