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  1. Hello Marjorie

    The world’s largest mink producer, Denmark, says it plans to cull more than 15 million of the animals, due to fears that a Covid-19 mutation moving from mink to humans could jeopardise future vaccines. Does this have anything to do with the Jupiter/Pluto conjunction

  2. Given what taking place in the States right now, Does anyone know the birth date of democracy? Given tribalism and clansmanship more nearer to socialism, i think. Would be interesting to compare some sort of chart to aspects now!! If possible? Thanks so much j

  3. Hi Marjorie I have Jupiter conjuct Pluto in my natal chart and a sun Capricorn-if I have this transit will the coming aspect on the 12th November effect people with this aspect more? cheers shelly

  4. “https://www.space.com/jupiter-saturn-great-conjunction-2020”

    Science blurb on the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction. Closest mutual approach since 1623.

  5. Johnny Depp see post July 7 2020. Whatever possesses celebs to sue for libel especially when standing in the glass house he was – madness.

  6. Hi Marjorie,

    Have you ever had a look at David Icke’s chart. If so could you post a link? If not don’t worry I’ll make my own study; I could do with the practice!

  7. good morning Marjorie,
    If interested, would you please write something about Yithak Rabin? He was assassinated on November 4, 1995. There is an article in the Guardian today.

    I had signed up for an intense one day workshop on November 5th – “Worldwork” with Arnie Mindell. A place to explore, work through, understand many of the world “isms”. And that morning, this assassination of a man who went from warrior to peacemaker.

    It just rocked me to the core.
    And… it was essentially the harbinger of Pluto in Sag. issues as Pluto had just moved into that sign. A moment crystallizing the coming political future for the world.

    Just writing about this now brings tears to my eyes.

    Be Well, all.

  8. Marjorie, something different.

    Please would you look at :
    South Korean actors : Hyan Bin (25.9.82) and Son Ye-Jun (11.1.82) stars of K-drama & Netflix hit ´Crash Landing on You’.

    Both unmarried, possibly in relationship, with 20 year careers spanning from debut of state invested South Korean Culture (Hallyu) films, drama (soap operas) and K-pop.

    South Korea strikes me, a non astrologer, as very Aquarian with its mixture of State intervention/Capitalism (a 25% investment by State in start-ups) high tech,innovation led economy; authoritarian but community based. Novel ideas such as State’s active investment in soft power. Very modern. A useful model to follow?!

  9. Marjorie,

    Sean Connery (the original James Bond) just died today at age 90. I was wondering if you had any insights about his life and film career.

  10. Hello Marjorie, please would you look at :
    Jake Berry, MP, dob 29.12.78
    Instigator of Northern Research Group
    Aim : Deliver levelling up agenda in North of England
    Will he succeed?!
    Thank you

    • Not completely wrong, because there is, indeed, a Scorpio Mercury Retrograde on Election Day, and it’s already been a messy process. However, what’s completely missing here is understanding of planetary cycles, particularly the fact Mercury is always either in same sign or neighboring sign to Sun. And, due to Mercury’s 116 day orbit vs. 365 day orbit of Earth, a Retrograde – truly an optical illusion – happens 2-3 times a year. Therefore, Scorpio Mercury, and in fact, Scorpio Mercury Retrograde, are relatively common on The US Election Day, always falling to First Tuesday of November.

      An example: In the past 50 years, there have been 12 Presidential Elections in The US. Mercury has been in Scorpio 7 times and Retrograde in 2000 and 1980. 2000 Retrograde was, obviously, famous for Florida Recount.

      But in 1980, Reagan wan the Incumbent Carter in a Landslide. Interestingly so, because Mercury Retrograde was sitting exactly on Carter’s Moon AND Reagan’s Jupiter. Carter also had transiting Moon/Venus/Saturn/Jupiter conjunct his early Libra (October 1st 1924) that day. Reagan was coming out of Pluto conjunct MC, but had the before mention transiting stellium squaring his Mars, for instance. I’d say that by the look of it, Carter had better transits on what turned out to be a very humiliating day overall.

      There is a reason many experienced astrologers are extremely cautious in using Horary Astrology for an event like deciding a winning candidate. There simply are too many moving parts.

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