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Can I suggest – request, insist – that posts be respectful? It is possible to disagree with A.N.other without treating them and their views with hostility and contempt. Just because they don’t agree it doesn’t mean that a) they are necessarily wrong or b) an idiot.

 Restricting comments to the subject matter rather than attacking the individual poster for their perceived shortcomings will also contribute to a constructive discussion. Ad hominem rebukes – trying to pull down the person rather than focusing on what was said – are not only bad manners, they are also lazy.

  This is an astrology forum but I do allow non-astrological comments which can bring context to subjects under discussion and sometimes spark off further astrological points.  But that needs to be kept within limits. Spraying out random thoughts is not acceptable.

  I am sure there are friendship or even enemy forums out there for those who wish to vent and/or share. But this isn’t one of them.

  Thank you.

10 thoughts on “Forum manners – respect

  1. Marjorie: your posts tend to have a good deal of bite to them, which likely contributes to bringing out a desire for forceful expression. Your roof, your rules, of course, and people are free to not read if this isn’t their cup of tea, rather than snarking back. I do enjoy reading your commentaries on the news of the day, even though the odd one riles me up – I follow Susan Miller as well, but as far as I know, your site is quite unique in the current events commentary, and your work is interesting. As a Scorpio, my day is not complete til someone gets stung, but yes, it is clear that more effort to avoid any semblance of ad hominem attacks would benefit everyone.

    • I love the expression which is ascribed to Winston Churchill but probably was never said by him – “the greatest lesson in life is to know that even fools are right sometimes”. I’m a great cherry picker with people, take what’s useful and ignore the rest; and make an effort to overcome my revulsion when someone I really dislike manages to say something sensible.
      Yes I do get sharp but usually with public figures who don’t answer back, when I’m irritated with their goings-on. And on occasion with posters who push conspiracy theories which I peculiarly dislike.
      Moderation I view as an elastic process. Let chat run until commenters go over the score and then object, delete or ultimately block.
      At the end of the day what is important is the astrology – how it works or doesn’t. And keeping egos as well as partisan views out of the equation, which is the ideal to be aimed for if not always accomplished.

  2. Thank you Marjorie. Astrology is a wide subject as an Astrological chart can stimulate our minds in different ways. I tend to be drawn to the midpoints. Perception of a chart will bring up different attitudes. Like a class full of students some get more personally involved than others. If I am honest the political views get me down on this site. Like so many others – the holier than thou brigade constantly judge. This is precisely why I stopped the British Astrological Magazine after one year and now subscribe to the American Astrologer. Astrology is a not a Political Party. Planets are not just left wing or right wing.

  3. It’s the anonymity that gives people that “raw courage” to attack/offend people they’ve never met.

    Offenders have the mistaken belief that they can say things with impunity. But there are no secrets, and the old adage “Don’t write anything that you wouldn’t want to see on the front page of the New York Times” is still the best rule for living a paranoia-free life.

  4. Timely and very well expressed. Too much spewing of venom, and far too little quiet consideration about Things to be Thought About. from far too many of the ill-informed.

  5. Thank you Marjorie. A timely nudge to those who forget what the forum is about. I’m not an astrologer and don’t understand the technical aspects at all. However, I do enjoy reading the observations/ interpretations in the comments sections. I appreciate your approach to topics, willingness to engage with requests and discussions.

  6. Well said Marjorie, and not before time, the old adage of “I do not agree with what a person is saying, but I will defend to the death their right to say it.” seems to have been replaced with “This disagrees with my viewpoint on this subject, I find that offensive and therefore I will attack those who think otherwise.”

    As I do not have a great understanding of astrology, apart from the that of the precession of the equinoxes, I do not comment very often. Normally it’s only when I wish to ask a question or when a post appears to be written from a particular political viewpoint rather than an astrological one.

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