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  1. Nato meeting in Watford – Tue, 3 Dec 2019 – Wed, 4 Dec 2019

    Hi Marjorie

    Can you give us any insight will the world leaders play nicely.

    Thanks as always

  2. Hi Marjorie,
    Don Johnson formerly of Miami Vice/Nash Bridges and formerly married to Melanie Griffith and father of Dakota Johnson
    making a comeback starring in HBO’s critically acclaimed Watchmen and Knives Out released yesterday.
    He was born 15 December 1949 at 22.30p.m., in Flat Creek, Missouri and was wondering would
    you care to comment?
    Best regards and thank you if you do.

  3. Hello Marjorie – Trump plans to declare the Mexican cartels as terrorist groups. This opens the door…shakily, according to news & Mexican analysts…to US military intervention on soverign Mexican soil.

    How does the Mexico-US relationship stand…and will it eventually collapse in the face of Kingly, godlike power from Trump?

    Many thanks.

  4. Fly Boeing? Maybe not such a good idea now.

    Today some details of the 777X pressure test on the test aircraft showed the cargo doors didn;t pop off…but rather the fuselage itself split. Now Boeing is trying to claim the rupture point was “close enough” to test specs that a redesign is not necessary.

    There was an online article about the 737NG engine redesign when an in-flight airplane lost a turbine blade…the blade piercing the fuselage and the passenger being sucked out. 7000 airplanes at risk.

    The 737 MAX remains in limbo – it may never take to the air again.

    Your post dated 13th March 2019 is rather precise…along with noting Don the Chosen One intervened, “After Trump consulted with the Boeing CEO U.S. aviation safety officials decided not to issue a temporary ban on the plane. This was later reversed when evidence emerged suggesting similarities to the previous crash…” Never mind the facts, my mind is made up.

    ” the following year 2021 will see setbacks of a major order as the Solar Arc Saturn opposes the Boeing Jupiter and squares the Neptune; followed in 2022/23 by the panicky-failure tr Neptune opposition the Boeing Mars.” Boeing stock will tank, and more planes fall from the sky? Or permanent grounding of the 737MAX and the 777X?

    Turn off the lights when you leave Seattle…does the Seattle chart show this?

  5. Marjorie, would you consider looking at Andrew Neil’s chart (and the composite charts with Sturgeon, Corbyn, Swinson, Johnson)? Could be interesting and definitely topical….

  6. hello Marjorie,

    So here I am in Canada, drawn to the current drama of the British Royal family. I looked back at many of your postings on Queen Elizabeth and have not seen anything on the whopper Pluto transit she is experiencing over her Ascendant – 21 degrees Capricorn. In her natal chart, the coronation chart (it is conjunct Chiron which seems to be a focal of a yod, and in the composite chart with Prince Philip (conj. their Mars)… all are being hit by transit Pluto now.

    I have had transit Pluto go over my ascendant in 2005, and it was life changing in the deepest way…. catastrophic, actually. (all good now, BTW… but still it changed everything in my life).
    Also true for many clients of mine.

    My heart goes out to her, actually…. 93 years old and now!! experiencing this event.
    It seems, being in Capricorn and her having such a strong Saturna… that very profound changes await the monarchy in these next years.

    Any comments or insights on this?
    thanks as always,

    • Hello Sandra, See post November 21 2019 below.
      She has the Saturn Pluto conjunction moving over her Ascendant which is a considerable whammy in terms of image and life changes. Years ago at the last Saturn Pluto conjunction it moved across my Ascendant and absolutely everything changed. It took a few years to shake down but all ultimately for the good. Sadly she doesn’t have that many years – maybe it’ll prompt her to abdicate which she said she’d never do, or at least step aside more decisively.

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