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  1. Good morning Marjorie!
    I recall you writing re Linda Evangelista and her lawsuit.
    Read earlier this morning she settled it, nice to read some good news.
    All the best,

  2. Hi Marjorie
    Like ensuring the Undead are really Dead, would it be possible to look at Johnson’s chart and see if he has actually finished in the role of PM, or whether he has plans to return to high office. Cummings and others have speculated we haven’t seen the end of the revolting bottom feeder and he may be engineering plans to return. It’s like the scab that never heals I know. Thx

  3. Hello Marjorie
    Any chance of looking at Correlli Barnett, DOB June 28 1927, military historian who controversially charted the ups and downs of the country in the last 100+ years and got most of it right.
    Many thanks

  4. It’s Sunak vs Truss for the PM battle. Haven’t been following but based on Marjorie’s recent write up, I bet on Truss.

    • On a llighter note (and please excuse the vulgarity), MP Clive Lewis speaking on the BBC’s ‘Politics Live’ programme described the Tory leadership contest as being like soiling one’s pants and deciding to change one’s shirt! Now that Tugendhat and Mordant are out, it certainly seems that way – pity Sunak and Truss can’t both lose.

    • Yes, seems like it. The ERG (Jacob Rees Mogg and others) have got their person in the final. Truss has her natal Pluto conjunct the UK’s 1801 Libra Ascendant – so it appears there are turbulent times ahead if she wins? Workers are striking across many sectors so the unions could be the real opposition to contend with in the near future.

  5. Hi Marjorie

    In 2021 you did a write up on Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck and suggested that Ben didn’t look like he would he settling down any time soon.

    Well, Jen and Ben got married yesterday apparently Vegas style. I don’t know what time. You determined from their composite that they look okay together but I wonder what the wedding date will throw up? I wonder if Jen pushed for it to happen now.
    Would be great if you could take a look please?
    Much thanks and appreciation

    • Jen let out statement on IG saying ‘last night in Vegas…’ and ‘12.30am driving through tunnel of love….’ . So that narrows it somewhat. I don’t know if the marriage took place in the tunnel or what.

      Why the rush i wonder but not really I guess if you include the 20 years since they originally engagement was broken.
      Have I got this right? Venus square Pluto, Sun/Mercury square Saturn and opposite Pluto transits yesterday are part of the wedding chart. Interpretations anyone??

      • I’m trying to figure out how these two chose two chose to drastically limit press coverage.

        Very UnLeo. But – perhaps – a sign of maturity with a purchase on joy.

        (Doin’ it their way, pics to follow. “Reception” blow out, paps welcome?)

    • I second this! This would be a fun and interesting one to read.

      She wrote they barely made it to the wedding chapel in time before it closed so the wedding time should be about midnight.

  6. Marjorie, before I put in a request, I wanted to share that your posts and analysis are amazing. The variety of topics on current events and people are spot on. You are so in touch with the collective. I love coming to your website for updates.

    Could you do a reading on Fauci and his upcoming transits? I believe there will be more Covid variants that will come out so I am curious what his trajectory is. It would be interesting to see if he has an astrological connection to Bill Gates as well. Gates has been all over Covid, injecting money through his foundations in different companies that undoubtedly profit him in the end. I wonder if there is a karmic connection between them. Could you take a look?

    • Agreed – this is a marvel of a website. Unique and satisfying, deep and light.

      My big curiosity on Fauci is the source of his vigor – the mental acuity and youthful physicality always impress.

  7. Just read your piece on France and Germany (and Italy), Marjorie. Thanks for telling it as it looks. Just wondering about law and order and general civil cohesion in the light of descriptions like ‘tumultuous’ and ‘devastating’ or is the chance of civil and political unrest inherent in those descriptions? Also is Russia being affected economically in a similar way or is Putin on the sidelines rubbing his hands with glee at EU countries’ plight?

  8. Any updates on Taiwan situation? There is a post in 2020 and it appears to have played out as you predicted. Based on what has happened since, any interpretations?

    • Yes, I was just about to ask the same question! There’s been increased Chinese military activity in the seas around Taiwan this month. Could be sabre rattling of course, but sinister nonetheless. 1912 Chart has Uranus at 28 Capricorn, and Saturn, Moon, Mars in Taurus. October 1949 has Venus 19 Scorpio, square Pluto 17 Leo and Mars 14 Leo. Can’t say I like the look of that in view of the Mars/Uranus/Nodes conjunction. Financially, any upheaval there would have a huge, negative impact on the world.

  9. US —

    Joe Manchin 24 Aug 1947 Farmington, West Virginia. No birthtime noted. Relative importance going forward after 2022 midterm elections in October 2022? He has been a thorn in Biden’s legislative priorities. He might be an indicator of any change in US politics since he would not be the decisive vote in US Senate given a major shift in Dem/Repub Senate voting strength.

    Aside – US politics are quite different than English/European politics since Senators and Representatives do not represent political parties or coalitions rather they represent a specific area/district and theoretically those local voters only. That’s according to the US Constitution which doesn’t give any power or say to political parties. Party politics attempt though to create a unified legislative/governance program similar to English/Euro politics. This many times does not represent the will of the voters. So you get “holdouts” such as Collins/Manchin/Kitzenger/Cheney/etc. Combined with US Constitution attempting to offset power of one branch with the other and the US States individually as well. It gets messy.

  10. Can you please do a reading on (and I hate to even say it) but the Kardashian sisters? When the heck are these people leaving our tabloids? That is the question.
    Why are they still being covered? It is truly puzzling.
    The world is suffering and they continue to flaunt their wealth and brand themselves richer. Our world has gone to complete crap.

    Do we have a positive end in sight from all this superficiality and reality tv? With the outer planets shifting signs as we come into a new era, I hope these times and people will be behind us.

  11. Can you do a piece on twins?

    Turns out Penny Mordaunt’s twin is an activist who does gay p**n as a job. It’s clear she got into trans rights because of him, and likely believes in it as much as him.

    So, similar belief system, just presented differently (maybe because of a different ascendant?)

    Does this happen a lot with non-identical twins?

  12. This U.S poll was sponsored by several universities in a joint venture. This is one of the best I’ve ever seen as it’s as objective as a poll can get; with a strong likelihood of being prescient.
    Pay attention to the sample size, duration and Midterm elections preference result. So much for the Democrat shellacking pundit predictions!!

    • Is there an astrological chart on the pandemic? BBC reported new variants that came out earlier this year, omnicron BA.4 and BA.5 are now in the UK and a cause for concern. Is there light at the end of the tunnel?

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