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  1. Product branding changes-Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben will be “retired” in light of the BLM actions. Indeed, the black “house” cook on the box of Cream of Wheat will probably also be retired. Do readers see similar collateral re-branding of products?

  2. Hello Marjorie. First of all, thank you for all the work you do here. This website has become a regular port of call for me.

    When you have a moment, can you please take a look at the chart of Marcus Rashford, the top-flight Mancheter United footballer who is very much in the news right now, leading a campaign for the rights of children to receive school meals over the summer holidays? He would seem to have a strong social conscience and has been motivated by the memory of his own childhood in relative poverty when he in his turn was dependent on these meals. In effect he’s brought about a change of policy from the government. He’s still only 22 years old, but he comes across as extremely mature. Wikipedia gives his date of birth as 31 October 1997 in Wythenshawe, Manchester.

    Many thanks x

  3. I have to ask too Marjorie, is there potential for another Sino-Indian War?
    The last one lasted from 20 October 1962 to 21 November 1962 in Aksai Chin, Assam and
    North-East Frontier Agency.
    Thank you if you comment.

  4. Hi Marjorie,

    You were pretty spot on about the Mars in the India chart being triggered by the Solar Eclipse next week.

    One Indian Army officer and two soldiers have been reported as having died after a clash with Chinese forces in Ladakh. Chinese casualties have also been reported, but number unknown. Interestingly enough, no bullets were fired. It appears to have been an assault with rocks and clubs.

    Also, as an aside, Beijing’s second wave of coronavirus seems to be getting worse. And China seems to be concerned at a possible Biden win in the US (because he may revive alliances that Trump has ended). Is China’s chart showing strains from the Solar Eclipse as well?

    • To add to my post above, I had a quick look at the previous posts by Marjorie on China.

      The 1912 Republic of China chart has a lot of planets at 26-27 degrees of their various signs, including Pluto at 27 Gemini. I suspect that the 1912 chart will be particularly impacted by the Solar Eclipse.

      I wonder, if we were to relocate the chart from Nanjing to Beijing, if the planets were to move closer to the 0 degrees of the eclipse, will they be more directly impacted?

      Marjorie, can I request a post on this please?

      • It seems that the Pluto in the RoC 1912 chart, at 27 Gemini, is also at the focus of a yod with Venus and Uranus and directly opposition Mercury. Lots of triggering.

        I wonder what
        a) Pluto being at the focal point of a Yod means (long term).
        b) Pluto being triggered by an Eclipse brings about .

          • Well, that follows, don’t it? An eclipse is literally when the Sun and the Mon are either in conjunction or opposition AND both are in conjunction with one of the two Nodes.

            It is possible for the Sun and Mon to be conjunct or in opposition to each other (in fact, each of that happens every month), but an eclipse occurs when the two (Sun/Moon) are conjunct one of the two Nodes.

    • Interesting that the actual physical path of this eclipse passes across northern India, Tibet and down through China (part of its journey that is). I don’t know, but maybe this highlights it’s effects? You mentioned Pluto….nuclear energy or earthquakes?

      • Let’s hope not nuclear. That the battle was fought with rocks and clubs gave insight into brutish anger. Nobody lives there (or am I wrong – major urban settlements) so why the fuss?

  5. Hello Marjorie. I’ve tried to find out birth data for Miss Melania T. as I live in the country where she was born, but it might be that in hospital (Novo mesto = New York ๐Ÿ™‚ they simply forgot to enter the time of birth. Who knows. Anyway a pendulum shows me it might be 5 am (26/4 1970). (Morning bird.)
    Thank you for astro predicts, comments and reviewes & all the best.
    Marko, Slovenia

  6. SCOTUS just ruled 6-3 on federal law protecting workers against discrimination based on sexual orientation. Two “conservative” Justices (Gorsuch and Roberts, who, I think, has a more centrist reputation) joined “liberals”, and Trump appointee Neil Gorsuch wrote the argument for protection. And this is not all, they also decided for Sanctuary States/Cities, against Trump’s wishes. I’m trying not to read too much from this, but there’s that Deutsche Bank ruling coming soon, and I always thought Conservative justices not appointes by DJT would be more likely to judge in favor of US Senators there than in these cases, since financial transparency is a lot less politically charged question than above mentioned.

    • Interesting. Senior lawyers can (sometimes) go their own way against the politics.
      Trump’s relationship with Scotus looks very edgy this year and worse next and on.

  7. “https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZfcc21c6Uo”

    I chanced upon this link tonite. Recordings of AMerican slaves during interviews in the 1920’s.

    Perhaps this link can hep bring some perspective to the struggle we watch on TV or facebook now.


    • In astrological terms, his Solar Return. Some astrologers do a comparison of the birth and Solar Return Charts to predict the year ahead. It would be interesting to see Trump’s Solar Return chart.

  8. Hello Marjorie
    Could you look into the assassination of the former Swedish prime minister: Olof Palme? He got murdered on February 28th 1986.The Swedish prosecutors closed the murder investigation on wednesday june10th 2020. After more than 34 years of investigating. As their new main suspect had died in 2000. And they do not have other leads to investigate.

    • Ironically Isaac Newton lost most of his money speculating in the shares of the South Sea Company just before it crashed

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