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  1. For a change of pace, what about Wordsworth 250th Birthday today? Born 7 April 1870 @ 22.00p.m., in Cockmouth, UK. Thank you if you look into him.

  2. Boris Johnson rectified birthtime 13h,59m57s0.

    Progressive aspects and transit.

    13-March-2020 009°,07’03 Cancer Mars 135 AR12 = arabic part
    20-March-2020 002°,18’49 Scorpio Moon 120 Drac
    21-March-2020 029°,24’52 Gemini Drac * MENKALINAN (MARS – MERC )
    26-March-2020 002°,30’29 Scorpio Moon 120 mutual Sat
    30-March-2020 002°,39’21 Scorpio Moon * PRINCEPS (MERC – SAT )
    31-March-2020 002°,40’21 Scorpio Moon 135 AR01

    6-Apr-2020 002°,54’03 Scorpio Moon 0 mutual C-12
    7-Apr-2020 001°,04’22 Aquarius Sat 135 C-12 transit
    22-Apr-2020 009°,11’23 Cancer Mars 60 mutual Ura

    2-May-2020 003°,47’41 Scorpio Moon 135 Chiron
    18-May-2020 004°,20’13 Scorpio Moon 135 Merc

    Queen Elizabeth II, rectified birthtime 02h,36m45s5.

    6-Apr-2020 029°,36’51 Sagittarius Moon 135 AR01
    6-Apr-2020 -05°,06’09 Nep // C—2 transit
    7-Apr-2020 029°,37’44 Sagittarius Moon * SPICULUM (MARS – MOON )
    7-Apr-2020 +14°,32’51 C-12 // Nep

  3. In Marjorie’s March 27 post about Boris she said that Late March into Mid April he has Tr Uranus square his Sun/Pluto midpoint which Ebertin describes as “sudden adjustment to new circumstances (arrest)” If you substitute hospitalization for arrest that has proved to be uncannily correct. Hopefully this is a wake-up call to look after himself better in future (shaking hands with hospital patients in the middle of a pandemic was never a good idea)

  4. Queen made a speech and PM was hospitalized today in The UK. Seems pretty momentuos.

    Also, I remember someone here saying the old people quarantined now are the same people who were sent away when the blitz stroke, and Queen gave a nod to her contemporaries in her speech.

    • Curious about Dominic Cummings and Sir Patrick Vallance, if there is a DOB, as well? According to media reports, they argued for the UK’s initial ‘herd immunity’ response to the coronavirus pandemic before a swift u-turn after realising the NHS would collapse under the strain of a huge number of coronavirus patients presenting themselves at the same time.

      I think the DOB for Cummings has been queried on these pages, but I think it could be plausible. He has no earth in his chart and an excess of fire (Sagittarius). Good for winning campaigns, sloganeering and stretching the truth but possibly not the best for a coordinating a response to a national crisis. Did you say his chart showed ‘little or no cheer’ – is that still in effect? Cummings’ uncle has passed away from Covid 19 on Sunday, Johnson is hospitalized.

  5. Re today’s and later this year’s Jupiter/Pluto Conjunctions, who notable will it benefit/hinder via Conjunctions/Oppositions/
    Squares/Trines to Country’s or certain persons Ascendants/Midheavens/Planets?
    Thank you if you comment Marjorie.

  6. Hi Marjorie,

    Just watched a documentary on Youtube on Edward VIII by the current Prince Edward from the late 1990s.

    To me, the similarities between Edward VIII and Prince Harry are striking, in that both of them wanted to modernise the monarchy and found it constricting and while Harry is moving to the US, apparently Edward and Wallis found life ini America more to their taste as it was quite relaxed. But the documentary goes on to say that their friends felt that their lives were all show and parties and very empty inside. Do you think that Harry will end up in the same situation.

    Of course Wallis and Edward did love each other for the rest of their lives, in spite of the extra-ordinary stress that they went through. Hopefully, Harry and Meghan will have an equally lasting love.

    I don’t know if you have already done a chart comparison of Prince Harry and Edward VIII, but if not, can I request you to have a comparitive study?

    • Hi Methinks an over sentamentalised doc. All the evidence is that Edward and Wallis were chained together by a reckless decision and came to regret it. She had affairs while he moped and griped through a vapid life. He was a Sun Cancer with a Pisces Moon so not a Harry type at all.

  7. Mostly from a “What if…” perspective, the thing which concerns me most with the global collapse is the rise of a few Khan Nunian Singh strongmen to invoke absolute order. Could they be predicted from the astrology of the moment? Dunno.

  8. Hello Marjorie

    Have you any thought of how the Pluto generations will affected and what lessons they need to learn by Pluto in Capricorn

  9. Not asking for a re-run of your Articles Marjorie, on Uranus moving into Gemini
    (which usually means involved in a war where the U.S.,
    is concerned), Neptune moving into Aries and Pluto moving into Aquarius
    (though last time it brought the French Revolution) in a few years time.
    Was wondering though, given the current economic collapse, will it bring in a more
    egalatarian, socialist (if 1 wants to call it that) society/societies?
    Thank you if you comment.

  10. could it be that the physical act of shoving a ventilator tube down the throat of someone over 65 is what causes the cardio shock that kills them?. 80% of the deaths on long island are those over 70 with pre exsting conditions! people have to keep others out of the hospitals

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