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  1. Hi Marjorie, is it possible to look into American businesswoman and entrepreneur, Lou M Taylor, born 30 Oct 1965, New York, USA (can’t find a time)

    She’s having a pretty crappy week. She was Britney Spears’ business manager and is finally under the spotlight with her company, Tri Star, for mishandling Britney’s fortune (I believe they will investigate where the missing $600M went on her watch, believed to be laundered into her church)

    Britney’s lawyer, Matthew Rosengart, in his recent legal doc, has demanded she hand over all the evidence he has asked of which she has refused, which includes illegal surveillance of Britney and questionable LLC’s which many say are set up to launder money. Rosengart has now issued a subpoena for a deposition on her Tri Star colleague, Robin Greenhill (who is also one of Britney’s named abusers)

    To top this off, it turns out she is the business manager to Travis Scott, where 8 people died at his concert last night at Astroworld. The event was held in support of Scott’s Cactus Jack Foundation which is managed by Lou Taylor herself and word is buzzing around she will be hit with a flurry of lawsuits from this too.

    Lou Taylor is an insidious character who has wormed herself into Hollywood (especially the creepy Jenner/Kardashians). But only after the successful take down of Britney Spears has she been able to build an empire. She allegedly stalked Britney until she enmeshed herself into the Spears family influencing them in the conservatorship via her brand of fundamental Christianity. She and her husband run Mercy Ministries in which victims have come out and called it a cult like The Handmaids Tale where they have used gay conversion therapy and torturous exorcisms on women to rid them of demons.

    She is behind trying to get many celebrities put into conservatorships to get to their money. Britney her most successful one. Her influence, allegedly, on Kim Kardashian almost had Kanye 5150’d which is the usual course before the conservatorship. Lyndsey Lohan’s father said she was behind trying to put his daughter in one. Courtney Love has come out and stated Lou tried to put her in one to get to Kurt Cobain’s fortune. She was also, allegedly, behind trying to get Justin Bieber, a member of her church (churchome) put into a conservatorship. Michael Lohan, Lyndsey’s father, says she preys on vulnerable women in particular. Sorry for the big comment, but I think this is one story that will explode eventually because she controls a lot of people in the industry she works in.

  2. Hi Marjorie,
    Any insights into Mexican singer Luis Miguel? He’s a Latin music superstar who won his first Grammy award at 14 but never showed much interest in crossing over into English language music. He has been massively successful, is hugely talented and innovative despite a horrific childhood with a Machiavellian stage father who probably murdered his mother and stole from him. His life has been dramatized on Netflix in a 3 season series that just ended.

  3. Hello astrologers…..I have a request. Does anyone have any experience of a chart with an unaspected Saturn – i.e.totally zilch, not aspecting angles, out on its own….I have never seen this before in almost 50 years. When I progressed the birth chart to a critical year in which this person contracted an extremely rare condition…..once again, there is no aspect to Saturn – nothing! As it is the ruler of the 6th house (health) I am flummoxed (is that the word?) about (a) the lack of integration into the absolutely correctly timed chart, or even in the progressed chart…. no aspects whatsoever, not even the minuscule minors…..grateful for a new perspective, people, if you have experience of this….thanks.

    • Maggy, I don’t know anyone with similar but Bil Tierney, the bible on unaspected planets, suggests for Saturn:
      Not overly difficult
      Aptitude for solitude.
      Structure only in limited areas and life will provide less experiences to test out strengths and weaknesses.
      Self discipline may be lacking and caution, as well as patience and organizational abilities.
      Overall not as tricky as some unaspected planets.

  4. Hi Marjorie. Is it worth having a look at Claudia Webbe, former Labour MP for Leicester East (now Independent), who has jusy been given a suspended sentence for threatening phone calls? Thanks

  5. hello Marjorie,
    Well.. another request for a bio astrology…
    just read an article on the singer Eva Cassidy…..
    One of THE most beautiful singing voices ever….
    One comment was that she was such a natural with harmonies and phrasing that she never had to concentrate on that part of singing… which allowed her to dive deep into the emotion of a song.

    In her short life, she was never really recognized!!…. astonishing!
    But many made sure she was after her death.

    She was born February 2, 1963 at 10:00 pm in Washington, D.C.
    not sure if time is accurate but seems to be.

    She died Nov 2, 1996 of melanoma.
    25 years ago now.
    Such a loss.


  6. Marjorie, the Republicans swept races in Virginia and surged in New Jersey yesterday, following the historical pattern of giving a drubbing to the party of the president in power. (Even though I no longer live there, the Virginia electors defeat and right-wing turn feels uncomfortably familiar.)

    Is there any way to look astrologically at whether the Republicans (or Rethugs as I think of them because of their behavior) will continue their march towards taking over power again in the US and establish their totalitarian vision of total dominance? Or is this a temporary reversal?

    Thanks so much!

  7. A profile of Ruja Ignatova might be interesting, vanished founder of the OneCoin cryptocoin ponzi scheme. Has she been murdered or is she really still at large? Dob: 30 May 1980, Sofia, Bulgaria, disappeared on 25 October 2017 after boarding a flight from Sofia to Athens taking 230,000 in Bitcoin with her. Wanted in connection with fraud worldwide. But where is she? Also a BBC podcast.

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