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  1. Marjorie, there are a lot of press articles about gas prices, oil shortages and rising inflation. Are there any astrological similarities to the 1970s?

  2. Finally I found where to write a comment/question! 🙂

    So I would like to know which planet represents vaccine.
    Is it Mars (needle) or Neptune?

    Thanks and keep on your good work Marjorie!
    All your post/analysis are interesting!

  3. It may be prudent to look at the astrology surrounding the Infrastructure Bill and Budget Bill that are being voted on in the US Congress soon. I think at least one of the crucial votes will be on the 27th when Mercury goes retrograde which is a bit concerning.

  4. Good morning Marjorie
    Top of the news in France right now : Australia has cancelled its contract for submarines in order to get some nuclear-powered ones from its new partners.
    The French Foreign Minister blasted the new security alliance between the UK, US and Australia as a “stab in the back”.
    Will France be isolated in the new world order ?

    Although there has been a steep economic rebound recently, there are also concerns that the tapering of financial helps could cause job losses and some firms to shut down. How gloomy is the economic prospect ?

    And does would-be presidential candidate Eric Zemmour, a writer and TV celebrity known for his far-right nationalism, stand a chance of winning?
    I know this is a lot to process, but thank you if you can have a look !

  5. The Canadian election will be on a full moon with Mercury on its way towards retrograde. Looking forward to your insights once the results are in.

    Thanks Marjorie

  6. Good morning Marjorie,
    Jimmy Greaves? For obvious reasons given his passing.
    Born 20 February 1940 in Manor Park, London.
    And thank you if you comment.

  7. Is it too late to look at Clive Sinclair who passed away earlier in the week please? Really started the home computing boom in the UK plus other gadgets including the not so successful C5 !!

  8. Marjorie, I think about 5 years ago you wrote a fascinating post on the charts of British and perhaps American major warships that could indicate coming naval conflict. Do you think you could update that?

  9. Hey Marjorie, can you do a synastry reading on Tom Hiddleston and Zawe Ashton?

    They recently made it official that they’re romantically together with pictures of them in Ibiza featured on the Daily Mail.

    Her birthday is July 25th 1984, there’s a source for it on her Wikipedia page.

    I know you have Hiddleston’s time of birth at 4:30am, and curious what your source for that is?

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