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  1. The UK General Strike that ran between 4-12 May in 1926 had a fixed t-square with Jupiter, Neptune and Saturn – currently transiting Saturn in Aquarius is retrograding over the t-square and there is talk of mass strikes. The lunar eclipse this year at 25 Scorpio highlights the t-square – exactly squaring the GS Jupiter at 25 Aquarius. During the eight days of the GS, the Sun moved roughly from 12 to 20 of Taurus (productivity) which is being picked up by the current nodal axis in Taurus/ Scorpio. Interesting parallels, possibly.

  2. Marjorie, Diana Kennedy, British-born chronicler of Mexican cuisine, died a few days ago in Mexico at 99. She was born 3 March 1923, Loughton, England.

    Could you take a look, please? She led an extraordinary life, especially after the death of her husband Paul, a New York Times Central America correspondent, explaining the complexities of Mexican cuisine to the world. Thanks so much!

  3. Please could you have a look at Sydney McLaughlin who just shattered the world record for women’s 400m hurdles.

    I know she’s born around the time of the 1999 Leo eclipses and there was a grand cross in effect. She never looks happy or overjoyed when she races and then I read this article in The Guardian which really begins to explain. I mean that headline shouts Grand Cross doesn’t it!?!


  4. Hi Marjorie

    Is there anything you could say about the Mars/Uranus/North Node conjunction at 18 Taurus on 1 August? I know there could be a million scenarios for interpretation but I guess key ones like conjunct or opposed to some key planets, Ascendant/DC and MC/IC would be interesting.

    Of course I have a vested interest as they conjunct my Jupiter (18 Taurus) in my 10th house and I think I’m feeling it in my IC (12 Taurus) already. Look forward to reading what you have to say if anything and my ask isn’t too broad.

    Any thoughts/steer from others very welcomed.

    • Jennifer, Mars Uranus tends to accompany high excitement, can be disruptive and feel like a shock which dents self-esteem so the tendency is to over-react in a hasty response to prove courage/toughness. Argumentative, not good at compromise so can be associated with revolutionaries or those given to violence. Self-willed. Also crops up for operations.
      Its positive attributes are courage, the ability to think out-of-the-box and be inventive so capable to achieving unusual tasks.
      Mars Uranus hard aspects come round twice a year and once every two years for the conjunction so it isn’t that unusual though the North Node does add another dimension.
      It may have more effect at a country or community level with the Node pointing to a shift in the zeitgeist.
      Hitting Jupiter you’re probably in luck in that you’ll avoid the fallout personally.
      Some of these influences that astrologers get excited about come and go without too much happening personally – and only in retrospect do you see the broader pattern.

  5. Hi Marjorie. I watched the lengthy documentary about Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman. It’s Ethan Hawke’s project. I thought there was too much information about the couple’s intimate lives. But, apparently their physical attraction was quite intense. I didn’t know that Paul struggled with alcoholism. Would you please look at their synastry? Thank you.

  6. No current relevance but I would find a look at the chart of Daphne Du Maurier interesting. Although unlike other successes she did spring from an exceptionally well connected lilypad, it seems that her private life in relation to her father, her alleged relationships with women and overall reclusive nature must have fed into the darker nature of her stories. I have searched, couldn’t see her in a previous post.

      • Yes, that would be interesting, especially from a family patterns point of view. Daphne du Maurier’s family is fascinating, her grandfather created the sinister character Svengali, one of her great – not sure how many greats – grandmothers was a royal mistress who wrote scandalous memoirs, and her cousins were involved with J M Barrie, I think one was the inspiration for Peter Pan. I read that both her father and grandfather experimented with hypnotism, which was fashionable at the time. It’s a well connected family, but certainly more bohemian than anything.

  7. Any of a look at Mick Lynch and the RMT? Media seem to be very wary about engaging with this guy – who appears very down to earth, logical and respectful, while journalists look a bit dim

  8. Hello Marjorie. Vince McMahon, Chairman and CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment has “retired” at 77 in the middle of a sex scandal investigation.

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