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  1. It appears there are more Trump headlines than Pearl Harbor remembrace headlines. He talks about toilets flushing. Will he sign an executive order on that topic?

    The past is past.

  2. I recall around this point in 2009 you wrote about the major transits of the new decade to come, and your thoughts which I enjoyed (“uncharted waters” about the triple conjunction exacting now particularly prescient).

    Are you planning a similar post for the 2020s?

  3. Hello Marjorie,

    Would you do a chart for Anthony William, the Medical Medium please?
    It would be interesting to see the astrological qualifications for someone with scientific education and yet a spiritual openess.

    Thank you.

  4. Jupiter entered Capricorn today, where Saturn and Pluto currently also reside. What should be expect from this major transit? Any big sentiment changes politically and economically?

    • Italy has a Governmental Crisis, but this isn’t new. But that Finland has one too, and this is slightly less frequent. We are expecting our PM to resign any minute, but this will likely not lead to new elections, since other parties are scared of True Finns, currently polling well above other parties. Rightwing Populism will, I think, ultimately force other parties to realign all over Europe. I think the big loser here will be our rural Center Party, which will pretty much vanish. In many other countries, I expect traditional Conservatives and Liberals uniting. You can see something of that in The UK already, I guess Germany could be the next.

      • Several governments will likely fall before these transits move on, I think. Then Jupiter moves into Aquarius, where it squares Uranus, followed by Saturn’s square to Uranus from 2021-22. Looks unsettled for the next several years.

        • What’s really “upside down” about Finland is that since President Kekkonen had very public cognitive decline after over 20 years in power and his successor Koivisto saw through a constitutional amendment that saw presidential powers limited, we had stable Governments enduring full term for 30 years. I wouldn’t count the Government where our first female PM had to resign after only a month or so, because they weren’t renegociating program. For the last 10 years, traditional parties have been panicking because of True Finn’s popularity (they also were in the last Goverment, but the party itself split, and the “moderate” wing that stayed, was crushed in elections) and now we appartently have many members of different parties and soon to retire civil servants leaking internal e-mails to the press. It all seems manufactured and fake. But the good thing coming out of this could be a very progressive, young, articulate female PM, who people seem to see already above this nonsense.

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