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  1. It’s become amusing in a sad, head-shaking way to read about Trump and his latest elixirs of health: injections of Lysol and bright-light therapy. “It works in minutes…” Even Fox News has stepped back away from those radical solutions. I wonder what Stalin would consider… 😉

    While there doesn’t appear to be a war-related event to trigger this, it does create speculation for where…and how…and who…created & released it.

    It is highly doubtful that the US will split apart over this, regardless of passions between the death rate and the “it’s all fake” movement.

  2. In the US, state governors have entered into regional cooperative agreements to respond to the pandemic in the absence of federal leadership. A NY Times opinion piece speculated the US either breaking up into regional governments possibly within the US or even without although that would be far more disruptive. So many feel disenfranchised by minority power and more aligned within their states and regions. With the US Pluto return shaking up the country to its roots, might this be whither the country goes?

    • Hmm, I would have thought unlikely. Splitting apart most often happens when there is a tr Pluto conjunction to the Sun. See post 18 November 2018 for Pluto Returns which USA has in a couple of years. Huge changes but not a splitting asunder.

      • Thanks, Marjorie. Hard to know what to make of that Pluto Return history except, as you say, massive change and strife. We’re already utterly humiliated via this president* and there is no bottom to where he is taking us as a country.

        Going through your November 2018 posts was trip – the public events and discourse were so different back before the pandemic took over! And right before your Pluto Return posts you had one on Bill Gates that certainly fits as he’s been visible talking about vaccine developments: “The Saturn Pluto conjunction is focussed on his 6th house of health which may be soaked up in his charitable work fighting HIV, polio, and malaria around the world…”

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