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  1. Robert Durst has finally been convicted of at least one of the many murders he may have committed. From reading about his life it is clear that he was not a pleasant person and may indeed be a psychopath. Witnessing the suicide of his mother at age 7 probably didn’t help. His vanity and need for self justification resulting in his downfall when he appeared to confess to the killings in an unguarded moment following an interview for a TV documentary about his life. I was wondering what the astrology would show for such an individual. Wikipedia gives his dob as 12-04-1943 NY City. Another example of how wealth enables people to get away with the unspeakable, sometimes forever, in this case he set his own trap.

  2. I would just like to say, how much I have enjoyed posting here: or at least most of the time. I have become somewhat blind in my right eye and it has knocked me for six! I never knew that horrendously inflamed sinuses could cause blindness. It is like looking through a dirty window.

    The whole thing has been extremely upsetting! And I wasn’t expecting the dizziness or being wobbly on my feet. As I do not know what the future holds, I thought ut best to make my goodbyes and wish the best for everyone. My nan focus right now is to look after myself and protect my good eye and looking after my husband who is bed-bound. My apologies to Marjorie I know that I irritated you quite a lot. Goodbye for now at least!

  3. Hi Marjorie,
    I’m not sure this makes sense but recently a large object hit Jupiter and one of the last big hits was in July 1994. what I noticed is that 1994 Seems to tie in with other factors at the moment in terms of change North Korea the Taliban and Jeff Beazos as examples. Would damage to a planet effect the astrology?

    • No not really. Although the names of the planets and their positions are used, it isn’t generally thought there is any concrete effect from them – though who knows?

  4. Hi. Would you please take a look at John Mulaney? I’ve followed his career and watched all of his performances. According to the comedic martial, it seemed his ex-wife was a positive influence and bolstered him.
    Obviously, I could be wrong and he may have just needed some sort of “material.”

    I’ve lived near where he grew up and am familiar with a similar sort of family dynamics. A sibling of his died in childhood and I’m wondering if that level of loss contributed to his addiction problems.

    Thank you.

  5. Good afternoon Marjorie,
    Have you any thoughts on the Stelliums occurring on 2/3 March next year and indeed the upcoming Jupiter/Neptune Conjunction next April?
    Thank you in advance if you comment.

    • I’d be interested to know too, particularly that Venus-Mars-Pluto conjunction on 3 March 2022, which sits exactly conjunct my 3rd house Sun!

    • To be honest it’s not that out of the ordinary. Mars Pluto comes round every so often and usually accompanies accidents or disasters of one sort or another. The addition of Venus will ramp up the emotional mood but not much more.
      Jupiter Neptune tends not to augur well for financial matters – speculation brings disappointment, as does being over hopeful.

  6. Hi Marjorie
    With China cracking down hard on its technology sector, could you have a look at what’s in store for tech giants like Alibaba, Baidu or Pinduoduo ? Thank you.

  7. Is it possible to compare the astrological chart of an individual with the chart of a company they founded and mark any difference between the legacy they hoped for as an individual and the current state of the company. Examples might be Walt Disney and the current company or Steve Jobs and Apple.

  8. Hi Marjorie, Britney Spears has announced engagement to boyfriend Sam Asghari born 4 Mar 1994, Tehran, Iran.

    Those of us that follow a lot more closely see beyond his looks at his actions and they scream grifter and attention seeker. Even right down to the way he has manipulated the paparazzi and his Instagram in the lead up to the announcement. Even the engagement ring has become an ‘influencer’ tag using her name to sell it. In the almost 5 years of being together, the engagement comes 2 weeks before the most important court case of her life, which feels suspicious and a move by Team Conservatorship.

    Britney almost has zero access to internet and the outside world. Her Instagram which could have been used as a connection to reach out, is run by Crowd Surf which is hired by none other than Jamie Spears, so the glut of boob pics and videos following her withering testimony feels more like ‘revenge porn ‘ until Britney says it isn’t.

    I’m still stunned that in that testimony she said she was terrified of her dad and believed her family and team were trying to kill her. So she told judge Penny of her abuse, finished the call, put the phone down, and went straight back to her abusers and judge Penny did NOTHING. I actually fear for this woman’s life because she is ready to expose a LOT of people in Hollywood and I feel the engagement is putting yet another control in place of the conservatorship ending. Britney Spears’ severely controlled life feels profoundly karmic.

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